Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C12 Surrogate Approach
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Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C12 Surrogate Approach
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C12 Surrogate Approach

"Let go!" Zhou Xiangxiang shouted.

I quickly threw away the small gourd in my hand. The small gourd flew a circle in the air and quickly tied Qi Weiran tightly. The Chalk Line that was tainted with black dog blood and cinnabar emitted a charred sound the moment it came into contact with Qi Weiran's body.


Qi Weiran had only been a ghost for a few days without any mana. After being bound, he let out a painful scream. His eyes were bloodthirsty as he looked at me. "Woman, how dare you treat me like this?"

"Evil ghost, you didn't stay in the Cinerary Urn, and actually ran out to commit evil. I, Zhou Xiangxiang, will take you in on behalf of the heavens today!"

"Don't f * cking talk and stop him!" A few black lines appeared on my forehead. Qi Weiran's gaze is too scary. Can that thin Chalk Line trap him?

Zhou Xiangxiang immediately pulled out the Money Sword from her back, pulled Mo Dou with her left hand, and thrusted towards Qi Weiran with the Money Sword in her right.

Qi Weiran finally understood Zhou Xiangxiang's strength. He wanted to fly away, but the Chalk Line was tied to his body and he was forcefully pulled down by Zhou Xiangxiang just as he was flying away. Zhou Xiangxiang alone could not fight in the air with the Money Sword, so she threw Mo Dou at me and shouted, "Close the line!"

I quickly caught it with both hands and saw a switch that looked like a kite twisted. I quickly grabbed hold of it and shook it with all my might. At the beginning, it could still shake, but Qi Weiran was struggling like a madman.

Zhou Xiangxiang didn't manage to stab Qi Weiran in a few times. She turned her head and shouted at me, "You didn't f * * king eat. Shake it with all your might!"

"I know!" I squeezed the word through my teeth.

With regards to my little life, I have used all of my strength, but Qi Weiran is too strong. I was dragged several meters by him, and Wu Tie beside me was severely injured, so he wanted to help but was afraid of the magical equipment in our hands. If we turned around to deal with him, he would definitely not be able to take it.

Zhou Xiangxiang was not a vegetarian either. She took out a few Five Emperors Coin s from her pocket and sprinkled them at Qi Weiran's feet.

The Great Five Emperors Coin, Qi, Tang, and Song Yuanming were extremely rare. Zhou Xiangxiang's Money Sword was made from Great Five Emperors Coin, and it had a powerful mana.

The little Five Emperors Coin was the coin that belonged to the five emperors in Qing Dynasty. Although it didn't have much killing power, it was still hard for Qi Weiran to step on it.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Zhou Xiangxiang raised the Money Sword and stabbed towards his chest. Even I thought that he would definitely die this time, but I didn't expect that he would actually be furious, opening his mouth wide to take a deep breath of anger from the sky, before flying off.

"This is bad!"

Just as Zhou Xiangxiang's voice fell, before I could even clearly see what had happened, I was pulled down to the ground by a strong force. The thin Chalk Line dragged me back a few meters before pulling me up into the air.

"Idiot, let go!" Zhou Xiangxiang screamed, and threw the Money Sword out to cut it apart.

"Ah —" I lost my balance and fell. First the loose robe left me, then a loud thud, and I guess I made a hole in the ground.

I lay on the ground moaning, not daring to move for a long time. When I fell on the ground, the sound of bones breaking could be clearly heard. The back of my head seemed to have hit the ground, while my head was in excruciating pain.

"Xiangxiang!" What was going on?

"Don't move! If you fall down again, I'll definitely throw you to your death. "

Only then did I realize that he had lifted me up into the air. His face was extremely ugly, as if he was holding his breath, clenching his teeth tightly, black blood flowing out of his mouth. As soon as he carried me over the wall, he fell to one knee on the ground, gasping for breath.

Instinctively, I wanted to run, but just as I moved my waist, I felt a heart-wrenching pain that made me sweat as I held onto his clothes.


It was Zhou Xiangxiang. She was coming this way.

"Put me down and run, or else when she catches up, you won't be able to escape." I let go of his clothes, lifted my hand to the ground, and held on to a sapling in the dark.

Jin Xuan chuckled and looked at me, "You want me to let you go? No way, you're my wife." As he spoke, he tried to get up with me in his arms. After a few unsuccessful attempts, his already pale face turned a little green.

At such a close distance, he looked even more handsome. Only then did I notice that his eyes had a faint blue tinge to them. I guessed that he was probably a half-breed.

He tried again and finally found the problem. He mockingly smiled at me, "I didn't expect my wife to have so many eyes. When your waist is fine, you must be pressed on the bed to properly train it!" Then he took my hand and opened my fingers one by one.

Without the little sapling, the daoist robe fell from the sky, Mo Dou also fell to the ground, and I even met with the rain during the night. I really regret not having drawn a talisman on myself, I can't think of a single one right now.

Without my movement, Jin Xuan immediately brought me flying after resting. I shouted Zhou Xiangxiang's name, but gradually lost my strength as I cried out. My vision went black and I fainted.

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