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C5 Water loss

Just as Imperial Concubine Hu signaled Imperial Physician Hu with her eyes, he frowned, stepped forward, and took a look at the pulse before nodding his head.

"The child is gone!"

A proud look flashed across Ru Fei's face. She gently caressed her ruined face, unable to stop from smiling.

A series of footsteps came from behind. Zhao Yun, who was wearing a court uniform, dashed in and immediately saw Shen Qingyan, who was hanging in a big zigzag shape.

The snow-white undergarment tore layer after layer. Three hideous scars appeared on that jade white and beautiful face, destroying her face that would make anyone's heart beat at a glance.

He slowly stepped forward and looked at the face reflected in the dim light. It was as if there were centipedes crawling on it. He did not feel afraid. Instead, he felt an inexplicable pain in his heart. Ye Zichen rubbed his chest and glared with his sharp eyes, "Who let you do it?"

"Yes …" "Yes …"

"How dare you, the emperor is actually so rude in front of him!" Ru Fei felt guilty as she signaled with her eyes. The palace maid next to her stepped forward and slapped the two of them. The two of them fell to the ground, both of them covered in blood.

"Damn it!"

Zhao Xi looked at the pool of blood on the ground, then looked at Shen Qingyan, who was lying there like a broken willow branch, swaying in the wind.

The pain in his heart was instantly drowned by the endless hatred.

The Shen family had caused the death of his most beloved woman, and now they deserved all of this!

"Your Majesty …" Chenqie … There was no child that would harm his wife. It was her … It was herself … She is a wicked woman! " Shen Qingyan said softly.

Ru Fei moved closer to her and, under the cover of the darkness, she coldly looked at her and smiled. Her smile was vicious and sinister, causing Shen Qing Yan to raise her leg …

"Ah …" Your majesty! She wants to kill me! " Rufei hid behind Zhao Xi with tears in her eyes and tears in her eyes.

"Stop, who allowed you to touch my Ru'er?" Zhao Xi suddenly turned around and slapped Shen Qingyan's face without even thinking.

He had been tormented to such a state, yet he still dared to put on airs. Did he think that she was still the daughter of heaven?

"Shen Qingyan, you truly are worthy of being called the Shen family. Like all of you detestable Shen family members, you are full of wild ambition and are plotting to usurp the throne."

"No, no, Father would not do that! "Your Majesty, my father and brothers …" Shen Qing Yan's voice was hoarse and filled with pain.

Ever since her father was a child, he had taught his elder brother to be loyal to the king. How could he …

Zhao Xi glared at her. If it wasn't for his family, his beloved woman wouldn't have died. He didn't have to work so hard. His pitch-black eyes were filled with hatred and instantly became cold and stern.

In the past, Shen Qingyan had only seen Zhao Xi's indifferent eyes. Now that she was met with his hateful gaze, she seemed to have understood something: He hated her to the depths of his bones and blood!

'Your Majesty, please read this clearly … It's all my concubine's fault, it's none of my father's or brother's business. If the emperor hates my concubine, I'm willing to die to apologize for it! " However, if her life could be exchanged for her parents', then she would rather die.

"If you dare to die, I will plunder your Shen family!" "You'd better not use your death to threaten me. I'll let you know that living is worse than death!"

The Shen family, not only were there her parents and brothers, there were also her brothers and sisters who had just been born. She couldn't let him take the opportunity to take over the Shen family.

Seeing her lower her eyebrows, Zhao Xi's heart inexplicably tightened. An emotion that he couldn't control spilled out of his mouth. He didn't want to look at her face any longer, so he left with a wave of his sleeves.

"Your Majesty, she …"

"Put her down and let her stay in the Concealed!" The word 'die' spun in Zhao Xi's throat, as if it had been wrapped by a thread and was unable to be spat out.

Rufei's cold eyes swept over the two of them, landing on Shen Qingyan's body. Her cold voice rang out: "If she doesn't die, then she won't be at ease!"

It was night. The imperial palace's grand banquet was to reward the warriors who had returned from the north. The atmosphere was extremely lively as they drank wine and drank.

Zhao Xi, dressed in bright yellow, stood at a high position as he stared at the empty spot beside him, waiting for his summons with a look of anticipation on his face.

However, he didn't call for her. She covered the handkerchief with her hand and coughed a few times. The servant girl standing beside her, Hu Po, slightly nodded her head before retreating out of the room.

At the same time, Zhao Xi, who was at the top, heard her and extended his hand to her, pulling her to sit on the high seat.

The sound of firecrackers rose from below the court as the Kabuki danced to the music. The banquet had reached its climax in a short time, and fireworks were set ablaze in the empty grounds of the palace.

Multicolored fireworks rose into the air, releasing an instant of brilliance. Following the rising of the fireworks, a burst of smoke soared into the air, mixing with the flames and fiercely burning …

The party lasted until late at night. Everyone was still in high spirits, but the Concourse had already been thrown into chaos.

"Oh no, Your Majesty, the Concealed Court is in the water, the palace servants there are …" Burn to death! "

In a private courtyard, Shen Qingyan stood right there. Zhao Xi's eyes narrowed and his body stiffened. His hands trembled as the wine cup in his hands smashed onto the ground with a "Dong" sound.

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