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The setting sun gradually sank down, and the sunset glow in the alternating gaps between the night and the day painted a beautiful picture of cold and warmth. The last bit of daylight into the conference room cast a reddish-gold glow on the electronic clock on the wall, as if it were an old time frozen in time.

"What did you do? His idea was to be old and his design was very stiff. Even the two yuan shops on the street would be more interesting than this … "For a company like us who is the benchmark of the industry, such a level is a huge joke!"

Leaning on his chin, Ling Nan's mind had long since flown outside into the interweaving light and darkness of the Ancient River Towers.

The head of the department, Sister He, had a strange problem. Although the company had clearly set a 6 o'clock deadline, she always liked to organize meetings after 5: 30. The main content of the meetings was to fail the performance, criticize the creativity, and announce the assessment list. As if the day was wasted if she didn't do it.

Life needed a sense of ceremony, but it was only her own orgy.

Of course, such a meeting could not be a pleasure, especially when it seriously delayed the time it took to get off work.

However, as the standard jewelry designer in the industry, Ling Nan actually didn't have any room to complain. Most of the time, she simply didn't have the position to express her displeasure or dislike, and could only activate the electricity saving mode to the best of her ability.

"Sister Ling Nan!" Ling Nan! " Nana, who was next door, fiercely snapped her fingers in front of her. "The meeting has ended!" "It's back to the soul!"

Ling Nan was startled awake by the sudden snap of her fingers, and finally regained her senses. "Huh?"

Nana could not hold back her laughter. "Hey, hey! Your daily absent-mindedness is really too godly!"

"It can't be considered as a distraction." Ling Nan used the pen to poke her own cheek, pulling the pen back, "It's just that you saw me here, but I'm actually not here."

"Yes, you are just not very familiar with this world."

"Ling Nan, your cultivation realm is really high. "You've been using your design as an example for the past half hour, yet you're still able to remain so still and calm. Truly a Buddha." The one who spoke was Sister He's favorite, Fanny. Her voice was even sweeter, sounding like she'd drunk a whole bottle of honey down her throat. She'd pass out from being unable to catch a breath. It turned out that it was always good to be a sweet mouth, at least when you were scolded you would never bear the brunt of the fire.

"Isn't that so?" Wang Ai, who was sitting at the back, also laughed, "Sister Nan, thank you for your hard work today. You helped us block quite a lot of cannons."

These words sounded like the usual teasing from colleagues, but it always sounded a bit unpleasant when it was neither cold nor hot in one's ears.

Na Na secretly stuck out her tongue at Ling Nan, and Ling Nan then smiled back at her, and casually replied, "Haha, is that so?"

This kind of competition could be found everywhere in the office. It was just asking for trouble in his heart. The so-called jewelry designer was just an ordinary employee of the company, a technical position at the high end, or at the low end, a special kind of villager.

When Ling Nan came out of the meeting room, it was already completely dark outside. She estimated that the closest market to home should have been closed for a long time, the supermarket was too far away to go, and tonight she could only rely on take-out products to survive.

When she returned to her office, she carefully took off her high heels, put on a pair of soft running shoes and stomped her feet. She was extremely satisfied.

After all, once was enough as he was busy catching the subway and sending his shoes flying.

She carried her bag and strode out of the building. Her footsteps became much lighter and her heart felt like it was about to fly with her.

The lights outside were bright, many of them were people hurrying home.

No matter how expensive your office building is, or how many exquisite clothes you wear, you will eventually return to the most ordinary of lives, rice, oil, salt, joy, anger, and sorrow, over and over again, never ending.

"Hey, you guys hurry up! The table is set for 8 o'clock. If he can't make it in time, he'll have to take the wind! "Eh, Ling Nan, you still haven't left, hehehe …"

If it was anyone else, Ling Nan would probably not have noticed it at all, it was just that Fanny's voice was too recognizable, it would be hard for her to pretend not to recognize him.

The group of them had arranged to eat together, except for Ling Nan. If it weren't for Ling Nan's delay in changing her shoes, they wouldn't have met face to face.

Ling Nan felt the smile on her face stiffen. She knew in her heart that it was those people who were playing with small groups to push her away, but at this moment, she seemed to be even more embarrassed than they were.

Nana stuck her head out timidly, her face full of awkward apology, "Sister Ling Nan … Do you want to come with us... "

"Oh, I still need to go back and redraft it. You guys go and have a good time." Ling Nan then turned around and ran away, as if she was escaping for her life.

From the moment she had made her move to this company, this awkward atmosphere had persisted, as if she had come to steal someone else's job. Ling Nan knew in her heart that she didn't intend to explain. After all, she had always thought that time would prove everything. She hadn't thought that time would solidify this enmity, turning it into the office's usual state.

Nana was a new employee. Although she was good friends with Ling Nan on a daily basis, she would have to establish a foothold in the company in the future. She could not let it get out of hand for Ling Nan and the others.

Ling Nan understood, understood very well.

As long as a person was alive, there would always be trouble. Only by having trouble could one be considered alive.

She smiled wryly and descended the stairs in quick steps.

She looked up just in time to see a man with his head down entering the car parked at the bottom of the steps. The instant before the car door closed, Ling Nan's gaze swept across his face, as if she had been struck by lightning, her entire being was dumbfounded.

"... "Rerun?"

Memories that had previously penetrated her heart surged into her heart, tearing apart all her reservation and pain.

There was no time for her to think, and the car was already gone.

"Wait! Wait a moment! " She had never thought that she would be able to do such a crazy thing like chasing after a car. After all, her usual image was still somewhat aloof and distant from the world. If any of her colleagues were to witness her current actions, they might not even dare to recognize her.

The car did not slow down, moving slowly away from her until she could no longer see it.

Ling Nan stopped, and felt as if her lungs were on fire. After taking a few heavy breaths, she suddenly burst into tears.

Zhong Yue, that was indeed Zhong Yue's face.

The bus stopped shakily beside her and opened the door.

"Get in the car. If we can't make it in time, we'll just wait for the next time. Why chase after the car with all our might?" The chauffeur looked at her with a face full of pity. "What a pity, chasing after a car and crying like this."

Everyone in the car stared at Ling Nan.

After the howl just now, the foundation mascara eyeliner on his face had been completely melted like a living ghost.

She carefully found a corner and started crying in a low voice. The auntie at the side could not stand it any longer, so she stuffed a bag of toilet paper from the supermarket into her pocket. No matter how much misfortune this girl had suffered, she could still cry in public.

Ling Nan hid her face between her hands, choked with sobs.

It was just a split-second, but to her, it was as slow as a lifetime.

Her fiancé had died in a car accident on the eve of the wedding two years ago.

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