True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C8 The Sensible Lyi Yueyi
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C8 The Sensible Lyi Yueyi
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C8 The Sensible Lyi Yueyi

Lyi Yueyi quickly explained, "I was the one who wanted to wait for her. Please don't blame my sister."

As she spoke, she placed a glass in front of Lyi Chuxi."

"Xi, this is yours."

"Thank you," she responded slightly.

"Yueyi is truly such a sensible child."

Gu Yunfang lovingly stroked her daughter's head, before shooting her a dissatisfied look.

Lyi Chuxi was still immersed in the fact that she had to return to school again to care about their subtle actions. Instead, she sat down and stared at her plate.

She was eating her eggs when she heard Lyi Jiaming started to speak,

"Xi, I've already registered Yueyi's enrollment to the Academy. She's new to the school, so isn't familiar with the people there. As you're her older sister, you have to take care of her. Okay?"

When she first found out about Lyi Yueyi's existence, a part of her was afraid that she'd be abandoned. Yet, her parents proved her wrong and instead made the decision for her to be her elder sister.

She had been so touched then.

Later on, she knew that was another excuse for them to be biased toward Lyi Yueyi.

After all, every older sister had to give way to the baby of the family.

Her eyes flashed. "I understand."

After finishing her egg, she grabbed her glass of milk. Just then, she heard Lyi Yueyi speak up, "I have something I wanted to discuss."

"Go ahead," Gu Yunfang said softly.

"Do you mind if we don't publicize this matter?" She hesitated. "We could say that I've been hidden all these years because of my poor health. Otherwise, if any rumors were to arise, it would only hurt Xi."

Hearing this, Lyi Chuxi finally raised her head.

She could see Lyi Yueyi's shy smile.

Back then, she had been so deceived by her soft appearance. Even as the rumors spread, she had never doubted her sister.

However, it was different now. She knew the truth.

After all, who else knew the truth if not Lyi Yueyi? She obviously was the one who released the information. She only said this to establish her sensibility.

However, it seemed that Lyi Jiaming and Gu Yunfang were so entranced by their daughter's gentle eyes.

"This was true quite a difficult decision for us. A part of us was afraid that this decision would either make you or Xi feel wronged. Now that you've stated your case," Lyi Jiaming cleared his throat. "Things will be much easier. You really are our sensible daughter."

Hearing this, Lyi Chuxi's eyes flashed.

Did they really feel troubled about revealing her identity?

The only reason why they were having trouble was that they cared too much about their reputation.

Just as Lyi Yueyi had said, they had always wanted to chase her out of the house. They only left her here because they cared far too much of their reputation.

But she obviously wasn't going to say anything now.

Instead, she smiled brightly. "Thank you. Thank you so much!"

"Xi, we are a family. There's really no need to thank us."

Lyi Yueyi waved her hand.

However, she deliberately held the hands of her parents, as if forming a barrier between them.

On one side of the table was a true and noble family who loved each other.

On the other side of the table was just a simple outsider.

Lyi Chuxi naturally knew what this meant.

However, she pretended not to see it. Instead, she lowered her head and finished eating her breakfast.

When they had finally finished, the pair took the Lyi Family Car to school.

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