Treason and Temptation/C9 A Hidden Rendezvous
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Treason and Temptation/C9 A Hidden Rendezvous
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C9 A Hidden Rendezvous


I stare at him, prepared for any blow his words may land me.

In, out, he is just a stranger you are married to, nothing he says should hurt you.

Hugo shifts in his seat, and his eyes roam around my face, still saying nothing.

Then he licks his lips and sighs, placing on hand on his knee. "It is over now, even before their marriage. But I used to court Kelia. Things ended on not so amicable terms."

I smile, tracing the trunks of trees that now towered far above our heads. "So you loved her, or you broke her heart?"

Clearly uncomfortable he leans deeper into his seat, and I am glad to be opposite him since he now shifts away.

"I broke no one's heart."

"So you loved her?"


"Why then aren't you married."

His eyes flicker to mine, surprise loosening his brows.

My gaze follows a 180 before I shrug, "No woman with such fortune as to have love and security, would reject a prince."

Hugo remains silent and I look to see him struggling for any more answers.

As though he didn't know himself...

"Is everything al-"

"-I am fine. She made her choice, and I am glad to have mine." Hugo says, a dim light shining as he spoke.

For the sake of abandoning the topic I give him a brief smile.

Even worse than an unwanted gift, I am merely a consolation prize.

Steal my birthright to one, and seal my dark fate to another. Thank you Kelia.


"You have been quiet."

I turn my face to him, less mindful as we strolled at a leisurely pace.

The sun strikes his own in beautiful places, and I find myself allured to the once plain color of brown.

At different hours, it sparkled in all sorts of lovely hues, and this one, in which molten bronze swirled in circles, is my favorite.

"Do you mean to call me chatter box?"

"No but, even then you offered me more words than you are now."

"I like to enjoy the world in silence."

Sunlight scatters through the leaves across the ground, and I feel like a little girl running through play gardens again.

Most forests in Niarciss had little to see past wild animals and overwhelming barks.

But here, I felt certain I was in something described in the books.

Bright green moss coated the trees, while a luminescent trail of fog spread all around us.

Far from the stuffy walls in which I live most of my life, I appreciate another breath of air -intermingled with the smelled of woody-earth and sweet spritzes of fragrant flowers.

"Silence that has nothing to do with our earlier conversation?" he says breaking into my haven.

"Is that any reason you see fit for me to sulk?" I ask, irritation rising as his hand brushed brushed against mine.

"I wouldn't be most pleased to have heard such news either."

I nod trying to find my way back into the previous bliss. "One cannot help who their heart goes to -and in light of circumstances they adjust."

"So you understand completely?"

"No. I haven't had anyone love me deeply, but I know what it is like to wish desperately for something and face rejection."

"A crown Princess who does not have whatever she wants? Preposterous." He says and I shove him lightly.

Only moving a centimeter, Hugo laughs and I shake my head the man.

"Okay I jest. But tell me -has someone you loved ever turned you away?"


"If you are worried about Gevin, I have not loved him -nor will I ever."

"Not even a little?"

"Are young girls immune to such fantasies?"

He sighs, taking another step. "I suppose not."

We make a turn and the lake is now visible at a distance.

A shiver rushes down my spine, but before I can race for the crystalline pools, I must smooth any rumples my words may have caused.

I saddle closer to him as we continue the short distance, and he tilts his head to look at me.

"But I am a woman now, and I no longer dream of such. Besides, I find reality much more pleasing."

His eyelids rise, a hint of a smile on his lips as we both stop.

"You do not need to say that. No marriage of our nature is easy." Hugo says, looking even closer.

I shake my head, pressing on my toes so my angled head can reach his lips -a gesture I now looked at with less apprehension.

"Yet, I find I am settling in quite well."

This time a grin wins the fight, and desire mellows his honey pools.

"As am I." he says capturing my mouth in a kiss.

Something warm unfurls within me, and I fall against his chest as his thumb traces my cheek bone.

When we pull apart, he leaves one more peck on my lips before we're standing as two once again.

"Lake time!" I say giving him one last smile.

I hurry only slightly- slowed by my dress, shoes, and hidden roots peeking from the ground.

The picture of his glazed gaze behind my mind, reminds me I am doing my job well.

"Be careful woman." Hugo calls after me, his voice farther back, as he only begins to walk.

"I am not precious glass, I will not break."

"And suppose in a hurry you trip and fall?"

I pull my skirts back, sporting a cheeky grin as I look at his concerned face. "Then you will catch me."

He rolls his eyes, and I snicker picking up my pace once again.

Once I'm a few meters away, I slip off my beige turn-shoes and lift skirts before wading in the water.

Hugo observes as my skirts graze the water, and I do not miss how he stops mid calf expecting to see more.

I roll my eyes, wishing more of my legs could get in. "Do you intend to strip me with your eyes?"

He averts his gaze to a branch above clearing his throat. "I was merely distracted."

"A noble distraction I am sure."

"Is it fair that you tease your husband so?" Hugo says, remembering he had little need for propriety.

I remain focused on the water, re-emerging once again on dry land as I spoke. "No, I suppose not -yet you endure it as I do your incessant ogling."

It is one thing to be admired, and another for that to be all one sees when they look at you.

"Pardon me, for I am not yet used to such beauty. But that is not the only reason why I stare."

I raise a brow, looking up briefly, before shaking the droplets free from my legs.

"I find you fascinating."

"Well take a break from fascination, and join the object of your curiosity."

"In what?"

I begin to strip out of my dress, and his eyes widen as I am left in my chemise.

On private palace grounds in the thick of the forest, no one would see us.

"A swim."

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