Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C9 Grandma's Daoist Robe
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Two Ghost Husbands Are So Clingy/C9 Grandma's Daoist Robe
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C9 Grandma's Daoist Robe

When Zhou Xiangxiang saw that I was about to smash the vat, she quickly snatched it away from me. "What the hell are you doing? Can you smash this thing? Can you smash it? You can't be reborn without the offerings after destroying those two, you can only eat the rest of your life by your side."

I can't just f * cking smash it, I even have to carefully worship it. I'll f * cking fuck you!

I put down the Cinerary Urn with a bang and looked at Zhou Xiangxiang snappily. "Why did you only just arrive? Those two ghosts have already left."

Zhou Xiangxiang waved the Money Sword in her hands, "Dealing with two ghosts and the Peach Blossom Sword won't do, I found a powerful fellow."

"Forget it, they have already left. Let's hurry up and prepare some talismans for them. We must finish them by tonight. Otherwise, who would be able to bear all the suffering."

"That's fine, even if you can't destroy their souls, it's still good for you to seal them in the Cinerary Urn. You take care of them first, I'll go get the cinnabar and Paper Talisman." After saying that, Zhou Xiangxiang was about to leave, but I quickly pulled her back. "Don't go, maybe they'll come back later and we'll clean up together. After that, we'll move some stuff to your car."

I've followed her grandma since I was young. I've never believed in ghosts, but now two ghosts are pestering me. This is simply going to overturn all of my knowledge, it's almost as if the sky didn't collapse.

"Those two were messing around. Why did they leave just like that?" Zhou Xiangxiang, who was packing up, suddenly remembered something and turned to me.

I quickly told her everything that had happened. My face was full of anxiety, but she actually laughed out loud, rolling around on the bed twice. I kicked out with my leg in annoyance, "What are you laughing at? I was also f * cking forced. You must have them tonight!"

Zhou Xiangxiang didn't laugh anymore. She said half-jokingly, "Say, if the two of them go out to make peace and come back tonight to eat, what will you do?"

"Are you here to solve my problem? Or are you here to block me? "

"I mean it." Zhou Xiangxiang didn't laugh anymore and said seriously, "Since you and them are able to marry at the same time, it means that the Underworld allows a man and a woman to live together. It's not impossible for them to enjoy you together, it's just that they can't accept it at the moment."

Zhou Xiangxiang's serious look made me nervous, and the words that came out of her mouth made my hair stand on end. Although I don't have any obsession with cleanliness, but with two men at the same time, I think it's better for me to die!

I dejectedly sat on the bed. "I'll be watching you tonight. You have to save me. If that day comes, I'll just wipe my neck."

"Don't do anything stupid. Don't worry, leave it to me."

When I heard Zhou Xiangxiang's words, I trusted her 100%. But now that she said it, not only did I not feel at ease, I felt even more uneasy. Now, all I could do was place my hopes on Zhou Xiangxiang.

After we avoid this calamity, we can go find the expert that Qi Family hired. After cleaning up the house, Zhou Xiangxiang and I went to move all the things behind her truck into the house.

"Do you think I should go and get a cloth to draw the charms and then wear them as clothes?" That way, no matter how powerful they are, they won't be able to approach me.

"To think that you could think of such a thing, why not wear my grandma's Daoist robe?"

After Zhou Xiangxiang finished speaking, she threw over a black mass of things and scattered it on my head. I hurriedly reached out my hand to catch it, and didn't see wrongly, "These clothes are like beggars wearing begging clothes. You said it's your grandma's daoist robe?"

It was not at all the same as the one on TV. It was too shabby.

"Don't underestimate this daoist robe. Inside it is a rune my grandmother used to weave with black dog blood and cinnabar thread. A little evil ghost would absolutely not dare to come close to you. My grandmother had worn this for the first time in her life, so she took it off and washed it away."

"That evil ghost must have been by your grandma's side for many years to have such an opportunity." So Grandma Zhou Xiangxiang had left like this. It seemed that jumping up to the great god would offend a lot of ghosts, so I couldn't help but to be a little worried for Zhou Xiangxiang, "Xiangxiang, you've taken over your grandmother's mantle for many years, you must have offended a lot of evil spirits. Will this daoist robe be okay if you give it to me?"

Zhou Xiangxiang, who was drawing talismans, couldn't help but roll her eyes at my words. "You're overthinking. I'll lend it to you tonight, so you can return it to me tomorrow. That's a treasure my grandma left me."

So she only lent it to me for one night, and I was worried for her.

Forget it, as long as I can subdue those two evil spirits tonight, I won't be able to use this daoist robe.

We pasted up all the Paper Talisman that she brought with her on talismans, and when we finished, we raised our heads and looked. It was already dark outside, so I shook my body and stretched, "Xiangxiang, do your work first. I'm going to take a bath. I sweated all over last night."

Actually, the sweat had already dried up. It was just that the place between his legs was sticky and uncomfortable.

"You go wash. I'll set up a formation outside to capture ghosts. You stay in the house and don't come out."

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