Tsundere Boss Next Door/C1 Three Years Could Not Last Three Months!
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Tsundere Boss Next Door/C1 Three Years Could Not Last Three Months!
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C1 Three Years Could Not Last Three Months!

The sun was so hot that it seemed like it was melting chocolate. Even though it was already evening, the heat still made me unable to help but complain.

"This damned weather, when can it stop being so hot? I'm about to be turned into an African monkey."

I muttered to myself, but my eyes could not help but narrow into a half slit.

Looking at the fruits of my labor, I couldn't help but hum a little tune, "Lala, lala, lala, lala, come, lala, lala, lala..."

The third floor, the fourth floor, the fifth floor, the sixth floor...

I was so tired that I finally arrived.

I took a deep breath and squeezed out a key from the five fingers holding the lunch box.

The door opened.

"Carroll, look at what I bought for you. The braised lion's head you love the most cost me fifteen yuan..."

The room was in a mess.

Men's pants and women's skirts.

I was sure that it was definitely not mine.

Suddenly, my mind buzzed and I shouted unwillingly, "Carroll, look at me..."

"Carroll, who is this? Why are you shouting? Can you let me sleep?" The woman's voice was delicate as she walked out of the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her body.

I was furious and immediately glared at her, shouting, "Who are you? This is my house, why are you here? Get out of here."

"Your house?" The woman's mouth twitched as she looked at me with a smile and shouted, "Carroll, are you done washing? If you're done, come and see this crazy woman. She said this is her house."

The woman looked at me proudly.

At this moment, even a fool could imagine what had happened.

Carroll, the boyfriend I met in college. After graduating, he never found a good job, and I had to work hard to raise him for three years. He actually treated me like this.

My heart was burning, and my head felt like it was about to explode. I was so angry that I threw the bag in my hand and rushed to the bathroom.

"Carroll, get out here! Did you hear me? Get out here!"

I slammed the bathroom door with all my strength and shouted crazily. Even my throat was smoking.

This bastard was simply not human. I had worked hard to raise him for three years, and he actually betrayed me so ruthlessly.

I slammed the bathroom door with all my might, and my fingers were a little numb.

Carroll refused to come out.

I slammed the door and shouted, "Carroll, you bastard! If you don't come out, do you believe that I will chop you up with a knife?"

The woman's face turned green. She covered her chest in panic and said in fear, "Carroll, come out and tell her clearly. Do you want me or her?"

The bathroom door creaked. With his bathrobe wrapped around his body, Carroll walked out of the bathroom with an awkward expression. He looked at my angry face and said weakly with a dry smile, "Margie, I... You... You saw it..."

He stuttered and said incoherently, his eyes dodging.

Every time he did something wrong, he would act like this, and I would always forgive him.

This time, I couldn't.

My heart was cold to the extreme, but I calmed down instead. I looked at him and that slut coldly, turned around and sat on the sofa, and asked, "Tell me, how long has it been?"

Carroll coughed dryly, "Three months..."

Three months? I sneered.

Sure enough, three years was not enough to defeat three months.

"How many times?" I tried to maintain a steady tone.

Carroll's face was filled with embarrassment, but that woman giggled and leaned against him as she said lazily, "I heard from Carol that you haven't slept with each other for three years?" She carefully looked at every inch of my body as if she wanted to see through me before she would stop.

"You... Are you not normal?" Her face was filled with pride as she laughed.

Yes, we have been together for three years, but we have never had any physical contact. Carroll has always wanted it, but I have my own insistence. I want to leave the best moment for the night of our marriage.

However, this became the reason for this woman to laugh at me.

I sneered and replied, "Why do you say that I'm not normal? You can casually be an intruder, so you are very proud?"

I spoke viciously, and it was only because I was extremely angry that I did this.

"You..." That woman bit her lips fiercely. It was only after a long time that she smiled faintly and said in a delicate voice, "Carroll, I finally know why you don't want her. Look at her, she's just like a woman. All these years, you've worked hard..."

She pointed at the bag of bottles on the ground and mocked me, saying, "Carroll said that you only know how to pick up trash and sell it for money. You need to bring back a bunch of disposable chopsticks to eat, and you even need to bring a few straws to drink instant coffee." She raised her eyebrows and smiled with a high and mighty expression, "Tell me, do you even need to bring the toilet paper back home?"

"S Susan, you... don't say anymore." Carroll pulled the woman's towel.

My heart felt as if it was being ruthlessly twisted by a sharp blade. In an instant, humiliation and anger surged up. Tears were hanging in my eyes, but I stubbornly refused to let them fall.

I couldn't cry. Why should I cry in front of this woman?

She didn't deserve to see my tears.

Biting down on my lower lip, a sweet and fishy smell immediately filled my throat. I knew that it was blood. I must have bitten my lips.

I looked at the guilty-looking Carl and smiled, "Carroll, so I was worthless in your eyes..."

Why did I save money? Was it wrong to pick up bottles and sell them? I didn't steal or rob. What I did was with my hands. Was there anything wrong with that?

I worked hard to earn money to support him for so many years, but in return, he disdained me.

Carroll raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, not saying a word.

He was in the wrong and guilty.

Susan rolled her eyes indifferently. "Yo, are you trying to act pitiful? Margie, let me tell you, Carroll has already had enough of you. Do you think you are raising him? What a joke. Buying a box of rice every day is raising him? That's raising a dog, not a human. "

"Yeah, I am raising a dog, not a dog that will bite its owner!" I said hatefully, and a look of pleasure appeared in my eyes.

I was the one who was saving up to feed him, and he still thought that the food in the box was not good enough. I thought that I had spent all the money I had spent in the past few years to buy dog food, and I raised a white-eyed dog.

Susan raised her eyebrows and gritted her teeth. "Margie, don't go too far. Who are you calling a dog? Who are you calling a dog?"

She roared, as if she wanted to hit me.

"You want to fight?" I mocked her.

I would be afraid of her if she was barefooted.

"You..." Susan gritted her teeth and turned to look at Carroll with a fawning smile. "Carroll, I think this crazy woman is really crazy. You should move to my place."

I looked at Carroll.

Carroll also looked at me.

The two of them were silent for a long time. Carroll then stood in front of me with an apologetic expression. He looked tired. "Margie, it's been three years. I know you are good to me, but... but I have had enough."

He frowned deeply and looked around.

There were bags of beverages, beer bottles, second-hand sofas, televisions...

He shook his head tiredly. "I really can't live like this anymore. You... take care of yourself!"

Carroll turned around and entered the bedroom without hesitation. I heard the clothes in the wardrobe ringing. He was putting on his clothes.

My tears were boiling, and they were still rolling in my eyes. I tried not to cry.

Why should I cry for such a man? It's not worth it. It's not worth it at all.

However, people are always unreliable. Just as Carroll finished packing his things and returned the key to the door, my tears still couldn't help but fall. They fell onto the tea table in front of me and slowly passed out.

I tried my best to tell myself, "Margie, don't cry. Why are you crying? You didn't do anything wrong. The one who did wrong was Carroll."

He should be punished...

As I mumbled to myself, I dashed out of the room like a madman. The moment I opened the door, I suddenly remembered that I had bought Carroll's favorite braised lion head.

Tap, tap, tap...

I carried the lunch box and ran downstairs in one breath.

"Carroll, Carol, wait..."

Carroll had just stepped out of the gate when he heard my voice. He hesitated for a moment before stopping by the side of the road.

Susan pouted reluctantly, "Let's go..."

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