True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C9 Lyi Chuxi, Let's See What You Can Do! 
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True Lady's Identity Is Revealed/C9 Lyi Chuxi, Let's See What You Can Do! 
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C9 Lyi Chuxi, Let's See What You Can Do! 

Stepping back onto the familiar campus, Lyi Chuxi immediately thought back to all the things that had happened in her previous life.

Complicated emotions rose in her chest as she surveyed the people standing around her. While she was contemplating, the other girl appeared surprised.

Lyi Yueyi didn't expect to attend such a luxurious private school!

She never thought that this school would have a fountain square as its centerpiece. She didn't even know how a supermarket and cinema could all fit inside the campus! How was this even possible?

The previous school she used to attend was a dumpster compared to this. Every time it rained, drops of water would leak from the ceiling. When she entered senior high school, the only infrastructure they had was a broken playground.

She looked around at everyone on the campus. They were all wearing designer clothes—all different from what she had seen in the village.

Even though she had already changed into more expensive clothing, Lyi Yueyi couldn't help but feel a deep sense of inferiority amongst these people.

Just the sight of Lyi Chuxi smiling and greeting the others by her side was enough to make her scowl.

She's the one who's supposed to be calm, not her!

That woman was clearly a fake, but she obviously didn't feel like it. In front of everyone's eyes, she still appeared to be the Lyi Family's heiress!


Just then, Lyi Yueyi heard the whispers from the other students behind her.

"Look, isn't that Xi? The campus belle is here! She's so pretty. Who's that girl walking beside her?"

"I don't know her either. Could it be that she's the new transfer student?"

Just then, a thought occurred to her.

She quickly glanced over at Lyi Chuxi and lowered her voice. However, it was still loud enough to be heard by the surrounding people.

"Xi, don't worry, I'll protect you. I won't tell them that you're not their biological daughter."

The girls behind them naturally heard it.

"What?! She's not their biological daughter?"

"Wait! I heard from my parents that the Lyi Family had gone away to pick up another girl from the village. Maybe she's the real daughter of the Lyi Family! Oh my gosh, that means she's a fake!"

Only then did Lyi Yueyi cover her mouth, staggering backward. "I didn't mean it, Xi!"

Her voice was raised, attracting other people's attention.

"What is it? What happened?" Other people began to survey the area.

"Lyi Chuxi seems to be the adopted daughter of the Lyi Family," one of them whispered. "Could you believe it?"

The corners of her lips curled in satisfaction.

Lyi Yueyi had hoped that one day everyone would know that Lyi Chuxi was but a shameless imposter. The only reason she had said what she did back at the dining table was to show off her sensibilities.

She needed her parent's pity, after all.

Now that she had "accidentally" let it slip, her parents wouldn't blame her.

Now that everyone knew, she smirked. Lyi Chuxi, let's see what you can do!

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