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Amelia's POV

I finished having my bath and walked out of the bathroom, humming a song I used to listen to when I was still working for Chris.

I walked out in a bathrobe and that was when I realized I had no clothes. I went back to the bathroom to get my clothes and realized they were already soaked from that stupid shower.

"Oh gosh!", I could not help but groan out loud.

I walked back into the bedroom and walked towards the two wooden doors I saw earlier.

I opened it and my head went blank. Empty.

It was all empty. Not even a single gown was in it. I feel like that man did it on purpose.

What am I going to wear?

I walked to the bedroom door and opened it a little bit. Maybe I could get Mary to help me with it.

I looked around and there was no sight of anyone. No sight of HIM.

I walked slowly out of the bedroom with the white bathrobe hanging on my body and looked around as I walked.

I got down the stairs and there she was. Mary moved around the room, towards a destination I knew nothing of, so I quickly called her.

"Mary!", she turned around to me instantly.

"Do you need something, dear?", she asked with a smile.

"Clothes", I said embarrassingly.

"Oh", that was all Mary said

Oh! Like seriously, oh?

"Do you know where I can get some?", I tried again, maybe she would understand the situation I am in.

"Oh, dear. I don't think women are wearing in this house. William does not usually bring people home and when his friends visit, they normally do not stay over", she explained with a disappointed look.

"Oh", now it was my time to say that.

"How would I get out then?", Ied and Mary heard me.

"I don't know, I am sorry", Mary apologized and I kind of felt guilty.

I was the one who had soaked my clothes in the shower and it is all that guy's fault. Why would he buy such showering products? Could he not just get a normal shower and install it in his house?

Wait, William!

"What of William's own?", I quickly asked and when I saw the confused look on Mary's face, I quickly added.

"I mean his clothes", I said

I could just find a shirt and trouser that fits. I don't care about the outfit, I just want to get home. I just want to return home, to the trio squad.

"I don't think he would want you to wear that", Mary said with a frown.

"Oh come on, he brought me here. We are close, you know", I lied easily with a convincing smile, and, from the look, Mary was giving me, she did not believe me.

"Please?", I pleaded and she finally agreed.

'Such a strong head', I thought.

'I am really rude', I thought and shook my head mentally at myself.

"Okay, come with me then", Mary said and walked ahead of me.

I followed after her and she took the stairs up the stairs. We walked past the room I was in and further down the hallway.

We finally stop at a room and she gestured toward the door.

"There you are", she said and walked away.

That was weird. Maybe she believed the fact that William and I are close a little.

I smirked and turned the door knob. I walked into the room and trust me it was nothing like the one I was in.

It was all painted black. The bed sheets are grey, the pillows; are white and black and the duvet is black as well.

The curtains were drawn and if not because of the chandeliceiling-to-floorm thceiling-to-flceiling-to-floorld be dark.

He has a standing mirror long enough to show the full reflection of a person standing in front of it, just at one corner of the room, beside the curtains.

He had a door that looked like the bathroom door as well and opposite the curtains, was also the closet.

I walked to the closet and opened it, expecting to meet the normal closet like the one that was in the other room, but no, this man had gone ahead to have a walk-in closet.

One question shot up into my brain instantly.

"Who exactly is he?", I asked out loud to nobody in particular with a frown.

I walked into the closet and everything was in perfect order.

A series of black suits hung in one part of the closet compartment.

Another compartment was a mixture of different colors of suits. It was all the cool colors like deep blue, sky blue, green, wine, and purple. There was no suit with yellow, pink, or orange colors. In general, no flashy or childish colors.

I moved away from it and saw another compartment, just white shirts. I moved away and then, more white shirts and more white shirts and finally casual wear, then different coats.

I continued walking and there were different types of designer shoes in this one.

I moved away from all the compartments and my waist hit something solid.

I turned around and saw that it was a rectangular-shaped glass table. It was split into two parts. One could see the contents from outside.

One part contained more designer watches and the other part, different shades of suit ties in which some were just plain while some were. had designs on them.

The question came again

Who exactly was this man?

I moved back to the door and turned around to take it all in.

It looked like a f**king men's boutique!

I walked quickly back to the white shirts and picked one out of it. One of the black suits too, then a pair of black trousers.

I walked to the watches and smiled contently. I am so taking one out of these. I picked one and wore it quickly. It looked so good. I grinned.

I walked to the closet door and shut it quickly.

I ended up leaving the suit. I am fine with just a shirt and trousers.

I looked at the closet once more before walking out with a smile on my face.

I got downstairs and Mary served me breakfast.

"Where is Will- William? I don't see him", I asked.

It was my first time calling his name out loud and it felt so wrong and weird on my tongue.

"He left for work earlier", Mary replied with a small smile.

"Oh, thank you for the meal, Mary", I said with a smile and she smiled back.

"Enjoy!", she said instead and walked away.

Okay, maybe Mary wasn't so bad after all.

I thought and dug into my food. I brought the fork to my mouth and God, it was heaven.

Okay, am going to add that as well. Mary is a very good cook as well.

That William has been enjoying a lot of things. I thought and smirked.

I thanked Mary for the meal when I was done and stood up to leave when I remembered something.

"I- ", I called out embarrassingly.

"Yes dear", Mary replied and I said while smoothening my hair

"I need some money, for the cab, and believe me, I swear I am going to pay you back someday", I said quickly with a sad look

"It's nothing, Amelia. I've got it", she replied with a smile.

That was the first time she has called me by my name and I was drawn back a little. And strangely, it felt so good when she called me by my name. I loved it.

She came back with the money a few minutes later and handed it to me.

"Thank you, Mary", I said with a small smile and she smiled back.

She sure smiled a lot.

I got out, into the compound and it was large, no surprise there.

I walked away to the large black gate quickly and I met a security man there who unlocked the leg way of the large gate and let me out.

I walked out of the gate after thanking him and a cab drive past me. I seethed.

Another one came along and I quickly stopped it.

"Trio squad", I told him and when he told me the transport price, my eyes went wide.

I was that far from home?

* * *

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