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C6 The Bedroom

Lyi Chuxi took out a piece of paper and wrote something on it. Without anything else, she handed it to them.

"This is my phone number. If you have encountered any difficulties, please call me. Thank you for raising Lyi Yueyi all these years."

On the other side of the road, she could hear Lyi Jiaming calling for her.

"Xi, hurry up!"

She shot them one last smile before leaving.

In her previous life, she had actually only seen them once.

Ever since Lyi Yueyi had returned to the Lyi Family, she never contacted them again. Later on, she heard from a grapevine that the couple had died from a serious illness. They were financially incapable to support themselves.

However, Lyi Yueyi didn't even mourn their deaths.

It's obvious that she had never really cared for them.

Back then, Lyi Jiaming's lover dropped Lyi Yueyi into the wilderness. If it weren't for these farmers, she wouldn't have lived until today.

While Lyi Chuxi hated her, she still admired the selflessness that this old couple had shown throughout the years.

They didn't deserve this type of selfish treatment.

If she could help them, she would.

Besides, they were in the same both.

While she longed for the love of her adoptive parents, Lyi Yueyi already had people who cared for her. Yet, she took everything for granted. Just the thought was enough to make her clench her fists.

When they finally returned to the Lyi Family mansion, Gu Yunfang toured her around the house.

Only when she came to Lyi Chuxi's room did her eyes widen in delight.

"Mom, this room is so big and beautiful! It's like it belongs to a princess! She has so many clothes too...I wish I had a room like this and my clothes..."

Lyi Yueyi sniffled, bowing her head. "They're all just grey rags. My classmates would often bully me because of it."

Lyi Chuxi raised her eyebrows.

In her previous life, she stepped down and offered Lyi Yueyi to take her room. All the custom-made dresses that she still hadn't worn all belonged to her. But she wasn't going to commit the same mistake today.

Gu Yunfang's eyes widened.

"How could you have suffered all these years? The world's so unfair!"

The older woman turned to Lyi Chuxi, almost expectantly.

However, before she could speak, she held onto Lyi Yueyi's hand.

A sweet smile appeared on her face.

"You don't have to compare yourself to me! You'll have everything you need here. I wish I can share my clothes with you, but they might not even fit you. Besides, you're now the little princess of the Lyi Family, how could you wear secondhand clothes? I'm sure Dad and Mom had already bought you everything you need."

"While this room may the biggest, Mom and Dad put in a lot of effort for your actual room. Mom even prepared a lot of stuffed toys in yours too; I can't help but feel a little envious."

She faked a pout. "I think you'll really like the room they prepared. Don't you think?"

Lyi Chuxi tilted her head and shot her an innocent look.

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