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William's POV

I worked for a long time at the company, and the door to my office opens every once in a while when my secretary has something to say to me or needs my consent.

Before I knew it, it was time to go home. I stood up from the chair and stretched a bit before making my way out of my office.

My secretary (female) stood up to greet me immediately and I just faced my front. Just like the typical CEO that I was.

The people who works for me whose offices were in an open space really near my office all stood up to greet me as well and I nodded my head a bit.

My assistant and driver, Scott (male) followed after me quickly as we made our way toward my private elevator.

That's right, a private elevator.

I went into it and he took the public one.

When we got to the first floor after a minute or so, the workers on my path quickly cleared the way and bowed as they moved to the side while I just walked nonchalantly outside.

The security and greeters in their white tops and black skirts with a tie on their necks all aligned themselves outside the glass door of the company.

They all bowed at once when they saw me arrive and I got into my whine-colored Mercedes car.

'Phew, it feels so good to have power', I thought and chuckled.

"Sir?", Scott asked and I just shook my head in disappointment.

I did not even say anything!

We arrived home thirty minutes later and I quickly got out of the car and walked into the house.

Scott went to park the car in the rightful place. I guess he would just leave after that, I don't know about all those stuff.

I walked in and the nice aroma made its way to my nose. Mary was cooking dinner already.

I moved to the kitchen and Mary greeted me with a smile.

"How was work?", she asked.

"Same as always", I replied, trying to force a smile on my face.

Mary just nodded as she washed the pots she had used.

I was about to walk out when my eyes caught the apples in the bowl at the center kitchen cabinet.

"I thought we are all out of apples", I said as I furrowed my brows together.

"Yes, we are. You brought this with you when you came in with Miss Amelia last night", Mary replied quickly as she took a glance at the apples, then at me.

"Amelia?", I asked again

Now I was confused. Who exactly was Amelia? I don't think I have heard that name before.

I frowned a little before Mary finally took the initiative to explain.

"The young lady that slept over", she said and my brain finally clicked.

Now, I remember her. That ungrateful fool.

My frown deepened.

I looked at the apples again in disgust before walking towards them and picking one up. At least, she ate my food.

"Where is she now?", I asked as I took a bite out of the apple.

"She left immediately after she finished having breakfast", Mary replied with a smile.

"Oh", was all I said as I walked back out of the kitchen with the bitten apple in my hand.

Good thing she is gone. She is a rotten apple among all good ones. I thought and rolled my eyes.

I walked up the stairs and soon, I was in the shower. After showering, I walked into my closet and my eyes went wide. Someone was here!

Amelia's POV

After what seemed like half an hour, the cab finally stopped and I paid before getting off.

The cab had stopped a little bit far from the trio squad. I wonder why all cab drivers are always too scared to come inside the trio squad exactly.

The cab man had looked at me from top to bottom weirdly like I was different from all other humans. I just shrugged at him before I made my way down the street. It's not like I care about what anyone thinks about me.

I walked for almost ten minutes before I reached my tent and not surprisingly enough, Joanna was already there. Waiting for me.

Immediately Joanna saw me, an amused look replaced the concerned look I saw on her face before.

I turned to look at my back but there was nothing there. I thought she probably saw something behind me and that was why she was smiling but it didn't seem so.

I forcefully smiled back at Joanna as I walked closer to her. I was confused. What was so amusing?

Well, it didn't take long for me to know the answer to that.

"What took you so long?", Joanna asked with a frown.

Now, you say I should be confused.

I have seen Joanna's concerned face, her amused face, and her frowning face within two minutes

"Should you not be asking where I have been since yesterday?", my lips slanted a little as I asked her. I finally found my voice.

"What do you mean? I think everyone knows where you've been, why would I ask again?", Joanna asked back with a grin.

"What do you mean?", it was my turn to ask that question.

"Just come and take a seat first", Joanna replied, rolling her eyes at me as she walked back and took her seat first on the bench.

I walked quickly after her with a frown and a confused look on my face which I am sure was quite vivid.

As I took my seat, I asked quickly.

"What were you talking about?"

"Calm down a bit, Amy", she said, not taking a glance at me.

I waited patiently for some time until I heard her voice again.

"I think someone saw you yesterday. Spread words around the trio squad. Said you went away with a rich guy yesterday", Joanna said, ending it with a teasing grin.

"Oh no", I breathed out as I held my head.

It is not like I care about what people think about me. Nobody can judge me actually, we are all fucked up here but the thought of them thinking the wrong thing about me was what made me concerned.

"So how is he?", Joanna asked when I wasn't talking any longer.

"Who?", I asked, feigning ignorance.

Joanna rolled her eyes at first before replying to me and I scoffed.

"Mr rich pants of course", she said and I laughed

"Rich pants", I repeated, not able to control my laugh.

"Come on, tell me already", she pressured with a cute pout and I grinned.

"Firstly, his name is William, and most importantly, I want to sleep", I said with a yawn and Joanna fumed.

"I promise to tell you when I wake up", I said as I stood up, walking towards my tent.

"Pinky promise?", Joanna asked from behind me.

"I can't pinky promise now, I have to sleep", I said, getting to my tent before stopping to look back at her.

She was still pouting and she folded her arms underneath her boobs.

"Stop acting like a kid, Joanna", I said rolling my eyes before I went into my tent.

I heard Joanna groan from outside before her retreating footsteps sounds followed. I chuckled before I fell into a deep rest in my sleeping bag.

* * *

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