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Amelia woke up the next morning with her head hurting badly. She winced and touched her cheek. It still stung a little. She chews on her teeth a little before opening her eyes slowly.

It took a while for her eyes to adapt to where she was and when she did, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Where is this place? Where am I? What room is this?", she muttered as she gripped her hair tightly.

She slowly remembered all that had happened yesterday. The drunk men and then, she remembered slapping one of them which she got a huge blow in return. Her eyes quivered as she remembered a man in a suit fighting the men who had wanted to rape her.

She opened her eyes back because that was all she could remember and not even so clearly.

Of course, the men from the trio squad won't be able to afford a room like this. It was that man, that man brought her here.

She frowned at that. How could he just take people somewhere without their consent?

She looked around the blue-painted room and smirked.

"Not that bad", she muttered with a smile.

The room was painted sky blue; a very beautiful color and had a king-sized bed.

The bed is deep blue, and so are the duvet and pillows. The bed sheet and pillowcases had matured patterns on them.

Amelia sat on the bed, not even realizing the type of bed she was sitting on.

The blue-black curtain was drawn down and Amelia could not figure out if it was still nighttime or it was daytime already.

A dressing mirror and table stood not far away from a door. It looked like it was the bathroom.

Opposite the curtains were two brown doors and Amelia did not know what that was.

"It seems I am in a rich hotel. I mean a room this big cannot be a simple hotel", she murmured.

'Wait a minute, if I am in a hotel-', she thought and quickly push the duvet away to check herself.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she realized her clothes were still on her body. She wore a white shirt and black pants, so it was easy to know if her clothes had been removed. Moreover, she did not feel any soreness between her thighs.

'Now, I have to figure out where the hell I am

She was about to stand up to open the curtains when the door handle turned and the door to the whole bedroom opened.


William had his bath and wore normal house wear. A grey round neck top and blue jean trousers. He walked to the kitchen to have an early morning coffee.

Yesterday had not gone so well, so he stayed a little more at home today. Today is Saturday after all and he also has a weird new human being in his house.

Well, she was from the trio squad, so she was naturally weird to him. He hoped he did not save the wrong person and had not just harbored a criminal in his house.

He sighed as he drank his coffee from this mug. Time to check her up.

He walked up the stairs and saw Mary coming down the hallway. Seems like she had just finished cleaning his study.

"Can you please prepare a bath for the guest?", William asked

"Of course, William", Mary replied and William smiled at her.

"Thank you"

"Don't mention it, dear", Mary replied and headed towards the stairs.

William's POV

I walked towards the door I had put her in and turned the door handle.

'Could she still be sleeping till now? Well, if she wasn't, she should have come out by now, I thought as I turned the door handle.

I walked in and there she was, on the bed staring at me.

"You are finally up", I said as I walked further into the room.

She looked at me like I had cheated on her and when I was about to talk, she beat me to it.

"You", she started pointing at me

"Me?", I could not help but ask

"How dare you kidnap me?! Without my consent too!", she shouted, throwing the duvet away, it almost fell to the floor.

'This one is noisy, I thought

"It seems like you are mistaken, young miss. I did not kidnap you, I saved you", I tried explaining as I raised my hand to show her that I meant no harm.

"Saved me my foot!-", she started as she stood up from the bed.

It seems she did not look before she started moving cause she fell and collided with the floor.

I held in the laughter that was threatening to release itself and snorted instead.

"Who makes beds as high as that?", she muttered and I could not help but laugh

"Was that funny to you, then?", she glared at me immediately after she stood up.

'What exactly is wrong with her? I should probably have just left her yesterday, I thought with a frown.

'But she is also feisty, I like that', I thought with a smirk.

"This is my house and I can do whatever I like in it which includes laughing", I replied with a frown and her face turned hard.

"And you could not let me decide if I wanted to come to your house too?", she asked with sharp eyes.

"Do you not understand that you were unconscious?! You are such an ungrateful soul!", I spat.

I was getting frustrated about all these already. I expected a moral and courtesy conscience person. Someone who would be able to thank others. Not someone who has a sharp tongue and only knows how to abuse and complain.

"You have no right to abuse me, Mister!", she shouted back at me

'Mister? Mister? She just called me mister?', I seethed

This lady does not know who she is dealing with but I have no time to explain anything to a low person like her.

I looked at her from top to bottom and she folded her arms under her breasts.

"You know what?", I asked.

"What?", she asked back.

"Just have breakfast and go back to whatever hole you crawled out from", I said coldly ad turned around to leave.

"I won't be surprised if it was a psychiatric hospital", I muttered as I kept on walking in large strides and I am quite sure she heard me.

"You-", I heard her say before I shut the door behind me loudly, cutting her words off.

Mary appeared just then with a bowl containing all the materials in preparing a bubble bath.

"Is she-", Mary started but I was tired of all these small talks this morning already.

That spoilt unappreciative brat got on my nerves.

"Just go in, Mary", I said coldly, cutting her off and she looked at me like she understood that something was wrong.

I walked away when I saw Mary press the door handle and headed toward my room.

I have to prepare for work anyways.

* * *

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