Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C6 Nurturing Ghosts and Raising Corpses
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Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C6 Nurturing Ghosts and Raising Corpses
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C6 Nurturing Ghosts and Raising Corpses

My dad always felt that working with Zhou Xiangxiang was quite fun, so when he saw that she helped me speak up, he lowered his head and said, "You, Uncle Deng, have always been in charge of contacting the other two families. Today, I even said that I would give the money to him, but no matter what, I couldn't get through to him.

Last night, he was still bragging to the heavens, but the next day, he was slapped in the face.

Uncle Deng's name is Deng Guodong, one of the employees of our funeral home. He's as skinny as a monkey and has doctors working in all kinds of hospitals. If a patient starts burping, he'll definitely be the first one to arrive and take care of him.

Upon hearing it was Uncle Deng, Zhou Xiangxiang shouted, "Hurry up and call Uncle Deng. The last time I saw him, I felt that he was too impetuous. Maybe he was the one who came knocking this time."

"What are you looking for?"

"Even if I told you, you wouldn't understand. Hurry up and attack!"

I quickly picked up the phone beside me and dialed Uncle Deng's number. There was a busy tone coming from the phone, and just as I was about to hang up, I heard a low sound of breathing mixed in with the receiver. The sound of breathing was like someone strangling my neck to exhale.

"Aoshuang, uncle has harmed you. Uncle can't help you because a dead person can't talk."

"Uncle Deng, don't scare me, what do you mean dead people don't die? Hurry up and tell me the Jin Family's phone number, I have something to talk to them about."

When I finished speaking, the other side of the phone has already pinched. My painful moans from before became deathly silent. I called Uncle Deng again, but since no one replied, I hung up. Zhou Xiangxiang looked at me and asked, "What did he say?"

"I didn't hear all sorts of eerie voices. I only heard the words' a dead person can't speak '."

"It's over, Uncle Deng has definitely been sealed up."

"What seal?"

"Even if we put a Dao Sealing Talisman in the mouth of a dead body, it would be impossible to tell the secret even after becoming a ghost. Let's hurry to Uncle Deng's house. If I'm not wrong, something must have happened to him."

I first went back to my room to change my clothes. As soon as I entered, I saw two Cinerary Urn s on the bedside and felt my legs go soft. Dad really put these two things in my room, I really did dare to sleep at night. Since Zhou Xiangxiang was here, I quickly pulled her back, "Xiangxiang, quickly take care of these two ghost things for me.

Zhou Xiangxiang looked at the two Cinerary Urn s, "They are not inside."

"Where did you go?"

"How would I know? I think I'll be back tonight. Let's go look for Uncle Deng first. I'll sleep with you tonight, and catch ghosts while we're at it."

Hearing her say this, I felt a lot more relieved. I quickly changed my clothes and went out. When I saw my mother carrying a bowl of porridge by the door, I drank a few mouthfuls before running away. Zhou Xiangxiang's pickup truck had all sorts of props on it.

Uncle Deng's house is not far from my home, we soon arrived. His house is locked, no matter how I called it, no one answered.

"What should we do? Do you want to call the police or do you want to find a lockup company? "

"If I'm here, why would I look for a lockpicking company?"

With that, Zhou Xiangxiang took out a small gourd from her canvas bag. The gourd had a red cloth with runes written on it, she chanted, and after saying that, she made a few hand signs towards the gourd, and then took off the red cloth, "Hurry and open the door, Master will naturally give you some good things."

"This gourd can be opened?"

Just as I finished speaking, the door opened with a "pa" sound. Zhou Xiangxiang touched her gourd in satisfaction. "Good girl, I'll give it to you when we get home." After that, I calmly stuffed the gourd into my bag. I completely ignored my gaping mouth and said, "Go in."

I had heard of the master key before, it was really the first time I saw a gourd open a door. I pestered Zhou Xiangxiang to let me see the gourd, "You have Calabash Boy in that gourd, why is it that he can do whatever you tell him to do?"

"Haha, there's no Calabash Boy, but I do have one! I just used the Ghost Controlling Technique, so you don't have the Heaven's Eyes, so you can't see him."

Zhou Xiangxiang speechlessly shook her head. "I've been very obedient to him for so many years. He's only a child and doesn't have much mana. You don't have to be afraid."

"I think you're more scary than ghosts. Who knows if you have any evil spirits in your bag."

"Do you think that raising ghosts is like raising a dog? Not only does raising ghosts require a powerful magic technique, it also requires an opportunity. Raising ghosts is not easy, and it's even harder to control ghosts. Just this little ghost was left behind for me by my grandma."

Zhou Xiangxiang strode into the room, and I hurried after her.

He was the only one in Uncle Deng's house. The house was full of cigarette butts and bottles, but there was no sign of a fight. I couldn't tell what was going on, so I asked Zhou Xiangxiang, "Great Immortal Zhou, did you see anything?"

"I smell a strong ghost aura."

My little heart almost couldn't take it anymore. Luckily, Zhou Xiangxiang said, "That ghost had already left, and besides the cigarette on the ground, there was also the cigarette butt of a cigar, which means that someone else came here. Uncle Deng must have gone with them, so let's call 110 and see if we can find him within seven days. If we still haven't found Uncle Deng's corpse after seven days, then there's no need to look for him anymore."

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