Trust A Rejected/C1 Prologue
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Trust A Rejected/C1 Prologue
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C1 Prologue

One more day.

One more day before I turn 16.

One more day before I shift into my wolf.

One more day before I can search for my mate. The person I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. I have always wanted one, having heard such amazing stories from other mated couples, I just couldn't wait. I hoped that he would be an amazing guy with the kindest heart.

Mom and Dad decided to have my party the night before, so when midnight strikes I would be able to see if my mate was in our pack. I really hope he was, or she, in some cases. Though I just get the feeling that it will be a guy.

Though, if I'm being honest, I just kept hoping that Adrians my mate. Ever since I saw him, I just always had these butterflies around him. He made me feel special, he didn't even have to try. I know that it's a long shot that he would be my mate, but I still have hope.

Everything lately has been amazing. Theo found someone to love, Mom and Dad have never been better and I'll finally be a full grown werewolf. I always hated having to run in human form with the pack.

"You keep smiling like that, and your mouth will stay that way." I hear Mom say from behind me. I turn away from the mirror to face her, still smiling.

"Sorry, I'm just so excited. I'll finally have someone who will love me unconditionally. I want what you and Dad have. Someone I can rely on." I say to her honestly before turning back to the mirror and fixing my hair. I smooth out my dress before facing her again.

"How do I look?" I ask her nervously, I don't want to look bad for my mate. I admit it, I'm one of those girls who thinks that I need a man in my life, and I own it. I'm not embarrassed to say it, not one bit.

"You look beautiful Callie, but remember you might not even find him tonight. Okay?" I nod my head. I understand that some people don't find their mates instantly, I'm willing to wait. I want all of my firsts with my mate. I've never kissed someone before, and never had a boyfriend. I mean sure, I've a had a few crushes but I never acted upon them. I respect my mate not to do that.

"You ready? 'Cause everyone's here."

"I think so." I say nervously as I look at my mother. Dad got so lucky when he found out that she was his mate. They always told me that they had problems in the beginning but never explained it further.

She smiles at me before heading downstairs and out to the party. I head over to the window and look down at everyone in the yard. I smile happily as I see Theo and Izzy talking happily, everyone seems so happy. My eyes snap over to the forest when I see some movement. I take a closer look but don't see anything. I shrug my shoulders before heading out the door. I quickly make my way down the stair case before standing by the closed door. I take a deep breathe in and release it slowly.

The doors slowly open and I see everyone smiling over at me. I smile back at them happily, making my way outside. I notice a couple guys looking at me, but I try not to notice. I go and greet everyone before I drag Izzy to the dance floor. We dance for a while before she suddenly stops.

"What's wrong?" I ask her as she looks behind me. I turn around and see Theo sneaking into the woods. I raise my brow in question and turn back to Izzy.

"I'm gonna go check on him." She says before walking after him. I look around and see that it will be my birthday soon, a few more minutes. I bite my lip in anticipation as some of my friends surround me.

"Alright everyone, its almost time! Fifteen more seconds. Lets count down!" Mom says over the speakers before everyone begins to count down.






"Mate." I whisper as I breath in the most delectable scent that I have ever smelt. Everything around me seems to disappear as I begin to approach my mate. I eventually make it to the kitchen and see one person there.

His back is facing me but I already know who it is. He's wearing a tight black shirt with dark blue jeans and sneakers.

"Adrian?" I call out as I try to keep my wolf at bay and not let her take control. He turns around quickly and I gasp at the site of his eyes. Adrians wolf is in control.

"Mate." He growls out possesively, which in turn only makes my wolf purr in delight. He approaches us slowly before pushing us against a table. Before I get a chance to speak he captures our lips in a searing kiss. I moan softly as I run my fingers through his hair. I feel his arms wrapping around my waist before moving down and grabbing my ass.

"Adrian..." I whisper softly and out of breath. He growls, looking up at me.


And my wolf takes over.


I hear shuffling around me with someone cursing softly. My eyes flutter open and I look over at the noise and see Adrian rushing around the room. I sit up and asses the situation. I mated with Adrian last night. My mate. I blush softly and smile up at him before frowning in confusion when he throws his clothes on quickly.

"Adrian? What are you doing?" I ask him nervously. He stops moving and sighs, turning to face me.

"Look Callie, last night was a mistake. None of this was supposed to happen, okay. We may be mates, but I don't accept this-"

"Adrian, don't do this. Please-"

"I Adrian Cavil, reject you Callie Black as my mate."

Then he was gone.

I cried, and cried. The pain was to much, I thought I was going to die. It felt like someone was stabbing me over and over again in the heart. Even then, I'd rather have that than be rejected.

What did I do to deserve this?

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