True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C7 Li Yueyi Was Defeated.
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C7 Li Yueyi Was Defeated.
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C7 Li Yueyi Was Defeated.

Lyi Yueyi stiffened.


"Xi's right. You're now our little princess. How could you wear secondhand clothing?" Gu Yunfang nodded eagerly. "Besides, your room is right next door ti Xi. While it may not be as big as this one, I've made sure to design everything myself. Come, let's take a look."

"Okay, Mom!"

Lyi Yueyi forced a smile.

Seeing as she was already pulled into the room next door, Lyi Chuxi breathed a sigh of relief and threw herself onto the bed.

This enormous room and closet were all handed over to her by the Lyi Family. Sure, they were supposed to belong to Lyi Yueyi, but she couldn't care any less.

Just the sight of her stiff smile and flashy eyes was enough to make her feel satisfied. It seemed that she had succeeded this time around.

At night, Lyi Yueyi stared at the beautiful ceiling above her as her fingers dug into the warm cushions.

Life in the mountain village was hard.

She'd have to suffer from tattered clothes and cold gruel. She didn't have any form of entertainment besides the cool wind.

While she was clearly the most beautiful girl in her class, her clothes were the ugliest. And she didn't have any money to afford any cosmetics.

There was a time when she fantasized about being the long-lost daughter of a rich family, but she didn't expect it to come true!

The minute she knew, she already wanted to fly out of this hellhole.

Everything about the Lyi Family was in line with her expectations.

Not only did they love her dearly, but they had everything she could've ever wanted. They had a beautiful villa, amazing clothes, delicious food, and almost unlimited money.

The only flaw was...

Lyi Chuxi flashed in her mind, and she scowled.

That large room should've been hers.

She had already returned. Why was Lyi Chuxi still living with them? It was because of that bitch that she had suffered in the mountain village!

Whatever, her parents had already sided with her.

Now that she had returned, she has plenty of time to deal with her.

However, Lyi Yueyi wasn't looking into just simply chasing her out. That girl had already occupied her identity for so many years. She wanted to torture her!

She smiled in anticipation. Oh, that girl was going to go through so much that she'd wish she was dead.

Lyi Chuxi slept so well that night. She got up extremely early the next day.

She hummed a small tune. After washing up, she went to her closet to pick out her clothes. Out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw her schoolbag sitting in the corner.

Crap! She was nineteen! That meant she still had classes!

Just the thought of her courses in the academy, her head started to hurt.

Damn it!

Lyi Chuxi trudged down the stairs, only to see that everyone was already at the dining table. Lyi Yueyi had already changed out of her tattered clothing and wore the branded clothes Gu Yunfang had bought for her.

She looked beautiful and innocent.

Gu Yunfang was in the middle of conversing with her daughter when she saw Lyi Chuxi.

The older woman pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

"Why are you so slow? Do you know Yueyi was waiting for you this entire time? She's already starving!"

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