Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C15 Ming Fu Is about to Do Something Crazy
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Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C15 Ming Fu Is about to Do Something Crazy
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C15 Ming Fu Is about to Do Something Crazy

I limped her along. The usual hospital toilets were at the end of the corridor, but here was only the toilet sign, and I couldn't see the toilet. I craned my neck to look around and caught a glimpse of a shadow on the glass of the window.

Ever since I saw the ghost, I became a lot more timid. I immediately looked carefully, and upon closer inspection, I was almost scared to death. Behind me stood a woman with disheveled hair, her face was like a pig's head filled with sodium nitrate, her left eye protruding out from the top of her face, and what was left of her eye was only a bloody hole.

This ghost was too fucking scary. My legs trembled and the piss that I was desperately holding flew out uncontrollably, flowing down my legs.

The ghost seemed to know I had seen her. "Give me my daughter."

What? The little girl in his hand was her daughter?

I quickly let go of her hand like I was holding a hot potato, but the little girl obviously didn't want to go with her, so she held on to me tightly.

That's right, that's a f * cking ghost. I'm already scared to this point, but this little girl is still scared to death. She was crying just now, maybe she was scared to death by this ghost girl.

After a long while, I still couldn't do what she told me to do. The damned woman was enraged and pounced towards me with a scream. Her eyes were swaying on her face as if she was going to roll onto the ground at any moment.

I gritted my teeth against the pain, and the woman missed, and in the next second she was right in front of me, and if I hadn't been running so slowly, I would have hit her.

"F * ck, why the hell are you so nosy!"

The woman bared her fangs, and the nails on her ten fingers were long and black. She stabbed at me, her body stiff and inflexible, dodging one hand but not the other, her five nails digging into my shoulder and digging into my flesh.

"Ah …"

I screamed and instinctively used my walking stick to stab her, but my strength was too weak. The woman's five fingers dug into my heart, and if she were to pinch my heart, I would immediately burp.

I shouted without thinking, "Jin Xuan save me! Jin Xuan! "Jin Xuan!"

I shouted Jin Xuan's name over and over again. I could only think of him in my heart. I'm here, so he definitely isn't far away.

"Go to hell!"

The woman clawed me hard, and I was pinned to the ground. Seeing that she was about to grab my heart, the little girl who was holding me suddenly flew towards the woman and knocked her back several meters. Then, she stood in front of me with her fangs and claws ready to block me.

My terrified pupils dilate. That little girl really flew over just now, and she, a child, actually sent the female ghost flying. With such strength, if she isn't a ghost, then what is she?

What the f * ck. Why the f * ck would I need to do good deeds? In these days, good people don't get rewarded. That little kid could be an evil spirit that uses crying to lure people in.

Jin Xuan, Jin Xuan, where are you? Help!

After the ghost girl was knocked over by the little ghost, she quickly stood up and stared at the little ghost girl in front of me sinisterly, "My good daughter, go back with mother!"

"You're not my mommy!" The kid finally spoke, pretending to be fierce, but his trembling legs betrayed her nervousness.

The ghost lady screamed angrily, and a fish-like stench came from her mouth. The ghost girl was scared by her ferocious look, she turned around and hid behind my back, "I'm not coming with you, you want to eat me!"

"Get out of the way! If you don't get out of my way, I'll tear you to pieces!"

I wanted to let it go, but Nima's legs were shaking, and I couldn't move from my position on the ground with the bleeding wound on my chest. There was a little kid holding my clothes behind me, and I was afraid I'd get a scratch on my back.

Seeing that I didn't let the female ghost get away from me, he didn't waste any more words with me. He just waved his hands and flew over. Tears welled in my eyes as I grabbed my walking stick and waved it around, "Don't come near me. Don't come near me!"

Just when I thought I was going to die, a white shadow falls from the sky, and a female ghost who had just pounced on me is kicked out.

I could see that the person wanted to rush into his arms, but I was too scared to do anything but cry out his name, "Jin Xuan."

"Sorry I'm late."

Jin Xuan squatted down to wipe away the tears on my face. Suddenly, his face turned serious and he let out a groan as a line of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

"What's the matter with you?" Did that ghost girl hurt him?

"I'm fine."

Jin Xuan wiped the blood off his mouth with his finger and stood up. He turned his back to me and coldly said a word to the ghost girl, "Scram!"

It was the first time that he found out that his figure was so big and that he was so domineering. The ghost girl kicked the wall and broke her neck, stood up, tilted her head and looked at Jin Xuan. She glared at him for a long time before snorting and flying out of the window.

There was still another ghost behind me. I turned around and saw that the little girl behind me was long gone.

Jin Xuan bent over and carried me horizontally. The moment he picked me up, he frowned in disdain, "Damn woman, you're actually scared to the point that you wet your pants!"

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