Two Worlds/C1 History of Evil
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Two Worlds/C1 History of Evil
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C1 History of Evil

In a big city called Brantford, mutants were all killed back then in 1850’s.The government for the anti-mutant agency stood up to rise after the deadly meteor shower that caused humans obtain special powers. Humans with special powers were called mutants.

While some mutants used their powers for good, others intention was evil. There was chaos in the world, not long after three different groups from each side were formed; The good mutants who has a goal of protecting the city from any evil, the mutants underground who has one goal of to take over the world and make it a place for mutants to develop, establish, and generate their abilities in order for them to become more powerful.

The last group formed was by the government in order to bring down mutants of any kind, their goal was to eradicate humans with special abilities capable of bringing harm to the world. The last group was not any police force or any armed forces, they were called THE FANATICS, they were equipped with special weapons, mutants resistant force and also with robots which helps them to track down mutants.

While the war and chaos was going on in the city, A mutant named LUCAS, who was part of the good mutants trying to bring about peace and harmony in the city was killed. LUCAS had the ability of absorbing and emitting light from his hands, and also the power of massive superstrength. Lucas wife, REBECCA was also killed in the war period in 1850 ,her abilities were numerous but before she could awaken them, she was killed.

One of her abilities was that she could open up portals to any place she could see or watch. Long before the death of Lucas and his wife, Rebecca. They were married with a son whose name was REED. It was said that any child whose parent are mutants and has the X-GENE in them will become powerful, but that was not the case with REED.

REED was only two years old when his parents passed away. But before then Reed’s father entrusted Reed to his closest friend, Thiago.

Thiago was not a mutant, he was from an ordinary family. Thiago took Reed as his son and accepted him.

While the war and chaos was still ongoing, Thiago took Reed to hide in an underground tunnel with medications, kits, food supplies, and necessary equipment that would help Reed survive there.

Reed found numerous amounts of people living in the underground tunnel, most of them were mutants while few were humans.

Several times fights would occur between some humans and mutants with the humans blaming mutants for the war and chaos in the city.

While the war was going on, most of the mutant and humans were killed. Both in the city and even underground.

The FANATIX were also looking for more mutants to track down so they could eliminate them. They were a group of human soldiers who thought the world will be a better place without the mutants. But most times they got into fights with the mutants underground.

While the war was going on between mutant and humans, REED was the only young boy among adults, Thiago tried his best to raise reed into becoming a good mutant but he was worried when reed showed no sign of developing powers. REED was only two years old and Thiago had wondered what was wrong with the development of his powers.

A new girl named LAUREN was becoming closer to REED, because she always saw REED, staying alone. LAUREN was only five years old when her parents were killed by agents of the FANATICS, not long after her parents were killed, Lauren was staying and surviving alone until Thiago found her and took her to the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL, where she met people like her. An incident occurred when there was an argument between a mutant and a human which led to the human being shooting the mutant. LAUREN awakened her mutant powers through fear to save her fellow mutant.

LAUREN was able to bend air and create air shields to block and defend any attack whatsoever. While LAUREN tried to move closer to REED,REED REED was always pushing her back and telling her he wanted to be alone, but LAUREN never gave up, she fought to gain the likeness of REED. Finally, she became close to REED and they were friends, they would do everything together and she would even use her powers to make REED happy. She became an adopted sister to REED, always talking to him and cautioning him on the dangers of going outside.

She told him that he was too small to be lonely and depressed because at that time REED was only three years old while LAUREN was six old.

Meanwhile at the MUTANTS UNDERGROUND, full of evil mutants, SOPHIE, their leader was determined to never leave any mutant behind, her main aim is to create a world without humans but only for mutants. She said that mutants were once human beings but due to a tragic accident that some people considered advantageous, changed their lives.

SOPHIE vowed to make the world a better place for mutants and by doing so she needed many mutants to be on her side. So, she started recruiting and forming a group which was known as the MUTANTS UNDERGROUND.

Sophie was only seven years old when she discovered energy fields as shields and also cause disruption of other mutants’ powers and machines .

SOPHIE’s parents handed her over to the FANATICS because she could not control her powers at that time causing her to destroy many machines and caused it to malfunction. While SOPHIE was in the FANATICS DETENTION CAMP FOR MUTANTS, she was placed in a cell and was forced to wear a hand bracelet that could stop her powers and any time she uses It, she would receive a painful shock from the bracelet.

So, one day, while there was a power outage failure in the camp, she managed to control and disrupt the chamber controlling all the bracelet, and that was what enabled her to escape from all the FANATICS DETENTION CAMP.

All along SOPHIE was staying alone stealing from stores to survive until she met REINA.

REINA was also a mutant with the aim of surviving, REINA was able to control and manipulate water, she could form them water and mold them into shields to protect herself.

REINA’s father died not so long after taking care of Reina since childbirth, because her mother who was also a mutant died after giving birth to Reina, so since then she had been living alone till, she later met Sophie.

Sophie and Reina became best friends, the trained together, the ate together and even joined their abilities together to help people.

While they were training in their hideout, some humans who saw them went to report to some agents of the Fanatics agency, the humans lied to the agents they were using their powers to destroy the environment, not so long after, the agents discovered their location and attacked the.

Sophie and Reina ran away but they were pursued and trailed by robots of the Fanatics till they got apprehended. they were forced to fight back because strong force was used to hold them down. Reina destroyed the machines with water while Sophie disrupted their frequency causing them not to hear or do anything by which she later fried the electromagnetic chip placed in the robots.

They continued running and fighting back until Reina got shot by an agent, Sophie tried to help her but Reina insisted that she should run away. Sophie who later got angry and was sad to do anything.

She cried for some days because she lost her best friend and then vowed that she would create a world where mutants can live in without running or hiding. Sophie continued her life, while she was surviving, she faced many difficulties but never stopped training to prepare herself for the worst that could ever happen again in her life.

Sophie later grew up and traveled to a faraway city in Mexico, she became a very successful woman with lots and lots of finance who also chose to never upin all her endeavors.

She then realized that it was time to come back home. She left Mexico after some years and came back to Brantford in the united states of America. She built an underground palace and started recruiting mutants. Sophie named her group THE MUTANTS UNDERGROUND.

The death of Sophie’s best friend, Reina her life totally, as she killed any Fanatics agents, she sees anywhere just the same way they killed her friend, Sophie became brutal, wicked and merciless.

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