True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C15 Improving Herself
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C15 Improving Herself
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C15 Improving Herself

Another reason why Mo Lili hated her so much was that she also had a small crush on Liao Wenbai.

That was why she had gotten along with Lyi Yueyi.

What the girl may not have expected was for Liao Wenbai and Lyi Yueyi to be together in the end.

It seemed that Lyi Yueyi didn't treat her as a good sister either.

Perhaps, she could make use of this point.

When Lyi Yueyi retracted her gaze, she was met with Lyi Chuxi's smiling face. She couldn't help but jump in surprise.

Just the thought of the young man was enough to make her flush.

"Xi, who was that person just now? He looks so handsome."

"He's the young master of the Liao Family, and my fiancé. The Liao and the Lyi Families have been well-connected for quite some time, so they've forged a marriage alliance between them. We'll be officially engaged once we've graduated."

Lyi Yueyi blinked, stunned.

"That means that the person who should've been married to Wenbai is the daughter of the Lyi Family, right?"

Her eyes sparkled.

Lyi Chuxi took one look at her expression, and the corners of her lips curled up. "It's almost time for class," she said lightly. "We should go."

After they had left, a slender figure stepped out from behind the tree.

Ji Qingzhan fixed his gaze on the slender figure, adjusting his glasses. His originally indifferent appearance was now filled with thought.


When he first met her, he only knew her as the daughter of a rich and well-known family. She didn't know a thing or two about family politics, but it seemed that she had changed. She didn't even act as panicked as she did once. Instead, she appeared calm and collected—like a true heiress.

And just now...

Ji Qingzhan could see the craftiness in her eyes, like a fox attempting to catch her prey. He pursed his lips.

What had happened that caused her to change?

Originally, Lyi Chuxi was just a simple daughter from a wealthy family. That was all.

But now...

He stood there for a moment before he grabbed his phone from his pocket. Without another word, he dialed a number.

"Lee Rong, I need you to help investigate someone for me."

He quickly relayed the information and hang up. Just then Sheng Zhengyuan ran over to him. "Why are you walking so fast?" he panted out, clutching his knees. "Do you know how many times I called out to you?"

As he spoke, he tried to glance in the direction where Ji Qingzhan was looking, only to see a blank stairway.

"What are you looking at?"

He quickly turned away. "Nothing."

Sheng Zhengyuan didn't look convinced.

His friend was obviously worried about something!

On campus, everyone already knew the news. After all, gossip spread quite fast.

Lyi Chuxi was not the real daughter of the Lyi Family.

Every time the class would end, her classroom would be crowded with onlookers—all of who wanted to get a look as to who this imposter was.

Lyi Chuxi was too immersed in her studies, unaffected by their words.

In her previous life, she had always been at the top of her class. However, ever since her identity had been exposed, she started disregarding her studies. In the end, she wasn't able to get into the specialization she wanted. While Lyi Yueyi's performance was average at best, she gradually improved under the tutelage of a teacher hired by Gu Yunfang. In the end, she succeeded academically as well.

Now, she wanted to turn the tables on them. Not only would she have to improve on herself, but she had to be better than that woman.

She shouldn't be inferior to anyone!

Lyi Yueyi couldn't keep up with her classwork.

She had first wanted to ask Lyi Chuxi about her notes, but she naturally wouldn't answer her.

Lyi Yueyi gnashed her teeth in hatred.

Whatever. If she didn't want to help her, then she'd report her to her father, Lyi Jiaming. Let's see what she'd do then!

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