Two Worlds/C2 Welcome to the Team
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Two Worlds/C2 Welcome to the Team
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C2 Welcome to the Team

While the war was going on in the city, A man who is a mutant was going round helping all mutants injured, helpless and scared in the city and taking them to a hideout in the sewer where they helped them, taught children to always be on the good side and trained them on how to use their powers for helping people and for battles when it comes in need .

His name was John. John left his parents some years due to a calamity when he almost burned the house down. John had the ability of human torch, he could manipulate, absorb and emit fire from all part of his body. John was five years old when the Fanatics agents took his sister away, He then made a promise to himself that he would never allow what happened to his sister happened to anyone else either mutants or human beings, he vowed that he would try his best to protect everyone and by doing so he needed strong mutants that would assist him in the fight.

Since that happened, he then went on to recruit mutants that could help him in the fight to protect individuals and stand up against anyone that would get in their way.

He first went to the city of Chicago where he heard about a powerful mutant causing harm and wreaking havoc in the city because of the malfunctioning of his power, his name was kelvin.

Kelvin had the ability of a Demigod; He could fly and he also had telekinetic abilities ;which could help him move objects from one place to another without touching them.

When he heard that a mutant named John was looking for him, he thought at first that, John wanted to eliminate him, so kelvin became furious which led to the outburst of his powers and destroying properties worth millions.

But what had made John pick a man like that was because kelvin had never killed anyone.

While John was searching and tracking kelvin down, he caught up at a certain girl’s beauty, which made him stare at her till he was forced to follow her to her hideout. John had totally forgotten about his mission to recruit Kelvin and went somewhere else.

John wanted to make first advances at the girl, he tried to talk to her but it turned out she was also a mutant who was working with the Fanatics to look for Kelvin. But John never knew all his intention was that he had found the love in Mexico.

He was very happy and forgot totally about his mission. While John followed her every-where she went. She went he then decided to ask her for her name, but there was still no response from the girl.

Later, he held her hand and then drew her closer to him then the dark glasses she wore removed and fell down. John then saw her real face; her eyes were shining purple.

John later understood that she was a mutant and then he asked her for the second time what her name was, she later replied John,


“Wow, what a nice voice you have there.”

John said.

He then begged her to show him her abilities then she told him that she would make people see and do whatever she wants them to do. John then remembered that he was supposed to be tracking down Kelvin.

“what is wrong?”

Lyla asked,

“Did you use your powers on me?”

John angrily asked back.

“No, I will never.”

Lyla cried out.

John’s eyes became blaring red, he groaned as more changes appeared on his body. His hands stretched forward and suddenly fire came pouring out from them.

“If you ever lie to me again in your life, I will burn you to the ground. Now, did you lie to me or not?”

He gritted out bitterly as he glared hard at her.

She looked down in shame and linked her fingers together,

“yes, I did and I am sorry.”

She said accepting the facts and coming clean with him.

John looked at her with disappointment filled eyes,

“why will you do that?”

He asked.

Lyla started her story,

“I was sent by Fanatics. They arrested me and my sister. They tortured my sister and forced me to work for them John. I had no choice but to work for FANATIX. They even inserted a tracking device in my leg and they watch all my movements. I do not have any choice!”

John rolled his eyes,

“so, is that why you betrayed me? and tricked me?”

John said the fire in his hand slowly stopping.

“they said they would kill my sister if I do not do as they say. So, I agreed to work for FANATIX.”

he sighed,

“fine, I will help you. You have to trust me and believe me. Are you sure that is all?”

John asked her one last time and she immediately nodded.

He brought up a plan to use Kelvin as bait but Kelvin would be only on their side just to rescue Lyla’s sister, Remove the tracking device from her leg and run away.

Lyla immediately agreed to the plan.

While Lyla was tracking Kelvin, she found him in a nearby shop close to their hideout. He was drinking coffee. she decided to meet him to talk to him about the plan.

“hey Kelvin.”

She said as she sat on the seat opposite him. Kelvin did not bother to raise his eyes from the newspaper,

“what do you want Lyla?”

“I need your help.”

Lyla muttered.

“what will you like to order?”

Lyla looked up from Kelvin to the young waitress standing in front of her with a book and pen to take down her order.


Lyla simply muttered and watched the waitress leave their front.

“I need your help.”

“I am not ready to help anyone.”

“Kelvin please. I need to save my sister from the Fanatics and I need your help.”


Kelvin said sipping his coffee. Lyla sighed at how stubborn Kelvin seems to be. John who was watching their reactions decided to walk into the restaurant.

Lyla who became frustrated about the response kelvin was giving her finally decided to use her powers on him, so that he could see what her little sister was going through in the hands of the Fanatics agents.

John who had walked in went to sit down by the table between the two of them.

Kelvin went through a journey of memories as he saw the phases of torture given to the little female mutant.

As he regained consciousness back, he first saw John and asked

“who is this?”

Lyla replied “A friend who I found that is also willing to help me”

After much persuasion and memory travelling, kelvin finally agreed to help Lyla and John.

Together the three of them devised a way to break into the Fanatics detention camp in Mexico as they also removed the tracking device that was in her leg. When the Fanatics agents discovered that the tracking device had been removed, they doubled their security at their camp.

While they were discussing the rescue plan, John then said

“We are not going to attack today because now that they have noticed that we removed the tracking device in Lyla’s leg, they would double their security at their detention camp”

After two days, they went into action, Lyla dressed as a police officer bringing in two fugitives which were John and Kelvin. While she was at the counter, she made two Fanatics guards obey her every command, then they helped her to pass through the main gate, on to the mutant’s detention cells.

As they were about to begin their search for Lyla’s younger sister, they met Doctor Campbell; who was a doctor that had gotten a degree in studying and suppressing the x-gene in mutants.

He had just finished with a patient and was coming out of the ward room when he met Lyla, John and Kelvin.

“Who are you guys and what are you doing here” Doctor Campbell said.

Lyla who had tried to use her powers on him found out that it couldn’t work, kelvin who had known much about mutants told them

“Since Lyla’s powers could not work on him, he must be a mutant whose abilities had surpassed ours”.

Later on, Doctor Campbell suspected they were up to something, he tried to raise alarm to inform the agents but was stopped and the last dose of the serum he used in suppressing mutants X-gene was used on him by John. As he began rolling on the floor, screaming in pain which made kelvin to hit the back of his head as he blacked out.

Lyla who wanted to kill him shouted “ I wish I could just end you, you this beast who have no feelings when it comes to hurting people”.

Kelvin grabbed doctor Campbell as he put him n his shoulders, after on they then went on to Lyla’s younger sister cell, on arriving her sister cells, they found out that she was not there.

So, the three of them went on to check other cells incase she was there

John now found a room different from all other cells, as he went in and switched on the light and saw some mutants laid on the turns out that place was doctor Campbells office and secret room where he tortured mutants and got rid of their powers.

In there Lyla immediately sighted her sighted as she ran on to carry her.

Her sister was the last patient who doctor Campbell had just finish experimenting on was still awake, immediately she saw Lyla, tears rolled her eyes as she shouted “ Lyla!”

The whole team looked at where the they heard the voice from as the whole room was wide and big which could contain over fifty mutants for experiments.

Lyla ran on to carry her sister as she said

“ I’m really sorry Kayla, I should’ve have been there for you but I wasn’t, I know you would probably hate me all your life but I’m really sorry”.

Kayla then replied

“it’s not your fault, you tried you best but the Fanatics still took me away from you, why would I hate you? You’re my sister” as she still continued crying.

Kelvin who was frustrated about how the family reunion was taking long said

“hey Kayla, nice to meet you and all that but we have got to go now!”

While the whole team planned on leaving, they found out that the alarm had been set off and the whole place would be on lockdown in the next five minutes as a result of a breach in that camp.

They never knew what caused the breach because they were not seen as they entered. So, they all started running out of the camp when they in contact with the mutant’s underground who wwere the cause of the lockdown. John who made eye contact with Sophie as they were running thought, they had something in common unknown to him, she had an evil Intention of eliminating humans and bringing up mutants in the world.

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