Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C1 There Are Two of Them in Mingfu
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Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C1 There Are Two of Them in Mingfu
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C1 There Are Two of Them in Mingfu

Before the wedding, I didn't believe there was a ghost in this world.

Not to mention that I don't believe it, my whole family doesn't believe it. Otherwise, my family wouldn't have opened a funeral home and used all sorts of methods to make money from the dead.

However, something happened later. Not only did I believe in ghosts, I was also entangled by them.

My dad was lucky that day, so he went out and ended up in a car accident with someone else. The two big cars crashed into each other and people definitely couldn't live anymore, so my dad immediately went to be a witness and took two business orders home. He mysteriously took out two cheques from his briefcase and threw them on the table.

I picked up the cheque and looked at it, my eyes almost popping out of their sockets. "One million!" "Father, you sure earned too much this time."

My father drank a mouthful of water and arrogantly replied, "It's not that your father is ruthless, it's that he insisted on giving me money. How could I not want it?"

Our funeral home has to charge thousands of yuan for a dead body, tens of thousands for a dragon, hundreds of thousands for a hundred thousand for a funeral home. The more rich the owner, the higher the fee, but it has never exceeded three hundred thousand yuan.

This time, after taking on two million yuan worth of work, even my mother couldn't help but feel a little nervous as she sat beside my father with a serious expression on her face. Let's not go too far. "

"Of course I have my reasons for giving you so much money. I know who the two people who died in the car accident are, and if I said something that scared you to death, I really wanted to scare you guys, but they told me to keep my business a secret and not leak a single word of it. Otherwise, how could such a good thing happen to a small funeral home like ours?"

"What should I tell you to do?"

"The two who died yesterday aren't married yet. My family is going to have an underworld marriage." My father lit a cigarette.

Before the wedding, most of the family elders had done their duty as parents out of love for their children, and now the wedding had become a way for the funeral home to earn money.

These two families may have been instigated by my father, but the market price for these two families is only seventy to eighty thousand yuan. Giving so much money must mean that there are other requests.

"This wedding, is not a simple wedding." I threw the check on the table, feeling that it wasn't a simple matter.

"Girl is still smart." My dad took a long drag from his cigarette, the excitement in his eyes gone, and continued, "These two living girls who are not married yet, after the wedding we will have to keep vigil for the rest of our lives, this one million is just a deposit, and after the marriage there will be two million yuan in alimony."

When my mother heard it was this kind of wicked thing, she slapped my father on the back, "I saw that you've lost all your money. Whose daughter is willing to marry a dead man and live her whole life, not to mention one million, even if it was ten million, no one would agree."

My dad impatiently nudged my mom and gave me a look. "Who says there aren't any? Isn't there one here? "

Oh my god, my dad actually set his sights on me!

Introduce me to everyone. I'm a girl with a nickname; I like to call my father Dad. My name is Chen Aoshuang and I'm pretty, but unfortunately, my family does business with the dead. I don't have a single male fly by my side, let alone a female one.

I've long given up hope of marrying anyone, but I don't want to marry a dead man either!

My mom kept scolding my dad, yelling at him to return the money, but my dad was blinded by the two million, he grabbed onto my hand and bitterly said, "Girl, dad only has a daughter like you, dad really can't bear for you to marry him, why not marry him and spend the rest of his life by dad's side."

The heck, how could he be unwilling to part with me? He really couldn't bear to part with this rich funeral home to give it to someone else.

In the past, I only felt that my father was a bit too good at making money, but now, I realized that he had even lost all of his basic humanity. Regardless of whether I agreed or not, I gave the other party a package and arranged the wedding tomorrow.

Zhou Xiangxiang was a high school classmate of mine. Her parents had grown up together with her godmother, and had learned some tricks from her since childhood. Nobody dared to be friends with her, and everyone in my school knew that we were excluded from the funeral home.

Not only a friend, but Zhou Xiangxiang has inherited her grandmother's mantle and is now a partner in our funeral home.

After Zhou Xiangxiang heard what I had to say, the voice on the other end of the phone dropped, "Marriage and living people are taboo. I never intended to do it for you. You can marry without worry and go through the motions."

My nose was already full of tears at the wedding. What did he have to marry now that he's dead?

With Zhou Xiangxiang as a guarantor this time, I finally felt relieved. At worst, I would just burn some paper and ask for some peace of mind after finishing their business.

Early the next morning, the workers began arranging the mourning hall. In the past, nether marriages were made of white silk, because this time the bride was alive, so the entire hall was covered in red and white curtains. My father did not dare to tell the workers that I was tonight's nether bride, and probably he did not have the face to publicly announce that he was doing this kind of wicked thing for money.

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