There were two crystal coffins in the center of the mourning hall, and the bodies were surrounded by a bunch of chrysanthemums. I couldn't help but walk over to the bodies.

It had to be said that these two were quite handsome. The one on the left raised his eyebrows slightly, looking like a popinjay. The one on the right had deep facial features and exuded an extraordinary aura.

I heard that they were all driving luxury cars, so they must have been the dragons and phoenixes among people when they were alive. I didn't expect that they would report to Yama Minamiya so young.

I could actually see something, and it was unknown when my father came up behind me. "Girl, did you fall for it?"

At this time, my dad still had the mood to talk about this. I quickly pulled him back, "Dad, these two people might have killed the main family together, but they're still in court. Why did you put him in the same family?"

"What else can we do? The two families will be doing it today, so we might as well do it together. Don't tell me that we're going to split up the second half as well?"

"Then you'd better take care of it. If someone from the main family sees a girl and a second husband, then it'd be weird if they don't destroy our funeral parlor!"

My father thought it was reasonable, so he quickly had someone to make opaque curtains that covered half of the two coffins inside and could only see one coffin from the outside. But I still felt uneasy inside, having grown up in this environment since childhood, and having never seen any kind of battle before, but never felt fear from the bottom of my heart like this, probably due to a lack of conscience.

Zhou Xiangxiang came straight into my room. She was wearing a long black robe with her hair tied up like a nun's. I quickly pulled her up. "My dad is going to marry me to two people tonight, is that alright?"

"It's not like I'm asking you to marry, what's there to be afraid of!" Speaking to that, Zhou Xiangxiang sighed. "If those two hadn't died, they might really have gotten married to you. What a pity."

"Heh, what a sinister fate." I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Don't believe me, those two are a perfect match for you. If they were still alive, you would definitely have gotten married to them. Now that they are dead, why did you transfer them to your wedding? This is your fate."

I grabbed my pillow and threw it at Zhou Xiangxiang. "Are you here to watch the show? You even said that you would help me fake it! "

"Haha, don't worry. Wait until I, Great Immortal Zhou, change your fate." Zhou Xiangxiang smiled as she took out a red triangular amulet and hung it around my neck. "Don't take this off. As long as it's there, no matter how high your cultivation is, he won't be able to marry you."

I hurriedly hid the red triangle inside my clothes. After hearing what she said, I became even more afraid. "What do you mean by that?"

Zhou Xiangxiang placed her hands behind her back and said, "I was only guessing. These two families might be rich, and they might even hire their own medium with double insurance. It's best if we keep our guard up."

I looked outside. There was only a man in glasses, dressed like a lawyer, who was probably not a medium. I had never heard of a man being a medium.

Seeing that it was almost 12 o'clock, I quickly covered my head with the hood. Mourning began to play outside, and soon, the sound of a bride was heard.

Ma came in to help me out, and since I was dressed in paper, I had to walk in small steps. I was taken to the center of the mourning hall, where I held a piece of red silk, with a red and white flower silk in the middle. At the end of the red silk was a white satin cloth, which was held in the hands of my father, who was holding the memorial tablet.

"First bow to Heaven and Earth!"

"Second bow to the hall!"

"Husband and wife bow to each other!"

The first two kowtows were fine. When the couple were bowing, the red rope around my neck suddenly snapped and the spell fell to the ground. I was about to pick it up when Dad walked up to put the tablet in my hand, turned around and stepped on it as he left. The charm was stuck to my shoe and it was taken away.

I reached out to pull him, but I missed. Suddenly, thousands of mud horses surged through my heart.

The sound of the Sutra of the Anthem playing in the mourning hall slowly dissipated, followed by a deathly silence.


"It's mine!"

Two different voices swirled in my ears. They seemed to be right in front of my eyes, yet they seemed to be coming from the clouds. They were not loud, but they struck at my heart, making the fear in my heart unendingly spread.

I was so frightened that I fell onto the ground. Suddenly, my head was blown away by the wind and the mourning hall was empty. I was the only one sitting in front of the two coffins.


The two coffins sprang apart at the same time, and a black and a white figure flew out with a whoosh, causing me to stagger backward and cover my eyes as I screamed, "AHH!" Don't come over here, don't come over!

"I was wrong, I was wrong. I'll return the money back to you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Spare me! Spare me!"

I had been an atheist the day before, and now I was so scared I didn't even dare to cry.

A cold hand slid through my wide sleeve. Its fingers seemed to be dancing, and goosebumps appeared all over the place where they'd touched it.

The man who was being shouted at jumped into my arms and, like a hungry wolf, shoved himself into my neck. I didn't dare move, let alone open my eyes, but curled up in that hard embrace, shivering and crying out Zhou Xiangxiang's name in my heart.

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