True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C2 The True Daughter of the Sheng Family
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C2 The True Daughter of the Sheng Family
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C2 The True Daughter of the Sheng Family

Lyi Chunxi's vision blurred as raindrops splattered all over her, mixing with the sea of blood pooling beneath her. It was as if all the bones in her body were broken, and she couldn't move.

Suddenly, a clattering sound of heels approached her from afar.

"Lyi Chuxi."

She gathered all her strength to look up, only to see Lyi Yueyi's proud face.

Was she the one who had caused the accident?

Did she really hate her that much?

As if she heard her thoughts, Lyi Yueyi laughed. Her loud tinkering chuckles echoed all around her, and she shivered.

Her eyes gleamed with so much hatred that Lyi Chuxi couldn't help but flinch.

"Whenever I think of you, all I could think about were the times I had suffered. You should've been the one to bear all the pain, not me! You're not even worthy to be called the daughter of the Lyi Family! What right do you have of taking my place?"

"Dad, Mom..."

Lyi Chuxi shivered as the cold wind brushed against her cheek.

The only reason she didn't leave was that she couldn't bear to part with her parents. After all, she had grown up with them.

Lyi Yueyi gazed at her in disgust.

"Please, they actually wanted to kick you out a long time ago! The only reason they even let you stay was that they were afraid of what others would think. Do you think they even care for you?" She snorted.


Her parents wanted to get rid of her?

That can't be!

Lyi Chuxi didn't want to believe it, but it seemed that the truth couldn't be denied.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she could almost taste the bitter saltiness on her lips.

Her fingernails dug into her palm.

Ever since she had known of her identity, she never asked for anything from her parents.

All she wanted was a place to stay in and to see them as much as possible.

Was that too much to ask?

"Ah, seeing you like this, I can finally sleep well at night." She shrugged. "I guess I should probably tell you a little secret. Turns out, you're actually the long-lost daughter of the Sheng Family."

What? Her biological family was alive?

The Sheng Family was an extremely powerful and influential family. In fact, they were said to be on par with the Ji Family of the Imperial Capital.

Seeing as she couldn't speak, Lyi Yueyi burst into laughter.

"Obviously, you'll never know them. After all, you aren't worthy of meeting them! It's why I concocted a plan to make them think that their precious daughter had died a long time ago."

"In fact," she added. "My parents are also aware of this matter. However, they were too scared to introduce you to members of the Sheng Family because you might act against them. Ah, just the thought of their sad and desolate faces makes me laugh."

"I—" Lyi Chuxi tried to speak but she felt her entire body hurt. The thought of her biological family hurting flashed in her mind.

But she couldn't do anything!

All she could do was listen.


Suddenly, a pair of heels smashed against her cheeks. She felt her cheekbones crush under the pressure, and she groaned in pain. Warm blood trickled down her cheeks.

"You know, I've always hated your face, how you look prettier than me. But now, you're nothing more than an ugly donkey, just as you should be!"

Lyi Chuxi shivered.

"It's what you deserve."

Cold rain splattered across the ground, and she lay down on the pavement. She looked like a dog without a single slither of dignity left.

Her heart was wrapped with darkness.

Why did they treat her like this?

After a long amount of time, a young respectful voice echoed out,

"Young Master Ji, isn't this the adopted daughter of the Lyi Family? She looks..." he hesitated. "Should we inform the Lyi Family?"

She didn't want to die. Not yet...

Lyi Chuxi wanted to call out for help.

However, no sound came out from her lips.

"I'm afraid that the Lyi Family won't take care of her. She's already far from saving," a faint voice sounded. "Let's give her a proper funeral."

"Yes, Young Master Ji."

She felt the life in her body rapidly fading away.

Was she going to die?

No, she can't...

She still needed to meet her true family. She also planned on taking revenge on those who had betrayed her.

Lyi Chuxi struggled to open her eyes, but it was to no avail.

Soon enough, the darkness swallowed her whole.

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