Trust A Rejected/C4 Chapter 3
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Trust A Rejected/C4 Chapter 3
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C4 Chapter 3

"Are you two ready?" I ask as we stand at the door. I check that they both have a jacket, and make sure that they have a toy for the trip. No one needs two bored little boys.

"Be right b-back Mommy." Payton says before rushing to the bathroom. I chuckle and help Trevor put his jacket on. I crouch down and pull the zip up. I fix it before kissing his head. Payton comes running back and I do his jacket next. I ask Trevor if he needs the bathroom but he declines.

"Alright, lets go." I say to them and they immediatly cheer. This will be the first time that they see my hometown, and will finally get to meet the entire family. So far they've only met Mom and Dad, Izzy and Theo. After I had left the place I called home, I went to England but missed America to much. So during my second year, I came back and eventually went to a University here. And in turn, met Rob.

We climb into the car and make our way to the airport. It would take to long to travel by car, so it was decided to catch a flight. I'd then borrow one of the pack's cars and use that for the trip to the wedding venue. Izzy has gone all out. Deciding to have their wedding in the mountains and of course my love-sick brother went along with every request.

The trip to the airport doesn't take long and before we know it, we're waiting in line to board our plane. I feel a small tug on my jacket. I look down and see the boys giving me puppy dog eyes. I playfully narrow my eyes at them.

"What do you two monsters want now?" I ask playfully. They smile then go on, asking for biscuits. I roll my eyes and look at the kiosk thats near us. They've always loved biscuits.

I finally agree to their request and go buy the biscuits. We stand in our spot again, thanking the nice lady for saving it. The line eventually begins to move and we're soon on the plane. Payton sits by the window while Trevor sits by the aisle seat, being very claustrophobic. I sit down in the middle after putting the carry-ons, on the top. The plane soon takes off and all I can hear is Payton being amazed with being up so high.

He's always liked the more dangerous and wild side of life, while Trevor is more conservative and sticks to the safe things. But they're best friends, and I can't be more happy with my two miracles.

The day of their birth was one of the most amazing and terrifying days of my life. Having almost lost Payton scared me to no end, but he had the support of his older brother and I could not be more proud. Half-way through the trip both boys fall asleep on my shoulders while I continue to watch a movie.

"Wake up boys, we're going to land soon." I say as I shake both of them gently. They groan and try to swat my hands away making me sigh.

"Alright, I didn't want to do this but you left me no choice. Time to bring out the big guns. Mr Tickly!" I say before I begin to tickle the both of them. They both burst out laughing and cry out that they're awake. They huff in annoyance at me when I smirk in victory. The plane lands and we all climb off. We go to collect our luggage then head out to the meeting area.

I immediately see my parents, mainly 'cause they're holding up a sign that reads, 'Welcome home Baby Girl and Boys!'

I smile as the boys rush over to them and Dad swoops them up. He gives them both giant hugs and Mom does the same. I approach and greet them as well. We all walk out the airport and climb into the car. We then head off to the pack house.

I bite my lip as so many memories come back to me. I've missed home so much. Then I begin to think of the reason why I left home. I start thinking back to the beginning. How I felt that I needed a man to support me. I was stupid, but sometimes I'm glad that I learnt a lesson after the rejection. Now I know that I can do anything I want and can be anything I want, and I don't need a man to be there for me. I've raised both of my sons perfectly fine on my own, and I couldn't be happier.

I do admit that I begin to wonder how Adrian's life turned out. Does he have more kids? If he does I'm sure Payton and Trevor would be ecstatic about new siblings. They've always asked me for a baby sister, which would always put a smile on my face. I'm glad to have them. I still regret ever picking up that blade in the beginning. My boys made me realize that no matter what happens, we'll always have each other.

"We're here." I hear mom say. I look outside the window and smile when I see Theo and Izzy waiting outside for us. We climb out and the boys rush up to them. I go to the boot and grab our bags.

"Let me help sweety." Dad says and takes the large suitcase. I smile and thank him. We walk up to the house and Izzy immediately takes me into her arms. I drop the bags and hold her close. I pull back and look at my brother happily. He opens his arms and I immediately walk into them. I wrap mine around his waist. He holds me close to him.

"I missed you too Theo."

"Why you crying Mommy?" I hear Trevor ask from below. I pull away and crouch down in front of him. I wipe the tears away and smile.

"I've just missed everyone so much baby boy. Mommy's crying happy tears. I'm okay Trevor. Don't worry about me." He smiles and hugs me. Payton comes over and does the same. I hear aww's around us but I don't pay attention to it.

"Well lets go inside, shall we?" Mom says before walking in. We all follow after her. Dad leads us upstairs to my old room. We place the bags down then head to the kitchen.

"Can't you learn to be nice?" I hear Izzy say to someone. I walk in and immediately stop once I see who it is. He sees me as well and his eyes widen. He closes them before looking at me again.



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