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C13 Moyu Save Me

The moment I fainted, I thought of Qi Weiran. Will he come to save me?

Forget it, after treating him that way just now, he must have been itching to kill me, so why would he come and save me?

Even in my coma, I could feel the pain in my body, but suddenly all the pain was gone, and the harsh light that my mother had seen when she cut my appendix seemed to be on the operating table.

The pain vanished, and sleepiness came over him, this time completely losing consciousness.


As if someone was whispering in my ear, the sounds grew clearer and clearer, and I slowly regained consciousness. I opened my eyes a little and saw the IV bottle, and sure enough, I was in the hospital, but there were still several people in front of me, so I quickly closed my eyes and tried to figure out what was going on.

"Why are you so disobedient? It's enough for you to stay in the Cinerary Urn and obediently accept the offerings, but you actually went and fought with Qi Weiran. What's good about that woman, is it worth it to fight for her? "

It was a dignified man speaking. His powerful voice was filled with anger. It was obvious that he was shouting at Jin Xuan.

Who is this man?

I held my breath and listened.

"Heh, what's so good about that woman? I also want to ask you, why did you find such a woman for me? Which woman beside me is not prettier than her, but the Chen Aoshuang you found for me, with such a common name, looks ugly without chest and no butt, and most importantly, Qi Weiran also married him, and actually let me and Qi Weiran share a wife. I, Jin Xuan, have never been so vexed in my life before! "

I nearly flipped over and slapped that brat twice. Was my mother that terrible?

Last night, I even spat out a wife, but today, I was demoted to a worthless woman. Why are you pestering me like this?

Just as the man who shouted at Jin Xuan wanted to speak, he was taken over by another man and said, "This woman is ugly, but she was born in yin years and yin months and yin days, and her most important family still owns a funeral home. She also has a yin aura around her that can help you walk between yin and yang forever, and her family is currently repairing the tomb, she is like a tiger that has wings for us."

Who the heck is this, calling this lady ugly is intolerable!

I was so angry that I wanted to jump up, but I forgot that my waist was injured. Not only did I not get up, I even felt pain coming from my waist.

When they heard me wake up, a burst of footsteps left, followed by a gust of cold wind. Jin Xuan, in his human form, stood in front of my bed, looking at me with a smile in the corner of his eyes.

Yesterday, he was injured to the point of almost dying, but today, he had actually recovered completely. He was as handsome as ever, and after changing into a new white suit, he looked like a prince charming from a fairy tale.

Did ghosts really have such a strong regenerative ability? Or was it the expert who helped him recover?

Suddenly, she remembered the man who interrupted her, saying that she treated him like a tiger that had grown wings. Could he be the expert behind the scenes? What did he mean by walking on Yin and Yang? What was their purpose?

Seeing that I was thinking about something, Jin Xuan's smiling face suddenly turned dark, "What did you just hear?"

I am a coward, but I am not stupid. Although I do not know what they are scheming, but it is definitely related to me.

"I heard you guys said I was ugly. I was so angry that I thought of killing someone and forgot that my waist was injured." As I said that, I pretended to be in pain and looked at Jin Xuan from the corner of my eyes. Hearing what I said, the ruthlessness on his face dissipated, and he returned to his look of a scoundrel.

"You are ugly to begin with."

This guy isn't as harmless as he looks. If I had said everything I've heard about his vicious appearance just now, he would have immediately fallen out with me. Anyway, I'm in his hands, so it's up to him to decide what he wants me to do.

I couldn't act too strangely, so I used my courage to retort at him, "Since you think I'm ugly, why are you pestering me? You can get a divorce after marriage, and a wedding can definitely happen too."

"You want to leave Qi Weiran and me? "In your dreams!"

He leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

His lips were very cold, but they slowly warmed up after kissing me. It was the same with Qi Weiran before.

Suddenly, Jin Xuan let go of my lips and stared at me with his pair of blue eyes. "I finally know why Qi Weiran refused to let me touch you. I didn't expect that an ugly girl like you would have such a strange effect. I can't get cold just by kissing you."

At this point, he suddenly buried his head into my neck and breathed heavily. He bit my ear when I wasn't paying attention. "I really want to be with you. Being a ghost is too cold." With that, he kissed me on the neck.

"Hiss ~ ~ ~"

I sucked in a breath of cold air. This fellow was definitely an expert at picking up girls. I really wanted to kick his body, but unfortunately, I was unable to do so due to the pain in my waist. My waist! My waist! "

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