True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C14 You've Misunderstood Her 
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C14 You've Misunderstood Her 
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C14 You've Misunderstood Her 

Lyi Chuxi revealed a panicked expression as she looked from side to side. Her fingers twitched in her side.

"You've misunderstood. I didn't bully her!"

As she spoke, the tip of her nose reddened and her cheeks appeared flushed. Tears blurred her vision, and she bowed her head.

Before they could react, a young man quickly sprinted toward her.

He wore a clean white shirt and skinny jeans. With his combed hair and straight nose, he looked quite handsome—an image similar to that of a school prince.

His face was contorted into pity.

"Xi, what happened?"

Mo Lili was stunned.

However, before she could greet him, she saw Lyi Chuxi jump into his arms the next second.

She buried her face into his chest. "Wenbai," she sniffled. "I really didn't bully Yueyi. You have to believe me!"

Mo Lili clenched her hands.

"Wenbai, she's a shameless fake—I'm telling you! Turns out, she's not the biological daughter of the Lyi Family. Do you think she's still worthy of you?"

His eyes flashed.

The Lyi and the Liao Families have been friends for an extremely long time. Their marriages have already been arranged by the elders. That's why when he heard of the rumors, he hurried over here to get some proof.

After all, he was the young master of the Liao Family. He had to keep his reputation.

However, it seemed that the rumors were true.

He looked down at the woman in his arms, admiring her snow-white face. She was as pretty as a porcelain doll, with her bright eyes shining back at him like stars.

His heart ached just for her.

Just seeing her like this was enough to move him.

In the past, while Lyi Chuxi liked him, she had always been a strong and independent woman. She never really showed an ounce of weakness toward him.

His heart immediately softened.

"Xi has always been so kind." He glanced over at the pair. "You must've misunderstood her."

Even Mo Lili didn't know what else to say.

Lyi Chuxi took one look at the woman's flushed face and hid a small smile. It seemed that she had finally won this round.

She deliberately buried herself deeper into his arms, appearing even more helpless than before. He rubbed her back comfortingly, whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

"If you don't want to believe me, then don't!"

Mo Lili stomped off the scene.

"Xi, even if you're just the adopted daughter of the Lyi Family, I still love you," he whispered. "I'll never leave you."

After all, she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

Besides, he was still young. It wouldn't be a big deal to be dating her for a short period of time. If he abandoned her in her time of need, people would immediately call him out. At least then, he'd be admired for his passion.

If there were any abrupt news in the future, he'd decide what to do then. For now, he had to minimize his losses.

He tilted his head up in the air. Right now, he'd stay with her.

"Wenbai, you really are good to me."

Lyi Chuxi replied, touched, but there was no trace of love in her eyes.

In her previous life, Liao Wenbai chose to be with her, despite hesitating for a while. That promise was something she had cherished deeply.

This proved that all men were liars.

He really was meant to betray her in the end.

Lyi Chuxi thought of everything she had experienced with the Liao Family, and her eyes flashed.

She turned around and was about to call Lyi Yueyi, but she noticed the young woman staring at Liao Wenbai's retreating backside. Lyi Chuxi frowned thoughtfully.

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