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C3 Reborn

"Xi? Xi? Hurry up, we're about to leave."

When Lyi Chuxi opened her eyes, she was stunned. Her fingers twitched as she looked around.

Had she gone to hell?

However, why did everything look so familiar?

After Lyi Yueyi had returned, she gave her room to her and moved to the smallest room of the Lyi Family. This...this was the same room she had given away.

What was going on?

Could it be that she didn't die? Was she dreaming?

She glanced up at the mirror.

Her cheeks were flushed, and her tender skin glittered under the morning sun.

Her wavy hair hung loosely around her shoulders—the stray strands framing her heart-shaped face. There was a certain charm to her smile and eyes.

This was what she had looked like when she was nineteen.

Suddenly, the voice echoed from the hall once again,

"Xi? Are you ready?"

Lyi Chuxi came back to her senses and quickly replied,

"Yes, I'm ready."

When she started hearing the footsteps, she quickly pinched her waist. A sharp pain coursed through her.

She really wasn't dreaming!

Had she been reborn?

Thinking of everything that had happened, Lyi Chuxi's face darkened.

Originally, she was ashamed of her identity, so much so that she'd allow Lyi Yueyi to step all over her.

However, not only did that woman stop her from recognizing her own biological family, but she even tried to kill her!

As for Liao Wenbai...

Just the thought of the man's disgusted expression made her heart twinge in pain.

However, the pain was only for a moment.

She gritted her teeth. The last thing she needed was that scum to betray her again.

Just then, she thought of the faint and cold voice echoing at the back of her mind. That man...

Young Master Ji...

Could he be the Young Master of the Ji Family, Ji Qingzhan?

The Ji Family was an incredibly influential family in the Imperial Capital. Not only are they at the same level as the Sheng Family, but they make up the most powerful people in China. The Lyi Family couldn't compare to them.

She had heard a lot about them, but she never met them in person.


"Xi, are you ready?"

Lyi Chuxi hurriedly called out,

"I'll be right out!"

Staring at the beautiful girl in the mirror, she took a deep breath.

Then, she glanced up at the date displayed on her clock.

If she remembered correctly, today was supposed to be the day they'd bring Lyi Yueyi back. It was also the beginning of her nightmare.

Lyi Yueyi...

In her previous life, all she had done was swallow her anger and endured their mistreatment. But Lyi Yueyi had hurt her.

She had crossed the line!

She didn't care about what would happen to that woman! That woman could forget about abusing her kindness!

She'd make her pay!

Lyi Chuxi's eyes flashed sharply.

"Why are you so slow? Yueyi's already waiting for us, and we've agreed to pick her up in the morning. Do you not want her to come back?"

The minute Lyi Chuxi stepped out of the room, she was met with a beautiful older woman. She was anxiously glancing at her watch, before looking back at her.

That was Lyi Yueyi's biological mother, Gu Yunfang.

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