True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C1 Lyi Family's Daughter
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C1 Lyi Family's Daughter
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C1 Lyi Family's Daughter

"Hello, is Wenbai home?"

"He's home."

With the confirmation, Lyi Chuxi stepped into the entrance of the Liao Family household.

She had only taken two steps forward when she heard faint whispers from behind her.

"Hey, isn't that the Young Mistress of the Lyi Family, Lyi Chuxi?"

"The real young mistress of the Lyi Family is Lyi Yueyi, not that woman! Ever since the real daughter of the Lyi Family has returned, that woman just refused to leave," the other snorted out. "She really is shameless!"

She stiffened.

However, she wasn't surprised. How could she when she was used to these kinds of insults?

She didn't say anything in reply. Instead, she clutched the corners of her clothes and continued to walk. This time, her head was bowed.

As she reached the second floor, a sense of anticipation flooded over her.

Just the thought of the man she was about to meet was enough to bring a smile to her face. All the sadness she felt from the maid's words completely vanished.

At least she still had Wenbai.

He was everything she ever needed.

However, just as Lyi Chuxi was about to knock, she heard a woman's flirty laughter echoing from inside the room, followed by heavy breathing.

What was going on?

Feeling her insides turn, Lyi Chuxi flung the door open.

There, she could see a man and a woman lying on the bed. Her bare back was evident the minute she had come into the room.

As soon as the man saw who had opened the door, he grabbed his clothes.

"Xi! Why are you here?"

Why was she here?

Lyi Chuxi could feel her heart throbbing in her chest. Her hands shook, and her head started to pound.

"What are you doing?" she stuttered. "Who is this woman?"

"I—" Liao Wenbai looked uncomfortable.

"Xi, you're here!"

Lyi Chuxi was surprised to hear the familiar, musical voice. She whirled her head in disbelief when she saw the woman on the bed.

Behind the frizzy hair was a familiar face.

"Yueyi!" Lyi Chuxi's jaw dropped. "How could you do this? He was my fiancé! He's your brother-in-law!"

Lyi Yueyi's bright eyes turned to look at her. Hate bloomed in her dark orbs, far different from the gentle image she kept up with.

"You've already stolen my identity. Do you really think you can get away with it? While I was suffering, you enjoyed everything that was mine. All of it—the wealth, the glory—they're supposed to belong to me!"

She spat out, "You're just a fake!"

Hearing this, Lyi Chuxi froze.

Yes, she wasn't the real daughter of the Lyi Family.

There was a time when she was.

However, that all changed when the true daughter of the Lyi Family returned.

It turned out that nineteen years ago, Lyi Jiaming's ex-lover pretended to be a nurse and switched her true baby with an infant she had picked from the wild.

Lyi Chuxi couldn't say a word.

After all, she was right. Lyi Yueyi was the true daughter of the Lyi Family.

Suddenly, a sweet smile slipped into her lips and she pecked Liao Wenbai on the cheek.

"Wenbai already said how much he loved me. It's sad that you've been so deceived for so long." She snorted. "You really are pitiful!"

Lyi Chuxi was so angry that she lost all reason.

She raised her palm.

However, the next thing she knew, her face suddenly swung to the left. Her right cheek burned with pain, and she gasped.

She lifted her head in disbelief to see the handsome man whose arms were now wrapped around Lyi Yueyi.

"You hit me."

"Yueyi has allowed you to stay in the Lyi Family, and you still haven't learned to be grateful!" Liao Wenbai spat in disgust. "Now, you even want to hit her? Get lost! I never want to see you again!"

Lyi Chuxi stared at him in a daze.

He didn't seem like the man she had fallen in love with.

A triumphant smile appeared in Lyi Yueyi's lips as she leaned closer into his arms.

Tears slowly slid down her cheeks.

Not knowing what to do, she turned around and ran out.

It was raining heavily outside, but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was to get away from it all.

Why did this have to happen to her?

She hated it! If she could only turn back time...

Suddenly, the sound of a car engine echoed across the field and a white light blinded her.

Lyi Chuxi suddenly froze, and she felt a piercing pain course through her body.

She flew across the pavements as her body went limp.

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