True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C17 This Is Gu Yunfang
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C17 This Is Gu Yunfang
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C17 This Is Gu Yunfang

Lyi Chuxi gazed at the flustered young woman. While her face gleamed with sadness, her eyes were as calm as the ocean.

In her previous life, she had always been bullied.

Lyi Yueyi was the master at gaining sympathy, and every time she did so, she would always get what she wanted.

Originally, Lyi Jiaming still cared for Lyi Chuxi and would often try to be as impartial as possible. However, after Lyi Yueyi would humiliate her again and again, he also became cold toward her.

Just as she had thought about this, a voice suddenly echoed across the household.

"What is this? What's happening?"

Gu Yunfang stomped down the steps and blocked Lyi Yueyi, narrowing her eyes.

"It was an accident! Why do you have to be so angry?" she snapped. "Is she not your daughter?"

"This matter concerns the reputation of the Lyi Family!"

"If you didn't have a mistress, then we wouldn't have any matters concerning the Lyi Family!" She sneered. "Maybe I wouldn't have raised that unknown girl as my daughter for nineteen years!"

"Have I not already explained to you? Ever since we've married, I haven't contacted Lee Ting since!"

"Don't you dare mention that bitch's name!"

Gu Yunfang shrieked.

Lyi Jiaming also grew bright red.

Seeing that the situation was already getting out of hand, Lyi Yueyi stood between them and waved her hands.

"Dad, mom, stop fighting," she said, her voice trembling. "It's my fault. I accidentally revealed her identity—I'm sorry!"

"Oh, honey, you're too kind!"

Gu Yunfang hugged her.

"Don't worry, I'll hire the best teacher to tutor you. That girl has clearly enjoyed her nineteen years of wealth, yet she doesn't even know how to be grateful! Hmph!"

With a cold snort, Gu Yunfang pulled Lyi Yueyi to the side and left. She didn't even look in their direction.

When Lyi Yueyi was already out in the clear, she snuck a look at Lyi Chuxi and winked at her. Her eyes were shining in pride.

She gritted her teeth.

Gu Yunfang's words played back in her mind.

While she hadn't been her biological daughter, that woman still raised her for the last nineteen years.

Yet it seemed she had never really cared for her.

Lyi Chuxi bowed her head. There was a time when she thought that Gu Yunfang was her mother.

She believed that she still doted on her. It's why whatever Lyi Yueyi had done to her, she'd just silently endure it all.

After all, she didn't want to cause them any trouble.

Now it seemed that all her efforts were in vain.

She glanced over at her adoptive father.


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