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Tsundere Boss Next Door/C5 I Am Here to Apologize
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C5 I Am Here to Apologize

"There's no appointment?" She looked at me from head to toe for a long time before she sneered and said, "Our CEO has never seen anyone without an appointment. Besides... there are more than ten women like you here every day."

What did she mean by that?

A woman like you? More than ten women a day?

Who do you think I am?

I looked at the receptionist angrily, "I'm not the kind of woman you think I am. I'm here to apologize to Mr. Graham."

"Apologize?" The woman raised her eyebrows and looked at me in disbelief, "What do you mean by apologizing?"

If I apologize, do I have to explain to her in front of the front desk?

However, I didn't want to cause trouble. After all, there were a lot of people here, and this was also where Teresa worked.

I suppressed the anger in my heart and asked the receptionist calmly again, "Sorry, this is between me and Mr. Graham. I can't tell you anything. You just have to tell me which floor he is on."

"How funny. You just have to apologize..." The receptionist looked at me as if I was a lunatic.

I couldn't be bothered to talk to her anymore. I rushed to the side of the elevator and was about to go up to look for him.

The receptionist rushed over to stop me and said fiercely, "Are you crazy? I already said that you can't see Mr. Graham without an appointment..."

I couldn't be bothered with her and continued to press the elevator.

The receptionist was furious and pushed me.

Ding dong. The elevator just happened to reach the bottom floor.

The moment the door opened, I was pushed back by the front desk. My body hit an unknown object.

No, to be precise, it was a person.

Before I could react, I was pushed away by someone with his shoulder in disdain.

The front desk's expression stiffened in an instant. Then, he smiled flatteringly, "Mr. Graham..."

My body stiffened. A bad feeling surged into my heart.

Mr. Graham?

Could it be that I hit Allan again?

No, it can't be such a coincidence, right?

I swallowed my saliva and turned around stiffly. What welcomed me was a pair of cold eyes.

The man elegantly brushed the corner of his clothes. His eyes were aloof and distant.


The blood in my head suddenly gathered. Am I that unlucky?

I was supposed to apologize, but I didn't expect to be unlucky enough to bump into him again.

Is there any hurry to escape now?

"Mr. Graham, are you alright?" Beside Allan stood a beautiful woman in formal attire. The beauty's appearance was extremely outstanding. She had ivory skin, rosy lips, and a graceful figure. She looked like a big S shape.

She looked at the front desk with reproach, "Judy, what's wrong with you?"

The front desk girl named Anna immediately confessed, "Sister Judy, it's her..."

Judy looked at me doubtfully, "Who are you?"

I shook my head and bit my lips awkwardly, "About that, I..."

"She is my guest." Allan suddenly said.

He looked at me with a cold gaze. I felt a chill down my spine. This guy is really Hell.

Just by looking at me, I felt cold sweat all over my body.

Also, he said that I was his guest.

Did he recognize me?

My throat felt dry. I felt like a fish that was thrown into a stove. I could be a dried fish at any time.

Anna's shocked gaze turned into a smile a few seconds later. "Miss, I'm sorry. I thought you didn't have an appointment …"

Just like that, I smoothly followed behind Allan and got into the elevator.

No, to be exact, I followed the hellish Allan into the elevator.

Judy did not follow me. She was sent to cook coffee …

There were only two of us in the elevator. He was on the 26th floor.

I swallowed my saliva. It would take some time to get to the 26th floor.

I lowered my eyelashes and did not know what to say. The words that I had thought of when I came here had turned into a mess.

"Margie?" A black shadow suddenly approached me. I subconsciously raised my head and met with Allen's slightly playful eyes.

This guy was very tall. He was like a wall in front of me, and I was like a frightened rabbit.

I was so frightened that I quickly shrank back and stammered, "That... I... I am Margie."

No, how did he know my name?

I immediately blinked and asked, "That... How did you know my name is Margie?"

I deliberately used honorifics. If the King of Hell was happy, then what happened last night would be over, and Teresa would no longer have to resign.

His eyes suddenly became gloomy, and his body arched. His entire face expanded in front of me until it was only three centimeters away from me. He then grabbed my chin and said coldly, "Do you know how embarrassed you made me last night?"

The pain from his pinch on my chin made my throat feel like it was smoking.

"That... Mr. Graham, listen to me..."

I endured the pain and explained, "I really didn't do it on purpose last night. I... I drank too much. Now that I'm here, I'm here to apologize to you..."

"Apologize?" Allan smiled coldly with his lips curled up, and his nose seemed to be sticking to my nose.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were breathing at the same time.

This distance was too ambiguous.

I quietly exclaimed, and my heart pounded so hard that it seemed like it was going to burst out of my throat.

What was this guy trying to do?

I nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"You... Don't do anything funny..." I tried my best to tilt my head, and my body leaned against the cold elevator wall. It was as if my back had fallen into an ice cellar.

"... I'm here to apologize. If you don't accept it, I... I'll go back..."

I stuttered.

Allan pinched my chin and squinted his eyes. He said with a smile, "Alright, since you want to apologize, you have to show me your sincerity. What is your sincerity?"

He blew on my ear in one breath. My ear was itchy, like a little ant chewing on me.

I felt uncomfortable and tried to lean back. My body tensed up even more.

He wanted sincerity?

"Uh... Um... When I went out, I made some food for you. I don't know if it counts as sincerity?" I quickly changed my way of addressing him.

Teresa was right. This guy really couldn't be offended.

I came looking for him recklessly. It was really a sin that couldn't be forgiven.

I cursed in my heart, but I still had to maintain a fawning smile on my face.

Who asked me to offend someone I couldn't afford to offend?

Allan's eyes stared at the large bag on my arm. After a moment, he suddenly said coldly,

"Do you think I'm a three-year-old? I'll forgive you if you give me some food. Your sincerity is actually this..."

Allan obviously disliked it.

"This is sushi made from imported salmon..." I widened my eyes and argued for myself.

I had spent almost half a month's salary to make this bag. This guy actually didn't appreciate it.

Hell was hell.

I cursed in my heart and pouted in a slightly aggrieved manner.

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