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C1 Yi zi tang

In the middle of the night, Shen Qingyan woke up with a sore body and a bloated head. She stretched out her hand to touch the bed beside her, but the bed had long since turned cold.

The palace maid, Purple Robe, hurried forward. She lifted her sleeve and saw the marks on her wrist. She could not help but sigh. "Empress, your hand just so happened to be injured. How come you're injured?"

Shen Qingyan's body stiffened. Thinking of her previous insanity, she lowered her eyes and replied, "It's alright, I'll be fine."

Except for the night of her wedding, she was like this every time she slept with him.

She took this as his unique boudoir pleasure. She loved him to the bone, so no matter how much she hated these little quirks, she could only endure them.

"Empress, please use the soup." The embroidered curtain was lifted, and the head palace maid, Zi Chang, came in with a bowl of black soup.

"His Majesty treats the Empress so well." Zi Yi giggled as she received it to feed her.

Every time she went to bed, no matter how late it was, Zhao Xi would order someone to bring her body recovery soup. It was said that this soup could help her get pregnant as soon as possible.

However, she had already been in the palace for a year. Zhao Xi was covered in rain and dewdrops. She had been sleeping for a long time, but her stomach hadn't moved at all.

Outside, it was snowing heavily and the weather was cold. At this time of the night, Shen Qingyan thought of the painting she had promised Zhao Xi. She shook her head and said, "Let's not drink anymore today."

Every time she drank the Body Nourishment Soup, she would always feel sleepy. At this moment, she still had some matters to take care of, so she was afraid that she might not have enough energy, so she let Zi Yi carry the soup.

"Empress, it's only the fourth fragment of the night. Please sleep a little more."

Shen Qingyan shook her head.

In the middle of the night, under the beaded curtains and the auspicious brain selling gold beasts, Shen Qingyan drew the picture of a hundred birds on the table.

"Empress, it's already the fifth fragment of the night. If you don't rest now, it'll be daylight." Zi Yi softly said.

Shen Qingyan did not stop as she dipped her ink into the air and said, "It's almost done. There's only one more stroke left."

"Why does the emperor suddenly want to draw? Why is he in such a hurry?" Zi Chang was afraid that Shen Qingyan wouldn't be able to see, so she raised the silver scissors and stood in front of the candle.

Zi Yi shook her head lightly. "Don't say anymore. If it wasn't for the emperor personally coming to request it, our Empress wouldn't need to go through so much trouble."

The painting was about to be finished when the empress could finally rest.

Shen Qingyan had always been a talented woman at the advanced stage, her painting skills were good, the paintings seemed like they were real. Shen Qingyan had always been a talented woman at the advanced stage, her painting skills were good, the paintings seemed like they were real.

The morning sun had just risen and golden light shone brightly on the snow-white land. Shen Qingyan, stepping on the morning sun, personally brought the painting to Zhao Xi before heading to the Audience Hall.

Along the way, she kept urging the attendants to lift the palanquin a bit faster, a bit faster. She couldn't wait to see Zhao Xi.

He had not treated her badly, but the only bad thing was that her stomach had not moved at all. Thinking of the way Zhao Xi would look at her every time, she was a little flustered, so she did her best to fulfill all of his requests.

The doors of the Audience Hall were slightly ajar, so that a group of palace maids were not present. Shen Qingyan suddenly had the temperament of a little girl, reprimanding a group of palace servants as she walked forward, all by herself, holding her painting.

Just as his hand touched the carved mahogany door, he heard a crisp laugh. "Your majesty, the imperial physician found out that this concubine was pregnant."

Zhao Xi's calm voice was filled with pleasant surprise. "Oh, we finally had it before her. Let's stop the soup for now."

The three words, 'Soup of Avoidance', were like a spell as it tightly wrapped itself around Shen Qingyan, pressuring her to the point where she was short of breath.

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