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Amelia's POV



Run, Amelia!

Go!", the memories were stuck in my brain as I pictured it in my head like it was just yesterday.

I whimpered as I sat with my knees up against my chest in this dark infinity room. It had no walls. No affection, nothing!

"Amelia!", a very concerned and demanding voice called.

It kept disturbing me as I moved my head vigorously to get the sound out of my head. The call was killing me. It was disturbing my peace. Why can't 'they' just leave me alone?!

Suddenly, my eyes opened and I stared at the yellow roof of my tent.

It was a dream. It was all a dream.

I sat up and cleaned the beads of sweat on my forehead with my hand.

"Amelia!", the call came again and I recognized it instantly. Joanna.

She is probably the one whose voice I had heard in my dream just now.

I stood up, bending my back a little, so my head won't touch the roof of the tenth.

I pulled at my zipper; opened the door of my tent and looked outside at the worried Joanna.

"Hey", I said as I forced a smile.

"Come on, what was that? I have been calling you for a while now", Joanna said with a frown.

"I didn't hear you, sorry", I said with a guilty look on my face as I got out of my tent.

"Anyways, I've got some cereal for lunch, you want to come and have some with me?", Joanna asked and I smiled.

'Always so caring', I thought with a smile on my face.

"Why are you smiling?", she asked curiously

"Nothing, let's go", I replied as I hooked her arm with mine and we walked to the tent she shared with her brother which was down the street.

We got there and we sat inside the tent while Joanna brought out the cereal box.

After we served into a bowl each by ourselves, I couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Where is your brother?", I asked.

"He is at work", she replied taking a spoonful of the cereal into her mouth.

"Oh, okay", I replied and took a spoonful of my cereal as well.

"Speaking about jobs, your boss was here this morning", Joanna said while chewing and I raised my head in surprise.

"He came up here?!"

"Uhm Uhm", she replied while nodding positively.

"In trio squad?", I asked again.

I was a bit surprised. I mean my boss, here in the trio squad? I have known him for a year now, he hates this place. I was overjoyed when he told me he was going to employ me even though I live in a trio squad. Well, I got to know the actual reason two days ago.

"That's what I just said!", Joanna whined.

"I know", I said, teasing her with a grin and I knew she was holding herself back from shouting at me.

"What was he saying about you coming back to work anyways?", Joanna asked.

"I quit my job", I replied, looking down at my food, and waiting for Joanna's reply.

"What? Why?", I could hear the shock in her words.

"He- he", I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud but Joanna wasn't having it.

"He what?", she pressured.

"He tried to rape me, okay?!", I said forcefully as I quickly took a spoonful of my cereal again.

Yuck! It was soaked already.

"That son of a b**ch", Joanna said through gritted teeth.

Seems she is dropping the respect and formalities already. I smirked.

"It's okay. I left the job already. He can't disturb me anymore", I said positively as continued eating my food.

Joanna just nodded and continued eating as well.

Joanna's POV

I feel bad for Amy. She has the body and the face, that is true but that does not mean she should be treated badly by men.

I know, all men are different but seriously, I did not expect Chris to do that to her at all.

I do not need to say anything overboard or act rashly cause I know my Amy, she would be fine.

I smiled as I continued eating my food.

We finished eating after a while and after we had taken care of the bowls, my curiosity kicked in again.

I just wanted to know something! I was bored. I whined inwardly.

"You promised to tell me about the guy from yesterday", I said with a little smile.

Amelia's POV

"You promised to tell me about the guy from yesterday", Joanna said all of a sudden and I looked up at her.

Just when you think she had forgotten all about it.

She was smiling at me and I rolled my eyes at her.

"His house is huge and cool", I decided to start from there even though I can't fathom why.

I wasn't going to correct Joanna with his name as well. It does not matter anyways. It's not like I would see him again.

"His house?", Joanna asked in surprise

"Yes, his house", I confirmed what I had said.

"I thought he took you to a hotel!", Joanna said, slanting her lips a little and my eyes went wide.

"A hotel?!", it was my time to repeat what the other person had just said.

"Yes, I thought you went to a hotel with him. You spent the night there, so", Joanna said and I almost face-palmed myself.

This is all his fault. If he had woken me up yesterday and asked me about it, I would have made the right decision and people won't make weird assumptions.

"I did not", I said, trying to clarify nothing.

"Okay", Joanna said with a shrug.

"What was he like anyways?", she added after a few seconds.

"He was-", I started but stopped as my brain replayed how he had acted to me since yesterday evening when he fought for me to this morning when I had woken up.

"He was nice and protective and then, he was rude", I said as I remember how he called me a psychiatric patient and a frown appeared on my face.

"Rude?", Joanna asked.

"I wasn't so nice to him at first. I did not even thank him for saving me. I was just so- bad and maybe rude to him", I finally said the truth.

"Amy", Joanna said, prolonging my name as if to make me see how I was wrong.

"I know, I know. It was not good of me, I know", I said with a sigh.

We stayed quiet for some while before I spoke up again.

"Where did you get the cereal anyways?"

"My aunt sent it, alongside some other things", Joanna replied and I frowned as I thought of something.

"Why can't you just go live with your aunt in the city?", I asked with a frown and a confused look.

"Nothing. I just don't want to, that's all", Joanna replied.

Not wanting to pry into her business, I did not prolong the matter anymore.

"Let's take a walk around town", Joanna said and I stood up, or rather bent, as I opened the zip of her tent and walked out.

She walked out as well before turning to close the tent.

We walked hand in hand as we looked around the area with can sodas in our hands. Believe me, when I say this, the trio squad is huge.

"Earlier", Joanna started and I turned to look at her.

"You were having that dream, weren't you?", she asked as she looked at me back as we continued walking.

"Yeah", I replied, taking my eyes off hers.

"Uhm", she said in understanding.

"This life is just so f*cked up", she added and I chuckled.

"If only I had someone with the money and power to back me up, I would do anything to repay the kindness", I said as the pain flipped through my eyes.

"If only", I said again and Joanna sighed.

"Hey Amelia!", someone called from my left side and when I saw the person, I recognized him immediately.

It was one of them from last night. No wonder the face looked so familiar yesterday. It was Steve. He is leaning against the wall with a beer can in his hand. I seethed. How disgusting! I did not just think of that, I also looked at him in disgust.

Those bastards had tried to rape me yesterday in their stupid drunk state. Well, if not for... him.

"Fuck off Steve", I said coldly, raising my middle finger toward him.

We walked past him quickly and Joanna just stared at me in confusion.

"Ohh!", Joanna said all of a sudden and I turned to look at her abruptly.

"You should talk to that guy from yesterday", Joanna said and I was confused.

"About what?", I asked.

"Your parents", she said and I raised an eyebrow at her.


"Yeah, he has money, right? And I am sure he has the power too", Joanna said.

"Joan-", I tried calling her name but she cut me off again.

"You said it yourself, just a few minutes ago that you need someone willing to help you, right? How would you know if he wants to help if you do not even ask him?!', she rushed everything at once, probably not wanting me to cut in any time.

"I would but how will I even contact him?", I asked her back and she did an 'oh' with her mouth, her face falling in disappointment.

"You know his house, right?! You can just go back there!", she suggested again, her face coming alive once more.

Oh no! Never would I go there to beg him to help me. No no!

I know I need the help urgently but seriously, to the extent of going to meet the person who I had been rude to? Nah!

"I am not doing that", I said to Joanna and her face fell for the umpteenth time today.

"You need his help, Amy. Let down your pride for once, will you?", she asked coldly, her voice raising higher a little.

I stared at her for a long while and she stared right back, not blinking. That was not surprising.

"I will think about it", I finally said and a smile replaced her glare.

Funny how it is me who is desperate for help but Joanna is the one begging me about it. So cute. I grinned.

"Let's go", she said before throwing her empty soda can down on the floor and hooking my arm in hers.

* * *

William's POV

I stared at the closet which I am pretty sure was neatly organized when I left for work. Now, what is this?

My white shirt has been parted to both sides. One of my suit jackets is now roughly placed on my glass shelve.

Two of my wristwatches are off the shelf.

I walked towards the glass shelf and I was taken aback. One of my wristwatches is missing.

Did a thief come into the house?

I frowned and quickly took a bathrobe hanging on one of the shelves.

I strode for the bedroom door, immediately I was done putting on my robe.

I met Mary in the kitchen, she was still preparing dinner.

"Was someone in my room, Mary?", I asked, going straight to the point.

"Apart from Miss Amelia, no one-", Mary started but my eyes went wide on their own as I cut in quickly.

"Amelia?! What Amelia?", I had finished asking before I remembered her name was Amelia.

Mary was about to start explaining and I cut her off... again.

"I remember her. I do", I said calmly, taking deep breaths.

She can just take the wristwatch with her. She is not going to show her face in front of me any longer anyways.

"Are you done with dinner?", I asked Mary and she nodded.

"Almost. I would keep it in the refrigerator for you, so when you are ready to eat, you can just pick it up", Mary said with a smile.

"After I am done, I would leave immediately", Mary added.

"Okay, thank you", I replied before going out of the kitchen.

I have work to do anyway.

I went back to my room and put on some comfy clothes. Mary can arrange the closet tomorrow.

I went out of the room after picking up a key and my phone before walking to my study room. I put the key into the door knob hole to click it open.

I opened the door and closed it back and the room lightened up on its own.

Nice technology. I always grin when I think about that.

I sat down on the large business-looking, comfortable brown leather chair just behind my study table and brought out my phone from my pant pocket.

"Scott", I called out immediately after the call went through.

"Yes sir", he replied boldly and I smiled.

"I need you to find an information agency as soon as possible. We have to track that Bob", I said

"Okay, sir. I will get back to you in a few minutes, Sir", Scott replied and I nod my head once before ending the call.

About thirty minutes later, Scott's call came through.

"Yeah?", I asked as soon as I picked up the call.

"I found an organization sir but it's illegal", Scott said and I massaged my forehead.

"I just need to find Bob, Scott. I don't care if it's illegal", I replied.

I am not going back to that Trio squad of a place, no matter what!

* * *

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