Trust A Rejected/C6 Chapter 5
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Trust A Rejected/C6 Chapter 5
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C6 Chapter 5

Callie's POV

"That went better than expected." I hear Izzy mutter under her breath as we all watch Adrian exit the kitchen. I look down at the boys and see them making small talk again, going on about one of their toys. If only they knew they just called their father, grandpa.

People have always said that the boys looked more like me, but just with Adrians hair and eye colour. Main reason why Adrian wouldn't have noticed they're similarities. Also why the boys haven't noticed it as well. I'll have to tell them soon though.

"You boys are amazing. We haven't seen even a small smile on that man in over five years." I frown in confusion, looking back over to Izzy. She goes and stands next to Theo, while my parents sit down by the kitchen table and the boys run out the room again.

"What do you mean?" I ask as I lean against the counter. I cross my arms over my chest as I watch everyone shift uncomfortably. What on earth, could have caused Adrian to not smile? That's what he was known for. In the short amount of time I knew him, he was always laughing, smiling, and just being this outgoing, friendly guy.

"It's not really our place to tell you Callie. We're sorry, but it's Adrian's story. Not ours." I nod my head and smile.

"No it's fine. I understand." I say to them. We continue to talk, them asking me about everything that's happened in our lives. We catch up on everything before I go to find my boys. Passing the back door, I see them outside, running around. I smile and walk out, calling them. They stop running before turning to me and coming towards my direction.

"Y-Yes Mommy?" Trevor stutters out as I take both their hands in my grasp. We begin to walk around slowly, them being amazed by everything around us.

"So you remember that man you called grandpa? Well, that was your father." I say and watch both of them look at each other before they burst out laughing.

"R-Really Mommy?" Payton asks between laughs. I chuckle softly at the two of them as they continue.

"Yes, really. So what did you think of him?" I ask as we sit down on the grass. I lay back on my arms, watching the both of them. They shrug as they sit down in front of me. Trevor bites his lip while Payton frowns.

"He's v-very g-grumpy." Payton says while Trevor nods along.

"He wasn't always like that. And I'm not sure what caused him to be." I say to them honestly.

"M-Mommy, c-can we not t-tell him yet?" Trevor asks me, scooting closer. He picks at the grass nervously while Payton stares up at the sky.

"We'll tell him when both of you are ready. Don't stess Sweety." I say kissing his head softly. We all stay out there for a while, just enjoying the nature surrounding us. Living in the city limits our access of this greenery. Nature was always my favourite thing here. Whenever I needed time to think, or just want to be alone, I didn't stay cooped up in my room. I always went outside and took a stroll through the woods. I knew that it was dangerous, but I just always felt more comfortable with it.

The boys enjoyed the nature almost as much as I did. Thats why we would always go to the park back home. I'm not saying that they liked being outside twenty-four-seven, what child now a days does? But they would always have such fun when they were.

"Be good." I say as they walk off with Dad. He decided that he wanted to take them out on the lake. Him and Mom have always enjoyed the boys so much and it made me feel guilty for keeping them so far away. They always tell me that they understand my decision but I know that part of it is a lie.

The thought of moving back has crossed my mind countless times, but I still can't let the past leave me. It haunts me, and I hate that. I want to be able to move back, not having to remember all the pain that I left behind here constantly.

I watch all of them climb onto the boat before Dad starts it up and they're on they're way. I walk back to the house and make my way up the stairs. Deciding to want to relax on the balcony, I grab my book and make my way there. I open the sliding door and sit down on one of the chairs. I lay down, putting my sunglasses on and opening the book.

"They're yours?" I hear someone ask just as I'm about to finish another page. I jump in surprise and place my hand over my chest. I look up and see Adrian.

"Don't do that! You could have given me a heart attack!" I say as I try to calm my heart rate down. I put the book down and turn to him. He sits on one of the other chairs, looking at me with a blank face.

"Well I didn't. So are they?" He asks again, agitation clear in his voice.

"Yes, their mine." I say to him proudly.

"And the father?"

"Was never there. Why do you even care?" I ask him in slight frustration. He just looks at me and shrugs. This new Adrian makes me want to ring his neck when he doesn't show any emotions. I know the boys don't want him to know about them yet, so the best is to just be vague.

"So how's the married life? I haven't seen Emily around yet." I say to him, deciding to be civilized and ask him a few questions. I turn to face him when I don't hear a reply. I frown in confusion as he glares at me. I go to speak but he cuts me off.

"Emily is none of your concern. Stay out of my business." He says, standing up and storming off. I watch as he leaves, in complete and utter shock. What just happened? It was a simple question, I don't see how I could have possibly offended him.

Maybe this is why he's not himself?

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