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It turned out that the rain had something to do with eating.

Ling Nan was already depressed, the rain outside was getting heavier. She ordered quite a few dishes, and when she looked back, she found that Han ordered even more.

In any case, hugging someone's thigh was not a problem of being poor. Ling Nan also did not hold back, and completely spread out her image as she ate heartily.

Han Qian leisurely drank his milk. "I didn't think you could eat this much."

"I didn't stop you either. You should eat too." Ling Nan thought for a moment, in any case it was Han Qian who would be paying in a bit, he had to give enough face to the potential customer, "Don't be like that, if you want to eat, eat, what kind of image do you want?"

Han Qian raised her eyelids, "As long as you're happy."

"Here, eat more prawns." Ling Nan compared the scraps in front of her with the other party's spotlessly clean plate, afraid that he would deal with her in the same amount later. Ling Nan compared the scraps in front of her with the other party's spotlessly clean plate, afraid that he would deal with her in the same amount later.

"Why are you eating shrimp while I eat?" Han Qian did not have the slightest intention to make a move.

"Your body is still growing. Eat more bones, shrimp, etc. There's no harm in replenishing calcium." Ling Nan was unsure in her heart, smiling slyly as she narrowed her eyes, "It's boring to just eat seafood like this, how about a bottle of wine?"

Han Qian raised her eyelids again. "As long as you're happy."

Ling Nan did not expect that the financial backer would be so generous, she gave him a thumbs up, "Special!"

The wine was quickly served, wrapped in a white towel and placed in an ice bucket. The basket outside was decorated with some rose petals.

"Hehehe …" Ling Nan embarrassedly laughed twice, quietly reaching out with her fork to pick up the flower petals and throwing them into the trash can.

The crystal clear golden wine slid into the bottom of the cup and shook gently. Instantly, a fragrance was triggered out.

Han looked at her. "Why white wine?"

"Steaks with red wine, seafood with white wine, that's the perfect match." Ling Nan took a small sip, "The best temperature for a sparkling wine is 5-7 degrees Celsius; the white wine is 7-10 degrees Celsius; the rose red wine is 10-12.5 degrees Celsius; and the ordinary red wine can be higher, 12.5-15.5 degrees Celsius." Too low a drinking temperature will affect the flavor of the wine, inhibit the volatile aromatic substances, too high temperature will make the wine taste tasteless... This is common sense, don't you know? "

"I'm not that delicate." Han Qian slowly shook his head, "It seems like you're not either. Someone probably taught you this."

"... In fact, this is all told to me by Shuangyue. He really likes red wine, and he has a whole cupboard of it … "At that time, I was always worried, since the price of the house was so expensive, I even had to leave a few square meters behind to store his red wine …" Ling Nan's voice slowly became softer, "Just because of this matter, we quarreled quite a few times..."

Han Qian followed up by asking, "If I give you another chance, you probably won't be willing to argue with him again."

"It's hard to say..." Ling Nan paused to think for a while, "If we can do it again, there's a high chance that he will argue, but I will definitely let him sell some." After he left, I smashed quite a bit with the wine to vent my anger, and when the craziness was past its heartache and heartache, people would also be gone without alcohol. "

Han Qian lowered his head, as if he was holding back a smile.

"If you want to laugh, then laugh out loud from the bottom of your heart." Although Ling Nan did not get to see him laugh, she would rather Han Qian laugh out loud and be more pleased than trying to be the Prime Minister he was struggling with.

"From the looks of it, the difference in status and class between the two of you is quite huge." Han Qian raised his head, as if he had already suppressed that smile. After a while, he said, "Your fiancé's aesthetic standards are really quite unique, how did he fall for your type?"

Ling Nan rested her chin on her hand: "Maybe it's because I'm poor and don't know my own limitations."

"Not bad." Han Qian nodded, "Although you're still poor, you should still know your own limits."

Ling Nan was not angry, "Since I'm so poor, why don't you settle the bill for today?"

"I don't have any money." Han Qian answered confidently while biting on the straw that stuck out from the milk carton.

How could Ling Nan give him a chance to play dumb and run away from the debt? She continued to play Tai Chi with an apologetic smile, "Understood, in this era, even if you don't have any cash, it's still fine. "Ka, WeChat, Alipay, anything will do."

"I have nothing." Han Qian looked at her with a particularly magnanimous gaze, "You want to treat me to a meal?"

"How is this possible!?" Don't act dumb for me! " Just as Ling Nan was preparing to reason with him, she was actually defeated by his sincere and innocent look, "Sigh, don't tell me you're not an adult yet?"

Looking at the account balance on the screen of his phone, Ling Nan sadly realized that the rent would probably be extended by the landlord by another month.

Eating and drinking heartily for a while, repaying the debt and regretting the loss of one's intestines.

Na Na discovered that Ling Nan had actually eaten two dishes and a soup of low quality food together with a dry old mother's chili sauce. She immediately became baffled, "Sister Ling Nan, didn't you apply for the outstanding contribution prize? What is this eating method? Do you want to lose weight or do you want to buy a house? "

Ling Nan was speechless as she looked at the soup, "What can I do, I also feel despair."

If she had to lower herself to a minor, she would either be too unconscious, or she would be broke through to the bottom of the earth.

Ling Nan sighed again, who knew that Han Qian would still do something like this. After yesterday's incident, even if she didn't go all the way through, at least she was still half dead.

Suddenly, the phone rang with the sound of gold coins. Ling Nan looked down and realized that her account had gone through a qualitative leap.

"What is this?" Ling Nan thought to herself as she looked at the amount, she said that it was the salary, and there was not enough time, and she said that it was the process of obtaining the special contribution rewards that wasn't going to go that fast, could it be that someone had drawn the wrong account with his eyes closed?

"Sigh, this is …" With a whoosh, Nana stood up, covered her mouth and shoved the phone in front of Ling Nan.

Ling Nan lowered her head and saw that it just so happened that instant when she handed the sliced prawn head over to Han Qian's plate, and because they were at a different angle, the two of them were almost face to face.

Na Na's face was filled with shock. "Sister Ling Nan, what's going on?"

"What else can they do?" Do you think I can take a fancy to such a childish man? No, Han Qian was not a man yet, he could at most be considered half a man. "What do you mean by that expression? Am I that hungry?" No wonder the others had strange looks in their eyes from the moment they entered the company. Nana was very busy today and didn't have the time to look at her phone, so she just found out now that while they were still out of condition, this news had already spread throughout the company.

"Of course I believe you, although Han Qian is handsome, he's really too young." Nana let out a bitter laugh. "But, in the eyes of others, this matter is not that simple. What if they …"

Without a doubt, Ling Nan had already read the following message in the WeChat group:

"No wonder everyone's been praising her these past few days. I thought she just started hanging up recently, so it turns out she's climbed up a high branch."

"She's really good. The crown prince was taken down so quickly. Just what kind of method does she have? She should learn it from her innocence instead."

"How old is Ling Nan? I don't even know, and there's no bottom line?"

"Isn't it the fashion line now? "Since there are so many companies and so many industries, taking them all down would be a winner in life."

"Who she took down was her ability. I don't like it when she clearly relied on the Crown Prince's support to show off her talent." After working so hard for so many days, she finally got lucky. "

"Yeah, who are you trying to trick when you changed it at noon."

"If there's someone behind you, just say it out. As long as everyone knows, who would dare to go against their job? I have to give myself a brainwashing bag to set up a professional woman. She's like a white lotus flower that's standing up again.

Nana took the phone back. "Alright, you should stop looking at it."

"No problem, I'll go out for a walk." Ling Nan let out a bitter laugh, it was just a misplaced photo, someone else could already think up a whole plot to counterattack the Wealthy Class. Who would have known that she could not even pay the rent right now?

Ling Nan carried the lunchbox out with her old mother, and prepared to ascend to the roof as a matter of habit.

On one side was a long flight of stairs leading to the top floor, a railing on one side and a long row of windows on the other. To some extent, this kind of design doesn't even make sense as a fire escape, it probably represents the designer's hopeless romantic feelings.

Ling Nan had only taken a step forward when those words were clearly heard in her mind.

Those rumors did not only hurt her, but also Han Qian. Han Qian was still so young, and if word got back to him, it would be hard to tell what he would think.

Ling Nan decisively retracted her foot.

No matter what, it was better to avoid suspicion at a time like this.

"Ling Nan, I was looking for you."

Ling Nan was lost in thought, and when she was suddenly called out like this, she was scared witless, almost dropping the lunchbox to the ground.

Many people would stay at the water gallery in the courtyard garden after lunch or head straight back to the company's lunchtime apartment to enjoy a perfect daydream. This would cause the entire company to be in complete silence during the lunch break.

However, this did not include Ling Nan. After all, she had been questioned and questioned since she had joined the company for such a long time. If she did not work hard, she would not even be able to keep up this decent job.

Even if it was just an effort on the surface, even if the other party was unhappy, he would at least not be able to get rid of him easily.

"What's the matter with you?"

Bright sunlight fell from the long windows to the ground, scattered like a frame of bleached time.

Han Shanglu stood in front of her, gentle and calm.

"I... No …. "Nothing." Ling Nan watched as he slowly approached her, his steps as graceful as the strings of time, slowly saying farewell to everything that had happened in the past.

Step by step, it was like stepping on her heart.

For a moment, it was as if his image completely overlapped with the memory.

Looking at his smile, Ling Nan suddenly had a bold idea.

"Have you received the money back?"

Ling Nan blinked her eyes, as though she was completely out of the situation, "Wh … "What?"

"Yesterday's dinner..." Han Shanglu replied with a smile, "That's the meal fee I paid back for Little Qian."

Ling Nan instantly dismissed her bold thoughts.

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