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C5 Lyi Yueyi 

The remote village was quite outdated in terms of its technologies and facilities, so as soon as the villagers caught sight of the high-end care, they immediately peeked out their windows to look.

At the very front of the village gate was a pair of farmers in ragged clothing. They rubbed their hands together in nervousness.

Behind them stood a young girl.

Although she wore plain clothes, it did nothing to hide her delicate and beautiful face. She looked exactly like Gu Yunfang.

There was a certain timidness in her expression, but the excitement was evident in the woman's eyes.

As soon as she saw that face, the hatred in Lyi Chuxi's heart only grew.

She dug her fingernails into her palm, trying to restrain herself from pouncing forward.

This woman had already caused her so much trouble in the years. She wasn't going to allow her to do that again.

Lyi Chuxi had been so immersed in her thoughts that she found herself crashing into someone.

She stumbled onto the ground, her fingers sinking into the dirt.

Although she had already given up on her wishful thoughts of her adoptive parents, she still couldn't help but glance up at them.

However, they had already made their way to Lyi Yueyi.

Lyi Jiaming's eyes were bloodshot as he stared longingly at his daughter. Gu Yunfang already had her arms wrapped around the young girl, crying.

"You've suffered so much, my child!"

The three of them looked like a true family. No one even noticed Lyi Chuxi who struggled to stand back up.

In the past, they would've rushed to help her. Now, they just abandoned her.

Her heart twinged.

Why was she surprised?

Wasn't Lyi Yueyi the one who had told her the truth?

They never cared for her. She bit back a laugh as she swatted the dust off her clothes. Then, she hid her bruised palm in her sleeves.

"Once you get there, take good care of yourself, okay? Make sure to not wear yourself out. You don't have to worry about us anymore. Just give us a call whenever you have the time."

The farmer and his wife sniffled as they stared at their adopted daughter. Their eyes were bloodshot, and their lips were curled in reluctance.

"I know."

Although she agreed, there was a sense of disdain shining in her eyes. It was obvious that she just wanted to leave this place.

Lyi Chuxi pursed her lips.

Gu Yunfang impatiently pulled her into the car, not even bothering to look at the couple.

Lyi Jiaming stuffed a red packet into their hands with a smile on his face. "Thank you for taking care of Yueyi for all these years," he said softly. "We'll make sure to take good care of her."

"There's really no need for this. Just treat her well. That's all we ask."

The couple waved their hands, pushing the red envelope back. No matter how much he insisted, they still refused.

The younger man had no other choice but to leave it at that.

Lyi Chuxi originally wanted to leave, but upon seeing the piteous look on the couple, she stopped.

Seeing her take something out from her bag, the couple quickly stopped her, "There really is no need to give us money, child."

She shot them a gentle smile.

"I know, but don't worry, this isn't money."

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