Trickery: Rolling in the Love and Hate/C3 Use your child as compensation
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Trickery: Rolling in the Love and Hate/C3 Use your child as compensation
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C3 Use your child as compensation

At this moment, Zhao Xi's eyes were filled with the frown of a concubine clutching her stomach. Thinking about the child in her womb made his heart ache and his face wrinkle.

"My beloved concubine … Someone, invite the imperial physician. "

The young Imperial Physician Hu came quickly and knelt down to pay his respects. He reached out a hand and probed her pulse, his movements smooth and smooth. "Your majesty, something like esteemed imperial concubine has a dragon seed in her possession, this is …" "This is …" Imperial Physician Hu lowered his head and said with a trembling voice, "She's pregnant."

Zhao Xi was so shocked that he kicked him right in the heart. "Idiot, give me a good diagnosis. If there's the slightest mistake, I'll definitely chop your head off."

Imperial Physician Hu didn't even dare to breathe as he kneeled on the floor and begged, "Your majesty, please spare me …"

"Your Majesty …" Your majesty, we can't blame Imperial Physician Hu for this. We can only blame our own miserable fate. Ru Fei laid in his arms and cried like a tearful person. Her body trembled lightly as tears fell from her eyes. I felt sorry for her even if I saw her.

"Shen Qingyan!" Zhao Xi placed Shen Qing Yan down like an imperial concubine and said through gritted teeth: "How dare you scheme against my prince!"

"Ugh …" Your Majesty, please calm your anger. Your consort has not. " Shen Qingyan tried her best to explain with her watery eyes, but no matter how much she tried, Zhao Xi refused to listen.

Tears gushed out of Shen Qing Yan's eyes like a river that had burst its banks. Her hands could only reflexively grip her iron arms.

"Ah …" Your majesty, that's the empress, please calm your anger. " Seeing Shen Qingyan struggling with great difficulty, a cold smile appeared on her face like a concubine trying to hide her real intentions. She revealed a look of worry.

"Hmph, Empress …" "If I say you are the empress, then you are the empress. If I say you aren't the empress, then you aren't." Zhao Xi's sharp eyes pierced into the depths of Shen Qingyan's eyes.

It was a pity that such an elegant face would appear on her, a Shen family member.

"Your Majesty …" Cough cough, cough cough, chenqie really did not harm your prince. "

Zhao Xi let out a cold laugh. With a gentle wave of his hand, he flung her out like a rag, slamming her head against the thick, carved wooden door.

Shen Qingyan was in so much pain that her body was hunched over with beads of blood dripping from her forehead. She looked extremely miserable.

"Esteemed Empress …" Zi Yi cried as she helped her up, trying to block the bloody hole on her forehead with her sleeve.

Shen Qingyan wanted to continue but her lower abdomen suddenly throbbed with pain, "Ah …" "Ziyi, my stomach, my stomach …" She was in so much pain that her heart almost suffocated.

"Imperial Physician, please have a look at the Empress." Zi Yi kowtowed to Imperial Physician Hu.

Imperial Physician Hu's cold eyes flashed with a strange light. He didn't even look at her before shaking his head. "Esteemed Empress is indeed happy, but it's just that Yue Qian has moved her womanly energy."

There was — joy —

The three words were like a demon's voice, piercing through everyone's eardrums.

Ru Fei was the first to react, a venomous look shooting out of her eyes. Her life was truly good. She was being fed haunt soup every day, yet she was still able to get pregnant.

She subconsciously looked at Zhao Xi, only to see a cold expression on his face. "Shen Qingyan, how dare you lie to me?" It was obvious that after tormenting her every time, she would make her drink the Soup of Avoidance. Where did her happiness come from?

The joy in Shen Qingyan's eyes had yet to fade when she heard Zhao Xi's heart-piercing words.

"Your Majesty, this is also your child, but you're not …"

"You are not worthy of having my child. We are merely playing on the spot." Zhao Xi's words were like a snowflake falling outside the window, chilling his heart and lungs.

"Acting on the spot, why did the emperor marry me? What's the love of the past?"

Zhao Xi turned around, unwilling to answer.

Ru Fei said pitifully, "Esteemed Empress, why are you making things difficult for the emperor? At that time, the emperor wasn't the one who wanted to marry you. Why don't you go back and ask Duke Shen …"

Shen Qing Yan felt as though she was struck by lightning. Da Jin knew that the Duke of Shen was loyal to his family. The four of them were generals guarding the border and protecting the Great Wei. They were valiant and invincible.

When the Emperor had entered the imperial palace to propose marriage, her father had been unwilling to allow her to enter the palace. When her father had entered the imperial palace to propose marriage, her father had been unwilling to allow her to enter the imperial palace.

"How could my father …"

When he mentioned the past, Zhao Xi could not help but think of the death of his beloved woman. He pointed furiously at Shen Qingyan, "Shen Shi, the son you murdered, will now be compensated with your child."

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