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C2 He didn't believe her

"Aiya, Your Majesty, I don't know if this womb is a prince or a princess, but if I were to stop it …" The voice inside suddenly became quiet.

"Then think of a way to end this once and for all."

"The emperor treats me so well."

The laughter from within was getting louder and louder as it pierced Shen Qingyan's heart and lungs. Her legs that were standing tall on their tiptoes felt as if they were nailed down and unable to move.

"Ah, esteemed empress …" A maid standing guard outside the door brought in hot water and immediately saw Shen Qingyan screaming.

The people inside froze and looked towards the door.

"This one pays respects to the empress, esteemed empress Feng An." Ru Fei opened her eyes and a trace of a smile appeared on her face as she greeted him respectfully.

"Why are you here? Why aren't you letting the palace maid report to you?" Zhao Xi frowned unhappily. Shen Qingyan was getting more and more out of hand.

"In reply to the emperor, chenqie has also just arrived, but Litchi has already informed you." Shen Qing Yan's eyes were red as she forced back her tears. Pretending that she had just arrived, she held the embroidered box in her hands.

"Your consort has already rushed out the hundreds of birds of the birds and phoenixes painting that your majesty asked me to paint. Please have a look, your majesty." He presented her with a painting that she had spent several nights drawing, indicating that she had not come for nothing.

Zhao Xi carelessly glanced at it and lightly nodded at Ru Fei to take it.

"This one thanks the Empress for her kindness." Ru Fei held the embroidered box in her hand and couldn't wait to flip through it. As she clicked her tongue in praise, she expressed her gratitude.

Shen Qingyan raised her brow and asked with a puzzled expression, "Isn't this what the Emperor wants?"

"What does I want this for? If it's my consort who wants it, then I'm too embarrassed to speak. That's why I helped her make the decision." Zhao Xi played down the situation.

Her happy appearance was like a needle that pierced Shen Qingyan's eyes.

He … He actually said that he wanted it for Rufei. She thought that he really liked her painting and was working day and night on it. After such a long time, he was finally able to get it out. How could he just abandon it like that?

Seeing him leave with Rufei in his arms, not even sparing her a glance, Shen Qingyan furrowed her brows in pain.

Just now, the conversation between the two of them had been so intense that it had weighed on her like a heavy mountain.

She adored him so much that she was willing to give up everything for him. However, before the grand marriage, he sent her a message saying that he liked her. Ever since she married her into the palace, the people she faced the most were his back.

He didn't even want to look at her when she was sleeping, as he would always look at her from the back …

Even her hands were not allowed to touch him. Her wrists were always tied with a piece of cloth …

She had thought that he was such a cold-hearted person, but how could he be so gentle in front of Rufei?

It was as if the friendship between the two of them, cherished and cherished in her heart, had been blown away by the cold breeze.

After she returned from the Audience Hall, Shen Qingyan fell ill.

The people in the palace came and went, but the man she longed for never came.

"What is the empress thinking?" She was as beautiful as a fairy.

"What are you doing here?" Shen Qingyan turned her head away, not willing to look at her.

"Did the empress hear what the emperor said?" Like Fei Fei stretching out her finger, the rosewood on her finger was bright red like blood, and her face didn't show the slightest hint of embarrassment from being smashed.

Shen Qingyan's heart ached and she started coughing.

"Aiya, elder sister, don't be in such a hurry. Do you want to know who was the one who gave the soup to?"

"You … Ru Fei, don't be complacent. When father and brother return, you will definitely not have a good life. "

"Hmph, I'm really scared. I'm afraid you won't be able to wait for them to come back." Ru Fei looked at the hour and roughly calculated. Her face suddenly changed as she cried out in pain while clutching her lower abdomen.

"Ah …" It hurts so much, Esteemed Empress, you … What are you doing, child, my child... "Aaaah!"

She sang well and howled a few times, then her body softened and slid down the bed.

The brocade curtain at the door was pulled down with a "pa" sound. A tall figure strode in and hugged the fallen Fei Fei as he gently called out, "My beloved concubine."

"Your Majesty, my child …" "Child." She pointed her finger at Shen Qingyan.

Shen Qingyan explained with a pale face, "Ru Fei, you …" Zhao Xi's face darkened. Shen Qingyan could not speak a word. A stream of tears flowed down her face.

He didn't believe her …

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