Trust A Rejected/C7 Chapter 6
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Trust A Rejected/C7 Chapter 6
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C7 Chapter 6

Callie's POV

"Please Callie? It's just for a couple hours." Izzy whines as I dish up some lunch for the boys. I look up at her before sighing. Looking over at the boys, I see them drawing while sitting by the dinning table. I put the ingredients back into the fridge before turning back to her.

"Izzy I'd love to come to your last dress fitting but there is no way that Trevor and Payton will like it at all. All you will hear is them whining. And then they'll probably break something." I say as I put all the dirty dishes in the basin and set the plates in front of the boys. They thank me before eating. She then looks at me like I'm an idiot.

"Stop worrying so much. Callie, Theo can take care of them. Please, please, please! You weren't there the last couple times, I just really want you there. I beg of you Callie." She says, looking at me with puppy dog eyes. I groan and try not to look at her.

"Fine, but I first need to talk to Theo." I say before walking out the kitchen, leaving behind a cheering Izzy, and two hungry boys. I already know where I can find Theo so I walk out the pack house and head to the clearing. If he's not with Izzy or with the family, he's there.

I soon arrive and immediately see him. I smile and walk up to him then sit down. He looks at me but says nothing.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" He asks me through the link. I look out across the clearing and gaze at the beautiful flowers that are just recently blooming. Mother always told us about this clearing near her home. The flowers glowed! Is what she would always say. But she wanted to experience them again, so she had Dad bring a few here. Now it's time to see them bloom. I can't help but be in awe at the natural beauty Mother Nature presents us.

"Very beautiful." I whisper, knowing he can hear me. I lay my head on his shoulder, enjoying the silence that washes over us.

"Whats wrong?" I hear him ask me after some time. I look up at him in confusion which makes him roll his eyes.

"Callie, come on. I may not have been around when you were growing up but I know you. And I know that somethings wrong. You can tell me." I look at him before averting my eyes away from him. I hoped that he couldn't see that I wasn't alright, because I wasn't.

"I don't know what to do Theo."

"What do you mean?" He questions, wrapping an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer.

"I don't want him in our lives Theo. We were perfectly happy without him, but now the boys want him. I'm not gonna tell the boys that they can't have a father, but...I just don't know." I say ranting, not even understanding my own words. Theo seems to understand as he places a soft kiss on my head.

"Callie, I know you don't want him in your life after what he did, but at this point in time you can't have what you want. Your sons want they're dad in their lives. And there's just nothing you can do about it. And remember just because he is here, doesn't mean he has to interfere with your personal life-"

"But thats the point Theo! He does interfere with my personal life! Even if he doesn't realise it. After him I just couldn't be with anyone else. I always ended up comparing them to him, and no one beat him. I want to find someone who I can love unconditionally, just like you Theo, but he haunts me no matter what. No matter what I do. He's always there. That's why I'm jealous of you. I'm jealous that you have someone that will die for you. Someone to love each and every day. I want that so much Theo." I say, wiping away a few fallen tears as I let out all of my frustrations.

He doesn't say anything. Just holds me close. I'm thankful, cause at the moment I just want to be left in silence.

I soon realise the time and remember Izzy. I stand up quickly before looking down at Theo.

"Can you please watch the boys while Izzy and I go for her last dress fitting?" I ask him quickly. Once I see him nod I run off, yelling a thank you over my shoulder.

I soon make it back to the pack house and see Izzy standing on the front step, looking pissed.

"I am so sorry I'm late. I honestly lost track of time." I say to her, coming to a stop. She sighs before nodding and we both head over to her car. We climb in and drive off towards town. We soon arrive and climb out, walking into the small boutique.

"Your lucky you didn't make me late." She says, playfully glarring at me. I smile and we walk into the back.

"Okay let me see." I say from the couch I'm sitting on. We have been here for over an hour now, cause Izzy wanted me to try on some dresses. Mainly cause her dress needed a few more minutes. It was finally ready and it was time to see.

"Okay. Here we go." I hear her mutter before stepping out of the curtains. My jaw basically hits the floor as I see her walk forward in the most gorgeous dress my eyes have ever seen. It was a full length, with lace over the entire thing. It fit her body beautifully and flowed down her legs. Her back was open and the end of the dress, layed a few inches away from her.

"This is beautiful Izzy." I say standing up and walking around her, observing the entire dress.

"You look amazing." I say to her, and hug her tightly. I hear her let out a soft sob and I pull back to see her smiling.

"This is it." She says, trying to stop crying. I couldn't be happier for her and Theo. They deserved all of this, after everything they had been through. They're finally getting they're happily ever after.

We soon arrived home. Izzy excused herself and went searching for Theo, while I went looking for my boys.

As I was walking around the house, I walked outside and saw them on the grass, playing with their cars. I smiled, seeing them always made my worries melt away. There was one positive after I was Rejected.

Just as I was about to walk up to them I was grabbed by the arm and pinned against the wall. By the sparks I felt I knew who it was.

"What the hell Adrian-"

"Why didn't you tell me I had children!"

Oh shit.

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