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Tsundere Boss Next Door/C17 Sleeping like a Pig
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C17 Sleeping like a Pig

I stared at him for a moment. For a moment, I really wanted to reach out and smooth out the wrinkles on his forehead.

However, when my fingertips touched the air, I stopped.

After all, I was not his...

After exhaling a long breath, I retracted my hand. I actually felt a sense of loneliness in my heart.

"Drive slowly..." I said softly to the driver.

Actually, I didn't understand why I had told the driver to do this. Perhaps, it was because I didn't want him to wake up too quickly. If he woke up, he would torture me.

I thought to myself.

The car passed through the endless night and moved very slowly. It was swaying and I didn't know when I actually closed my eyes. In my dream, I dreamed of Carroll again. I dreamed of Carroll saying that he didn't want me to pester him. I dreamed of Mathew again. He cried and said that he didn't want his parents to die.

I felt very tired. It was as if my body had been emptied.

When I woke up, I was surprised to find that I was actually lying on an incomparably soft bed.

The room was very big. The surroundings were very unfamiliar. There was a cold retro furniture, and a lamp on the table. The orange light dimmed on my face. I rubbed my eyes in a daze.

Where am I?

I remember that I was in Allan's car...

When I thought of this, I was suddenly shocked. I quickly opened the blanket and looked at my clothes.

Fortunately, luckily, nothing was missing.

I patted my heart, which was so scared that it almost jumped out of my chest, and looked around again.

Judging from the luxuriousness of this room...

Is this place the house of Allan?

I was shocked by my own guess and quickly patted my face. I muttered, "Quickly wake up, Margie, you brat, wake up..."

Other than the pain, it was still the pain. In other words, I didn't dream.

Is this really the house of Allan?

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and quietly got off the bed.

The floor was covered with a dark red Persian carpet. It was very soft, and I quietly walked towards the door with my bare feet.

After hesitating for a long time, I finally made up my mind and opened the door with a click.

I poked my head out to take a look. It was quiet outside, and there was nothing unusual.

However, the luxuriousness of this place made me flabbergasted. The corridor was wide, and the floor was covered with a snow-white Persian carpet. There were even exquisite flower racks on the floor, and on the rack were large bouquets of red and white roses.

I clicked my tongue. Just these fresh flowers alone would cost a lot of money to replace every day.

Rich people are indeed wasteful.

I cursed silently in my heart. I quietly walked out of the room with my bare feet and walked a few steps along the corridor. I saw the spiral staircase that connected to the first floor. What surprised me was that the handle of the ladder was actually made of crystal.

I cursed again. The capitalists were indeed bloodthirsty. They exploited the laborers like me to obtain the remaining value, and they even wantonly squandered it...

How much would these things cost?

There was actually a light downstairs, and the light was dim.

Is there anyone else who hasn't slept yet?

I stretched my neck and quietly looked down through the gap in the staircase.

Under the dim light, a slender figure was lying on the sofa, wearing a white bathrobe and holding a glass of red wine in his hand.

It's Allan.

I quickly lowered my head, afraid that the King of Hell would notice me.

The light was faintly orange, and I couldn't see the expression on Allan's face. I could only see the red wine in his glass swaying slightly. This action was filled with the decadence of an aristocrat from the Middle Ages.

I thought that he must be in a bad mood.

A signal in my mind reminded me that it was best not to provoke the King of Hell when he was in a bad mood.

Right, I can't provoke him.

I planned to go back to my room to sleep.

However, I was too stupid. When I turned around, I accidentally bumped into a flower rack on the side of the spiral staircase. A few red roses on the flower rack fell to the ground.

Although it was just a few flowers, they didn't make too much noise, but Allan's cold voice still rang in my ears, "Who is it?"

I didn't dare to make a sound. I lowered my body even lower, intending to pretend to be dead.

At this time, there was nothing more intelligent than pretending to be dead.

I thought that I was smart, but I overlooked his cunning.

"Come out. I saw you." Allan's voice was still as mournful as before.

He saw me?

I dryly coughed and stood up.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at me coldly, "Alright, it's really you."

I was stunned, "Didn't you say you saw me just now?"

He smiled like a sly old fox.

I realized it later and slapped my forehead, "I was fooled."

In fact, Allan had only heard a very subtle sound and did not know that I was hiding here. It was all my fault for being too stupid and being blown out by him.

This guy was definitely a fox in his previous life. I silently cursed in my heart. At the same time, I put my hand on the escalator and laughed dryly, "Why aren't you asleep yet?"

Allan snorted and turned the red wine in his hand.

That guy was wearing a bathrobe and his chest was wide open. Even though the light was weak, I could still see his strong chest.

He should be exercising every day. I swallowed a mouthful of saliva and retracted my gaze.

"Do you want to ask me how you got to my house?" Allan looked at me with disdain.

That's right, how did I end up in Allan's house?

I fell asleep and there were only two people in the car. One was the handsome driver and the other was Allan.

I couldn't possibly walk upstairs myself. There must be someone between him and the driver who carried me upstairs.

I thought that this person definitely wasn't Allan because he looked at me with disdain.

I rubbed my hands and looked at him awkwardly, "Uh... I fell asleep. Was it your driver who carried me upstairs?"

I used a questioning tone.

In fact, I was very regretful. Why didn't I use a certain tone? What was I looking forward to? Could it be that I was looking forward to the fact that Allan carried me up?

I must be crazy.

I pinched my fingertips.

Allan's face turned ashen as he glared at me, "You guessed it very accurately…"

He was gritting his teeth.

I didn't understand why he was gritting his teeth, but I knew one thing. I had to end the conversation between him and me as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous.

I hurriedly squeezed out a smile and said, "That... Sir President, thank you for taking me in. I'm a little sleepy. I'll go back to sleep first. You should rest early too."

I turned around and planned to slip away.

Unexpectedly, he stopped me and called out, "Margie..."

His voice was unquestionable.

What was this guy trying to do? I pinched my fingers hatefully. When I twisted my neck mechanically, I quickly squeezed out a smile.

The best way to deal with a level one dangerous person was to smile obsequiously.

"Is there anything else?"

I placed my hands on the crystal staircase. I thought that I must be looking at him with a face full of flattery. Although I hated it, I had to do it. After all, compromising sometimes was also a kind of attitude in life.

Allan changed his position and drank a mouthful of red wine. He asked me with a cold face, "Tell me, did you sleep like a dead pig?"

What did he mean by that?

I was a bit angry.

Could I pretend to be asleep?

What was the purpose of pretending to be asleep?

Was it to climb to the second floor of his house to sleep?

He was so arrogant that I really wanted to slap him.

"I didn't." I didn't dare to stare at him, but I secretly pinched my fingers, and at the same time, I hypnotized myself. I thought that my fingers were all the same as Allan's.

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