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C10 Ji Qingzhan

On the other side of the campus, two men with extraordinary temperaments were walking down the tree-lined avenue.

One of them had an outstanding figure, with broad shoulders and slender legs. He was comparable to the other models in the magazines.

He felt indifferent to his surroundings, pushing the gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose.

The morning light shone through the gaps of the foliage, highlighting his high cheekbones and dark eyes. There was a sense of elegance in his walk.

The other man beside him appeared equally handsome with his peach blossom eyes and bright smile. He glanced over at his friend.

"Qingzhan, I heard that you're already taking over the Ji Family matters."

There was a short pause when Ji Qingzhan turned to him.

"The news spread fast."

When he raised his eyes to gaze at the horizon, a beautiful golden light glittered in the depths of his orbs.

"I will only be taking over the Ji family temporarily," he added. "If I don't handle the responsibility well, my father will take the mantle back."

"You're being too modest!"

Sheng Zhengyuan groaned in frustration, rolling his eyes to the back of his head.

"You're only twenty-three this year, but you've already obtained a Master's Degree from a top business school! Now, you're taking over the mantle of the Ji Family. Do you know how many times I've been scolded by my parents because of you?"

Ji Qingzhan glanced at him indifferently.

"Your older brother was the one who had inherited all your family's negotiating skills. Besides, didn't you win the Best Actor award—the youngest one to do so? I should be the one congratulating you."

Suddenly, a proud smile slipped into Sheng Zhengyuan's lips.

"That's true. When he took over the mantle for us, he was only but a year older than you. He's definitely no pushover—could even give you a run for your money."

The two men's outstanding appearances attracted many onlookers.

Ji Qingzhan remained indifferent to them.

However, Sheng Zhengyuan would often throw them a flying kiss every now and then, even winking at them from time to time. The girls blushed.

His friend nudged him.

"This is a school. Do you think it's another one of your fan meetings?" he said dully. "They're all underaged. If you continue being like this, I'll tell your brother about this."

"Wait!" Sheng Zhengyuan jolted.

"Don't tell him! Do you know how scary he is?"

As they walked, they suddenly heard a few words drifting out from the crowd a few feet away from them. It was about the Lyi Family.

Sheng Zhengyuan narrowed his eyes.

"Hey, something interesting is happening. Do you think we can take a look?"

Although he said that, he had no intention of checking the crowd out.

After all, he knew his friend very well.

Ji Qingzhan wasn't the type who'd like to be the center of attention. And the last thing he wanted to hear about was gossip. Even if the sky would fall in front of him, he'd still appear indifferent.

"Whatever, let's just go."

However, when Sheng Zhengyuan turned around, he noticed that his friend had disappeared.

Only when he looked ahead did he realize that Ji Qingzhan already made his way to the crowd!

He furrowed his eyebrows.

What has gotten into him?

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