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Although Ling Nan felt that Han Qian lacked the harsh beating to live a life, he himself was a law-abiding person, so he still had to take the proper path when he had things to do.

The next day, after work, she rushed to the apartment building's administration office. Even if the tenant wasn't a formal owner, she still had human rights, but when she got the answer, she almost collapsed on the spot.

"I want to join forces with the surrounding residents to protest. I want to make the 2801 residents stop disturbing the people in the middle of the night!"

"Stop wasting your strength." The woman smiled as she crossed her legs over the melon seeds. "The people living in the vicinity of 2801 have all been moved away, except for you."

Ling Nan was enraged, "How can they be so cowardly, how can they be so easily subservient to evil forces!"

"Since they took the compensation, do we leave them for the new year?" The melon seeds that were in the woman's mouth suddenly shot into the trash can, "Don't worry about the chores. You should pay for next quarter's property management fees. Your landlord came over a few days ago. I heard that he wants to increase the rent. "

Ling Nan was completely convinced.

A man may not bow his head to evil forces, but no man can go against money.

When the night came and the sound waves struck, Ling Nan wrapped herself in her quilt, feeling as if she was about to melt.

You have three choices: move, move, and move.

Han Qian was like a savage bandit who not only ruined your life, but also tore down your home.

Ling Nan tried her best to cover her ears but was unable to fall asleep. Recalling that she would be ridiculed by her colleagues again tomorrow, the sadness in her heart gradually turned into grief and indignation.

The milk packaging in the corridor was much more complete, but many of the boxes were like old generals on stage, their bodies filled with tubes that looked like flags. The fact that he was able to use a tube to ravage the packaging of the milk proved that this neighbor not only had a strange hobby, but also had amazing hand strength.

Ling Nan patiently pressed the doorbell.

After the same long three minutes, Han Qian appeared behind the door with a pale face. "What do you want now?"

Ling Nan carefully sized him up, and the more she looked at him, the weirder she found it to be. It was the middle of the night with such high quality music, but his spirit was so poor that it always reminded her of something unhealthy.

Without waiting for her reply, Han Qian turned around and was about to close the door.

Ling Nan took a step forward and blocked the door. Only when she heroically inserted the card did she realize that she was in a passive position. This was someone else's territory, so she didn't have any reason to do so. If she had to use force, she wouldn't have any advantage in terms of strength.

Fortunately, Han Qian did not directly push open the door and pinch her flat. "What do you want in the end?"

"You turn the music so loud every day that I can't rest." Ling Nan calmed herself down, "I'll trouble you to consider everyone's feelings."

"Everyone? Where is it? " Han Yu swept his eyes left and right.

Ling Nan confidently and confidently replied, "Me."

Han Qian paused for a moment, then seriously replied, "Tomorrow, someone will come to pay you compensation. You should move away."

Ling Nan found this person more and more strange. Although he deserved to be beaten up, he did not seem like he was intentionally showing off his wealth or the arrogance of others. Instead, he was straightforward and naive to the point that he did not know how to talk to others. This strange feeling caused Ling Nan to be angry at his words and actions, but she did not hate him.

"I've been living here for more than half a year. I really like it here." Ling Nan held on to the door, "I don't want to move, I want to move you."

"Are you playing a rascal?" Han Qian frowned, "You've been pestering Han Shanglu. It's fine if he has a good temper, but don't provoke me."

"I'm pestering Han … Chairman Han? " Ling Nan was almost angered to the point of laughing, but when he thought about it again, he felt that something wasn't right. Since Han Qian thought this way, could Han Shanglu's thoughts be the same as his?

"I've verified, Han Shanglu said that he doesn't know you." Han Qian spoke like an old cadre planning to give a political lesson, "Whether you are here to pursue him or for money, it is best for you to stop this foolish behavior immediately."

Ling Nan was so angry that she couldn't laugh anymore.

Such childish words, such official words, such an old attitude, they were all concentrated on the same person … Was he schizophrenic?

"What kind of verification did you use?" He said he didn't know me, but I knew him. Just you wait! " Ling Nan walked around back to her room and brought the picture from the headboard over.

When she saw that photo, Han Qian was clearly surprised.

"Do you see that? Not only do I know him, I'm pregnant with his child." Ling Nan gleefully snatched back the photo, and casually made a joke, "Being so young, can you not be so malicious towards the whole world?"

Ling Nan hugged herself like a rooster who had just won a fight and returned to her room together with Zhong Yue.

Closing the door, Ling Nan put the photo back on the bedside table, finding the most comfortable position on the pillow.

He hadn't thought that after two years, Zhong Yue would still be able to protect her in this way.

"... Good night. "

The truth proved that Ling Nan had truly overestimated his spiritual attack on Han Qian and underestimated the malice of the entire world. This was because the music next door never stopped playing throughout the night, until dawn arrived.

"... Good morning. "

Ling Nan gritted her teeth and got up from the bed with a black eye.

Persisting and fighting to the end with the evil forces next door.

She also had integrity and a bottom line, three days was the limit, if Han Qian did not move … She moved!

"It's so similar, really. It's too similar. " Looking at the photo in the wallet, Ling Nan almost forgot to chew the food.

On the other end of the phone, Yao Mengyuan was baffled by what she heard. "What are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?"

Ling Nan used too much force with her fork, ruthlessly knocking it against the bottom of the lunchbox, "Will there really be two people who are exactly the same in this world?"

"I don't think so... Even identical twins have subtle differences. " Yao Meng Yuan was also eating lunch on the other end of the phone, "Why are you suddenly so conflicted over this? If I understand, I can give you some inspiration? "

Ling Nan forced out a smile, "It should be able to distract me the next time I'm scolded."

Yao Meng Yuan sighed seriously, "To be honest, you are a realist. You are never the kind of person who is good at moving around the world. If you don't want to force yourself to change your style, then you must have met with something."

"You guessed it right, I have one..." Ling Nan hesitated for a moment, "Friend, two years ago he was killed in a car accident, but I saw someone in the company who looked exactly like him, is that possible?"

"Friends?" Yao Meng Yuan immediately recognized the mystery behind the message. "You're a boyfriend, right?"

Ling Nan bit her lips and did not say anything. As long as she thought of Zhong Yue, she would instantly suffocate from the overwhelming grief and despair.

Yao Meng Yuan was also silent for a while: "I think … If you're not hallucinating, then he's coming back to life. "

"Can you be more serious? This is a scientific world." Ling Nan was amused by her, "I would rather believe that some evil scientist had recombined his genes, which means that he was not able to identify himself as a zombie."

"You know this is ridiculous, so why are you still hesitating? Whether that person is a coincidence or a zombie is not something you should be concerned about. " Yao Meng Yuan paused for a moment, "I don't care what kind of things happened to you in the past, but after so long, you should be able to walk out. Your current state is just a waste of your talent."

Yao Mengyuan was a friend that Ling Nan had only met when she arrived in M-City. She probably knew that Ling Nan had come here to avoid the past, but she had never been able to understand exactly why. Since Ling Nan didn't mention it, she wasn't willing to pursue the matter any further. Such a distance actually made Ling Nan feel more comfortable, and her relationship with her was also a bit closer than others. If it were not for Ling Nan's initiative today, she probably would never have tried to get to the bottom of this.

"Talent... Do I have such a thing? " Ling Nan rolled her eyes and looked towards the sky, "Maybe I have one, maybe I don't have one at all …"

The Wheel of Time that was always on Sister He's lips was indeed a masterpiece by Ling Nan, winning that year's award for new talent in one fell swoop.

It was only a summer's time between her encounter with Chongqing and her falling in love.

The cicada had hibernated underground for many years in exchange for a few months of singing happily in the middle of summer. It was cruel, gorgeous, wonderful, dreamlike. What was remembered was time, and even more so, it was love.

It was that cicada that had brought her luck and happiness.

The colorful cicada wings embedded in various semi-precious stones would project a multi-lingual "I love you" when placed under the sunlight. At that time, the company had taken a fancy to her design at the exhibition and took the opportunity to put it on the market on Valentine's Day. For some reason, Lin Nan had followed that cicada called Wheel of Time and became popular.

In reality, her initial design wasn't that complicated. That cicada only had the most ordinary and transparent wings. The most simple and purest form of love was the true Wheel of Time.

She had thought that his departure had only taken away her love, but now, it seemed as if it had taken away all of her soul. Inspiration and passion, all gone; time and reentry, all gone together.

"... Can you not say such depressing words? You're amazing … I'm still waiting for my future marriage to be able to wear the ring you designed … "

"Heh, thank you for thinking so highly of me …" Ling Nan stood up with a fork in his mouth, saw Han Qian sitting across the Sky Platform with a single glance, and then fiercely shivered.

He wore earphones and held the milk in his mouth, but his eyes were as sharp as a wolf's in the wilderness.

Ling Nan did not get to see the contrast, she only saw a split in spirit.

Han Yu gazed at Ling Nan for a long time, and then he laughed and squeezed out a few words: "Ai, there are two words written on your face."



"Oh, there are two words on your face too." Han Qian returned the insult with an indifferent tone, "Deceiving."

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