Trust A Rejected/C5 Chapter 4
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Trust A Rejected/C5 Chapter 4
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C5 Chapter 4

Adrian's POV


I stood there, letting my eyes roam around. She made everything perfect. Emily has always wanted a large wedding and who was I to deny her of that?

I feel my hands shake nervously as everyone walks in and sits down. Taking a deep breath, I try to stop the shaking.

"You ready?" I hear my Best Man ask. I turn around and smile, seeing Theo standing there. It was a mission to get him to agree being my Best Man, but I can understand why. I hurt his sister and I will always hate myself for it but I made my decision, and I could not be more happier. I made the move to try and invite Callie to the wedding but Emily decided against it. I still sent her an invite though.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I say with a shaky smile. He smiles, patting my back before standing in his allocated spot. The Wedding March song begins, making everyone stand up. I face the huge wooden doors, smiling as I wait for my bride.

The doors open slowly and there she walks. She couldn't be more beautiful in that dress that hugs her just the right way. I could see that perfect smile from all the way over here. She walked down the aisle before joining me in the front.

"I love you." I whisper to her as a single tear runs down my cheek.

"I love you too."

That was a long time ago. We were once happy, living with each other in my pack. I had never mentioned to Theo's family earlier that I'm an Alpha but they could easily smell it. I didn't have the biggest pack but I still cared and protected them.

None of it mattered now.

Everything I held close to me was gone, leaving me cold-hearted. I don't remember the last time I smiled. Or laughed. They've tried everything to cheer me up, but it never works. In my opinion I just wished they all left me alone and would mind their own damn business.

Walking around the pack house by myself is the only time where I can be calm. Being around everyone now just frustrates and irritates me. The thought of becoming a Rogue has crossed my mind a few times, but I never made a move to do it. Something just made me feel like I couldn't.

I growled in annoyance as the pack pups ran past me, screaming their little heads off.

"Get away from me!" I snarled at them. They looked up at me in fear before rushing off, some in tears. I huffed then continued to walk. Can't they learn how to shut up? It's not that hard. Yeah I may be harsh but they just need to learn that not everything is as good as it seems.

I'm just teaching them.

I groan in annoyance as I walk down a path that goes to the lake, seeing a newly mated couple sitting snuggled by a fire. She moves closer to him and he wraps his arms around her. They smile lovingly at each other, ignoring the world around them.

"Well this is a horrid sight. Watch little girl, he won't be here long. Especially if you look like that." I say when I pass by them. I hear her break into tears and he growls. He goes to challenge me but I snarl at him. He can't deny the Alpha aura that now surrounds him. He tries to fight it but in the end shows his neck in submission. I smirk in satisfaction and watch as the girl runs back up the pathway. He curses under his breath before rushing the way that she left. I shrug and look down and see that they were having a picnic.

"Lunch." I say and sit down. I dig through all of the food before settling on a sandwhich. I need to remember to thank them for the lovely food...Oh who am I kidding? I'm not thanking them.

I continue to eat the sandwhich but my mind unfortunately drifts to Callie. I know that she's coming up here soon. In fact she'll be here in a couple hours, from what I've been told. In all honesty, I don't want her here. She can stay where she was for all I care.

I sigh, standing up, then begin to make my way back to the pack house. I'm sure I'll be getting a lecture from Theo about the incident earlier but I don't give a damn.

I tip-toe into living room, trying not to be noticed, but wince as I hear Theo inside my head.

"Adrian! Get your ass in this kitchen now!" I groan in irritation before walking to the kitchen. I walk in and sit down on one of the bar stools. I look up and see Theo and Izzy standing there, looking pissed.

"Can we make this quick? I have better things to do." I say, not looking at them. I hear movement in front of me and before I know it, I'm pinned against the fridge. Theo looks up at me with rage clear in his eyes.

"How could you say those horrid things to that newly mated couple!? What is wrong with you!?" He continues to yell and question why I'm so awful to everyone. He knows why, he just won't accept it. I don't trust anyone. Trust is for the weak. It makes you vulnerable and no one will ever see me in that state again. I'd rather die.

"Adrian, please just try and be nice. Callie will be here soon and we don't need you messing it all up again."

"Why should I?" I ask, which in turn makes him growl again.

"Can't you learn to be nice?" Izzy says and thats when I smell her. Theo puts me down but I don't turn around to look at her. My body deceives me and turns to face her. She looks similar from the last time I saw her but her hair had grown out and she has much more curves-What am I thinking?

"Callie." I say even though I just want to storm out this damn kitchen.

"Adrian." She says and I bite my inner cheek at the soft melody of her voice. Stupid mating bond. Just then two little boys run in, one chasing the other. The first one looks back to the other and doesn't notice me. He runs straight into my leg and I growl loudly.

"Watch it kid." I spit out at him but am shocked by his reaction.

"You watch it grandpa! I didn't mean it!" He yells back, glarring up at me while his brother, I'm assuming, does the same.

And for the first time in years, I smile slightly.

"I like you kid." I say before walking out, leaving everyone there.

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