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Monday morning...

Amelia's POV

I woke up the next morning with a disturbing headache. I walked out of my tent after having water and cleaned the beads of sweat on my face. I did not have 'that' dream today but I wasn't feeling too well either. I know I need to jog.

I wore the only black sneakers I have. That's exactly why I bought black, goes with everything (chuckles).

I wore black sneakers and left my yesterday clothes on. I would have to change it today anyways, so why not sweat on it?

I jogged for a while and was already panting hard. I need to do this more often but right now, I am really tired. Maybe another time.

I walked back towards my tent but before I got there,

"Amelia!", I heard someone call me and I turned to face the person with a quick frown on my face. I thought it would probably be Steve or the other one from that night but when I turned to look, the frown on my face quickly went as it came. I smiled.

It was George.

Among the few people who I relate to here in the trio squad, George is of them. He is like a father to me, he could be to anyone actually but the truth is... he isn't my father.

I walked towards him with a smile and he gave me a small one right back.

"Good morning", I greeted politely and George nodded his head

"Good morning, Amelia", he replied

"Come on, take a seat. I have to tell you something important", George said and I took my seat on a keg that was beside his.

"I heard about a man", he said calmly and my head went flying.

"A man?", I asked and he repeated

"A man", he said and I panicked a little. Was he thinking the same way about me as Joanna did? Does he also think I went to a hotel with a man?

I know I said I do not care about what other people think about me but this is different. Trust me, I do not want George to think negatively about me.

"George, let me explain. It's not what you think, I did not go to a hotel with him, I swear", I quickly said and George gave me a confused look before asking.

"A hotel? With who?"

Okay, now I am confused.

"Who were you talking about, George?", I finally understood. We were talking about two different things but seriously, what man is he talking about?

"You are talking about the man I have been hearing about, aren't you?", George asked me with a chuckle.

"I- I", I was looking for the perfect words but my brain just chose this time to fail me.

"I understand, Amelia", George said

"But I am talking about another man", he added and I turned to look him in the eye abruptly. Like he had said something shocking while the real truth is, I am just happy he had come off William's matter.

"Another man?", I asked back.

"Yes, I heard about him a few days ago and I think he is just the type you've been looking for", George said in a hushed voice.

"The type I am looking for?", I did not turn my voice into a whisper but I did my best in keeping my voice low.

"They call him Big Joe", George said in a more hushed voice that even though I was sitting so close to him, I almost could not hear properly.

"Big Joe?", I asked again.

"Yes. I heard the others talking about him the other day. They said he has all the information about people. Both the past and the present. I think it's more like an organization actually", George said, gesturing with his hand and Amelia nodded in understanding.

"And you know what I am talking about when I tell you about this, right?", he asked me again and I nodded before answering.


My parents.

I asked for the direction and place George and he told me, in the same hushed tone as earlier.

"Thank you", I said to him with a wave before I jogged back home.

I was a little energized from just sitting down.

I got home and I quickly took some cash from my safe place which is under the sleeping bag (chuckles).

With my sweaty clothes and the new ones in my hand, together with the money that was in my pant pocket, I headed for the public bath down the street.

I can't go to the organization dirty and looking like I am crazy, hence the bath.

I finished bathing after let's say an hour or so. Don't judge me, the bath was really good. I haven't had one in days.

I am not going to spend my money on public baths every day. Nah.

I walked to my tent and that was when my stomach started grumbling.

'Seriously?', I whined.

I checked around the tent and found some chocolate bars. That should do it.

It does nothing but I can't go back down the street to get food. I am even out of noodles!!

William's POV

A tone kept ringing in my ear. It is a tone I am familiar but really, I don't want to get up.

I opened my eyes and my eyes went wide almost immediately. I am late for work! I overslept! On a Monday at that.

I sat up immediately and got out of bed and was about to walk towards the bathroom before the ringing sound called me back yet again and I realized it was my ringtone.

Who is calling me so early in the morning? It's seven twenty am, do they not have work to do?

I walked reluctantly to the phone on my bedside and picked it up.


Okay, I am not a bad child. I did not know he was the one calling before I had somehow managed to be disrespectful to him.

"Are you just waking up?", he asked and my eyes rolled themselves.

"No", I replied shortly.

"Anyways, have you gotten him?", he asked and I sighed inwardly.

"Not yet", I replied massaging my forehead.

"Well, get him soon or you will be paying for his debt!", he said and I heard the beep sound. He had cut the phone.

I stared at the phone in my hand for a long time before throwing it on the bed.

I ran my hand through my hair and walked to the bathroom.

After a few minutes, I was done and I walked out with a towel around my waist and one in my hand to dry my hair.

After using some cologne in front of my vanity table, I walked to the closet. I groaned as I remember that girl.

Mary is probably downstairs, already making breakfast and doing some things. I have to go out of the house before she would be able to come upstairs to clean up the closet anyways.

I walked towards my deep blue suit with a frown and picked it up.

In a few minutes, I was done and was already walking down the stairs. I met Mary cleaning some vases around the sitting room and when she saw me, she greeted me politely.

"Good morning, William"

Mary does not usually come here on Sundays. She is probably thinking the house is already dusty because she was not here only yesterday but who cares?

"Morning Mary", I greeted back.

"I made breakfast already, it's on the dining table", she said

"Okay", I replied shortly.

"I should probably come and serve it on a plate for you", she said, cleaning her hand on her skirt and my eyes went wide.

"No, thanks. I will do that myself, you just carry on with your work", I said and walked away almost immediately.

When did Mary become so dirty? Cleaning hands on the skirt, seriously?

I walked to the dining table and served myself from the big ceramic pots Mary had kept the food in.

After I was done, I made my way downstairs and Scott was already waiting for me with the door wide open.

I got in and Scott drove to the company quickly after.

* * *

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