Trust A Rejected/C3 Chapter 2
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Trust A Rejected/C3 Chapter 2
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C3 Chapter 2

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Rob asks me as we sit in his office eating some lunch that I made for the both of us. Deciding against going to the cafè today, plus I needed to ask Rob for a favour.

"Please Rob, I really need you to do this for me."

"I don't know Callie-"

"Oh come on Rob! You're always asking me out, and now that I ask you to be my date to my brothers wedding you 'Don't know'?" I say sarcastically before taking a bite of my sandwhich. He sighs and scratches behind his head.

"Alright, fine, but in no way am I getting involved with that ass of a father." I roll my eyes at him before nodding.

"Why should he care who I show up with? He has a wife, so he has no right to get upset. You'll be fine Rob, I promise." I say to him making him smile. We then continue to talk everything over before I stand up and head back to my office.

At first I didn't want to show up with a date but Izzy, the ever persistent person she is, threatened me into finding a date. So I went to the one guy I knew who would go, plus some of the family already know who Rob is. They understand that we're not really dating and that we never would. Even Rob knows that, he just likes to be annoying.

I look over at the time and see that I have three more hours before I need to go pick the boys up. We're all leaving tomorrow, well except for Rob. He does have a business to run so he can only come the day before the wedding. Fine by me and Izzy.

"Hello?" I say as I pick up my phone.

"Hi Callie, you're going to have to come down here. Payton got into another fight." I hear Mrs Hopewell say. I sigh before confirming that I'll be there soon. I quickly dial Robs number and let him know of the situation before grabbing my things and heading to the car. I quickly climb in and make my way to their school.

I've never really understood why Payton is always getting into fights. Sometimes I worry that he's being bullied or it's vice versa. Though I highly doubt it, I know my son and he would never bully someone.

"Hi ma'am, where is he?" I ask her as I enter the school office. She points over to the row of chairs and I see him sitting there with his arms crossed over his chest and his legs swinging. I sigh and turn back to her.

"Who did he get into a fight with this time?" I ask her and she bites her lips nervously.

"He got into a fight with Trevor. At the moment Trevors in the nurses office." He fought with Trevor? Why on earth would he do that? I shake my head before heading over to Payton and looking down at him.

"Lets go get your brother, then you're going to apologize and no TV for a week." I say to him and take his hand, walking towards the nurses office. We walk in and I see Trevor sitting on the bed, playing with his fingers. I talk to the nurse for a bit before taking both boys home. Once there I tell them both to go to their room. I follow after and sit on Paytons bed while they sit on Trevors.

"Payton, why did you punch your brother?" I ask him with a stern voice. He looks over at Trevor with a soft glare.

"He told me a stupid idea." He grumbles, still glaring at Trevor before turning to me. I glare back at him and he immediately looks down.

"That is no right Payton! He is your brother, you're supposed to protect him and he must protect you. I don't like it when you two fight like this." I say to the both of them.

"Trevor? What idea was this?" I ask him and he immediately begins to sniffle. My eyes widen at the sight of him crying so easily. If there's one thing I know about my boys, they don't cry for nothing.

"I-I'm sorry Mommy. It was just a silly idea-"

"Trevor, honey, just tell me what it was. Please?" I ask as I come near him and crouch down in front of him. He wipes away at his eyes before looking at me.

"I-I was just thinking, w-what if he does want us?" He says to me nervously. I sigh but before I can reply I feel his small arms wrap around me.

"I'm sorry Mommy! It was a stupid idea! Please don't hate me!" He yells loudly as he lets out a sob. I wrap my arms around him and Payton, bringing them close to me.

"Trevor I could never hate you, I could never hate either of you. If you really do want to meet him properly, you can. And I'll be there with you okay? Now Payton, don't you have something to say to your brother?" I ask as I look over at him. He looks down in shame before nodding. He then turns to Trevor and pulls him into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry Trevor." He says and Trevor wraps his arms around Payton. I smile and stand up.

"I forgive you Pay." He says, using Paytons nickname.

"Alright, now come on, time to start packing you little monsters." I say making them whine. They hate any type of work.

"If we hurry up with everything then maybe we can have pizza tonight." I say which instantly gets them moving as they begin to pack they're favourite toys. I chuckle while shaking my head and head to my room. I take down our suitcases and start packing my stuff.

As I look through my cupboard I spot an old shoe box at the back. I stop what I'm doing before grabbing it and setting it on the bed. I know whats in here, but I always tried to avoid it. Opening the lid I see the piece of fabric. It was one of Adrians shirts. After he rejected me I couldn't sleep. It was physically impossible, until one day Mom came into my room with the shirt. She explained that I needed something of his so I would be able to sleep. Since she never had anything of Dad's it was difficult when they were apart. So I've had it ever since. Though I stopped using it when I left high school. I sigh, picking the shirt up and placing it on my lap.

"Time for you to meet your sons Adrian."

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