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Amelia's POV

That jerk, whom I am just realizing I do not know his name left the room.

I sat back down on the bed. I feel stressed so early in the morning.

'Wait, was I a little too mean?', I could not help but think.

'I mean he did help me but that does not mean he had the right to bring me to his home', I thought again and rolled my eyes at the thought.

'He was only trying to protect you. He is a gentleman', another side of me said and I heaved a sigh of frustration.

What is this? Now, I feel bad. I agree that I was a little over the top.

'Should I apologize to him when I see him?'

My mind was still trying to figure out what to do when the door opened for the third time today.

'Who is it this time?!', I almost lashed out.

A middle-aged woman walked in.

She looked like a woman in her late forties. She wore a brown woven turtle neck top and a black skirt. She held a bowl in which its content, I knew nothing of.

She walked towards the window and my curiosity kicked in.

'Who is she? His mother? He lives with his parents?!', I shrieked

'Such a shame, I thought with a smirk

'Amelia!', another side of me called out and I rolled my eyes at it.

A person can't gossip to herself in peace.

I know, it's somewhat strange but I feel like I am divided into two. My soul has two parts and the two of them just like to banter and argue with each other.

The woman walked to the curtains and pulled them aside. The rays of the sun flooded in immediately.

It was daytime already?! I had slept for that long in this foreign place?! How long have I been here?!

I panicked immediately. What if I have been on this bed for three days now?

Joanna would have been really worried about me.

"Good morning, ma'am. I am Mary, William's house help", the woman finally introduced herself with a bow.

'So, his name is William, not bad and she isn't his mother after all', I thought.

'Well, I guess that's nice', I thought again, trying to sound supportive.

The woman kept staring at me and that was when I realized I had not replied to her yet.

She must think I am a deaf and dumb person. That would feel so wrong, so I quickly replied from the bed.

"Good morning, it is nice meeting you. I am Amelia", I replied with a smile and I stood up from the bed.

I looked down at the floor first, so I won't trip and fall again. But really, who uses a bed this tall from the floor?

"William has asked me to prepare your bath. It will be done in a second", Mary said to me.

"No, no. I will do it myself", I said as I walked to where she was and stretched my hands out to collect the bowl from her.

I am not used to people doing things for me.

"I know but-", Mary started and I quickly cut her off shortly.

"It's fine, really", I said again and she finally handed the bowl to me.

"Breakfast will be served downstairs", she said to me with a smile.

"Okay, I will be there shortly", I replied.

The least I could do was at least eat and truth be told, I am starving.

Mary walked out of the room and I headed towards the bathroom.

I opened the door to it and my eyes went wide. It was really big. It is a type of bathroom you would call a rich man's bathroom. It was cool.

It had two compartments. One part had a shower and it looked sparkly clean. The other part was bigger than the shower part because it had a bathtub in it.

In front of a mirror stuck to the wall were three basins with water taps. The middle one had brushes and toothpaste on it.

On the left side of the basins was a table stand, it has three drawers in it, counting from top to bottom.

I walked towards it and pulled the first draw open. Bathing soaps of a different kind.

I opened the next one, it had different showering perfume and deodorant in them. I sure was going to use some of these. I grinned at that.

I opened the last one and it contained cleaning products. I grumbled at that.

I wonder how many bathrooms are in this house. And they would all contain things like this!

I looked at the bowl I held. Seems Mary thought the materials might not be available right now because she got me some things that I have already seen in the drawers.

I shrugged at it and headed towards the shower with a bathing soap and a sponge.

I looked around and finally, I saw the switches just on the wall, on the shower side.

There were so many switches and I did not know which one to press.

My eyes later went to the one which had a diagram of water splashing down from a shower on it. All the switches had it.

I flipped it and the water poured down on me.

Hot water. Really hot water!

I flipped the switch back and that was when I noticed the tiny 'very hot' written just underneath the switch I had pressed.

'Wow, that's very normally written and easy to see', I thought sarcastically and rolled my eyes.

I looked down at my clothes which were already soaked. Oh, great!

I grumbled as I walked out of the shower stand. I did not bother checking the other switch labelings because whether I liked the shower or not, I wasn't going to use it again.

I walked out of the shower with a frown and headed toward the bathtub.

Seems like that's what I would be using.

I undressed and prepare a bubble bath by myself. I just added all that Mary brought for me and the bubbles appeared.

I got into the bath tub and oh my God, it was awesome.

I relaxed in it and heaved a sigh of relief.

William's POV

I walked to my bedroom and had a quick bath. I had to leave for work and I also had to find a way to get Bob.

I walked downstairs after getting dressed and met Mary cooking breakfast.

"Breakfast would be served in a minute", she said

"No problem", I replied, taking my seat at the head seat of the dining room.

Mary came back a few minutes later and served my food.

"Thank you for the meal", I said with a smile and she smiled right back.

Mary has been working for me for quite a while now.

I don't trust people so well, so I stick with the people I already know and am already used to.

Mary cleans the house and cooks my meals. I don't eat at home sometimes though.

I ate my meal quickly and left the house. Scott picked me up outside and we left together.

* * *

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