Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C7 If You Want to See Someone Alive If You Want to See Someone Dead If You Want to See a Corpse
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Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C7 If You Want to See Someone Alive If You Want to See Someone Dead If You Want to See a Corpse
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C7 If You Want to See Someone Alive If You Want to See Someone Dead If You Want to See a Corpse

"If he's alive, I want to see him. If he's dead, I want to see his corpse. How can I not look for him?"

"Who told you that you must see the corpse no matter what? There are many ways to deal with corpses. Hopefully, it won't be the worst way. Let's go, there's nothing to see here. "

Zhou Xiangxiang left and I hurried to catch up. When I turned around, I found that there were two pairs of eyes staring at me from behind. I pulled Zhou Xiangxiang's corner tightly and looked back, only to see the curtains fluttering in the wind.

After getting on the car, I was still scared, so I could only find a topic to talk about. "First you said, what's the worst possibility?"

"Nurturing corpses."

"Body rearing!" I just f * cking raised a ghost and now that I have even raised a corpse, I received too much information on this day. Let me digest it a bit.

Nurturing corpses is a wicked thing to do, imprisoning the souls of the dead in the corpses and forcing them to obey orders. If the corpses are destroyed, the ghosts will also perish along with them, unable to reincarnate for eternity.

Zhou Xiangxiang watched as I took out a yellow book from my bag and handed it to me, "It was left behind by my grandma. Take it back to see if you can learn something on your own, don't make it sound like an idiot."

"Damn it, who the hell has nothing to do with such nonsense?"

"What did you say?"

Great Immortal Zhou got angry and I immediately shut my mouth. When I got home, I opened the book to take a look, this couldn't be considered a book, it should be considered a handwritten letter. The moment I opened the first page, I wrote, "A student of the law must not have any evil thoughts, otherwise, I will bring disaster upon my family."

Zhou Xiangxiang's grandmother had probably written this for her to read. The second page started with a few things about spirit, good and evil, and so on, followed by some methods of jumping great gods and drawing talismans, as well as various ghost stories that her grandmother had encountered. I casually flipped through them and found that there was actually a story about a dog spirit.

I was really shocked, "Even after a dog dies, it can become a spirit?"

"Of course, not everyone becomes a ghost when they die, and not every animal becomes intelligent when they die as well."

"It's another opportunity. If there's another opportunity, then wouldn't anything happen?"

After Zhou Xiangxiang heard this, she laughed out loud. "Looks like my grandma's book is quite useful. Just casually flipping through it will make you much smarter. See, isn't this an opportunity?" Perhaps in the future, you will even become my Junior Sister. "

I hastily closed the book. "Pull it down. If I can't catch a ghost, I'll turn into a ghost first."

Zhou Xiangxiang also didn't argue with me, but she looked as if she was just going to wait and see.

When we got home yesterday, the mourning hall had been replaced with white silk, usually with white silk, and when we hung it up we didn't have to do anything else. My father wasn't home, and my mother said that he had gone to the village chief with the money to buy the birch field next to our funeral home as a public cemetery.

My mom is super happy, our funeral home is a dragon service, the gimmick is one step, these years expanding, the crematorium was built, only the last cemetery was not found, when my dad insisted for me to marry, he probably had this idea.

If it was in the past, I would definitely be happy, but now, I just saw in Grandma Zhou Xiangxiang's letter that there's definitely no way to compare with the Yang Mansion due to the heavy yin energy in the cemetery.

"Mom, tell Dad that our family's funeral home is already in a bad mood. We won't be able to hold on for much longer with another cemetery!"

"What nonsense are you talking about? Your dad built the tomb because we earned a lot of money from him. Once the tomb is built, I'll go and burn some incense for him."

I couldn't be bothered to tell her, it was so annoying, my mom was the same kind of person as my dad.

Zhou Xiangxiang put her hand on my shoulder and pointed at my mother's back as she left, "Did you see that? You were like your mother before, there are some things that you have to experience personally before you can believe. Take your time."

"It's fine if I'm alone, but I don't want my mom and the others to be haunted too."

"Then take a look at my grandma's letter. There are all kinds of Evil Repellent Talismans inside it."

While we were talking, Mom had already set up the dishes. After dinner, Mom even arranged a guest room for Zhou Xiangxiang. I pulled Zhou Xiangxiang to my room. "Now, look at him."

"No, I'll sleep with you tonight. Even if they're here, they wouldn't dare to come out."

With that, Zhou Xiangxiang put down her bag, took out the small gourd, and placed it on the table. She instructed me, "Go and get some incense. I promised the little ghost that I would give him some, and you can also give some to your two ghost servants."

"What ghost servant, I will never admit it!"

"The wedding has been completed, and the marriage contract between Yin and Yang burned to the judge. Even if they were scared out of their wits, it would still be your husband."

"What the heck is going on!?" I furiously scratched my head, angrily went out to get some incense and passed it to Zhou Xiangxiang. "Feed them to your little brat. Don't even think about living a good life here. I'm not going to let them eat it!"

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