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A burst of thunder woke Ling Nan from her dream.

The time displayed on the phone was 6: 10 AM. The rain outside the window had lessened, leaving only the incessant rumbling of thunder.

Ling Nan looked out of the window at the swaying mimosa, and suddenly realized that her pajamas were already soaked with sweat.

She pressed her heart against her chest and thought that she must have had a nightmare, but the contents of the dream were gone.

Fortunately, the deafening music from the next room stopped. She quickly pulled the quilt over her shoulders and wrapped it tightly around herself.

As long as the neighboring area was quiet and did not cause any trouble, this neighbor could still continue to be a neighbor.

Today, the God of Luck was probably also standing by Ling Nan's side. Although the Emerald Dream had been altered before, in reality, it only needed some minor adjustments, and most of the pressure had already been lifted.

The ones who bore the brunt of the firepower were the ones in Fanny's group. Their Venus's Eye had already been altered countless times. No matter how much Sister He favored Fanny, she was still angry. Fanny only heard a few sentences before she started crying. Usually, when there were praises, Wang Ai would not be able to get them back. Now that Fanny was crying, Sister He couldn't bear to add fuel to the fire.

Nana, who was standing to one side, patted her chest with some lingering fear. She silently rejoiced that the one being criticized was not her.

Ling Nan rested her head on her hands as her mind floated out again.

Today, she had been preoccupied with her own dream, so much so that she couldn't even think about Han Sanlu or Zhong Yue. She couldn't remember what she had dreamed, but she couldn't let it go, as if there were something in it that had to be remembered.

It was only when Ling Nan was having lunch on the roof that she noticed Yao Meng Yuan's reply on WeChat, "Have you slept yet? Since you still have doubts, why not directly ask him yourself, so that you can quickly put an end to all of your bizarre thoughts. "

Ling Nan forced a smile and sent a voice message over: "You went to ask this kind of question to me, is it really that awkward?"

Yao Mengyuan's reply came right away, "Then you should ask around with the people close to him. You can always find clues by asking around."

Ling Nan's heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, she felt that it made a lot of sense, and then she raised her head and saw Han Qian.

Hey, just say Cao Cao Cao Cao Cao is here.

The place Han Qian was sitting could be said to be tricky, as he climbed over the fence and hung himself on the edge of the balcony. If he wasn't in a high school or high school, then he really wanted to die.

"Han Qian, come down. It's very dangerous to sit there." Although she despised this neighbor of hers in her heart, Ling Nan's attitude was still very gentle, "Even if you want to fall to your death, don't choose your own building. The price will fall."

Han Yu turned his head and looked at her, a trace of clear murderous intent appearing in his usually cold eyes.

Ling Nan looked into his eyes, and almost couldn't help but turn and run. Immediately afterwards, she felt that something was amiss — why should she be afraid of this brat who was still wet behind the ears?

However, Han Qian immediately turned his head away and ignored her. He only said one sentence, "You should worry more about yourself."

Seeing him put on the headphones and close his eyes, Ling Nan actually wanted to kick him off, but in reality, she showed the words of an old mother: "Nan Mo Chao Nadalaya …" "Nanmo Arijajana..."

Han Qian took off his headphones and looked at her with a frown. "What are you doing?"

Ling Nan innocently spread out her hands: "Sing a great sorrowful curse, purify the hostility that is neither good nor bad on your body."

Han Qian sighed, jumped over the fence with a swift leap, and said, "Are you satisfied now?"

Ling Nan nodded and stuffed a bag into his hands.

"What is this?" Han Qian's brow slightly rose.

"Milk tea, are you playing dumb or have you, the fuerdai, never had this before?" Ling Nan teased, "I'm treating you to a drink, just treat it as thanking you for making improvements to my design."

"There's no need to thank me about that sort of thing. I was just casually saying it, and didn't plan on helping you." Han Qian passed the bag to Ling Nan, "Take this back."

"I don't think so. How much hatred do we have? Not even giving you this much face?" Ling Nan was shocked, she never thought that he would be so strong, even leveling the slope of the donkey.

Han Qian coldly replied, "I don't drink milk tea."

"What is it? You drink milk every day, and last time I saw you drinking tea with Mr. Han. " Ling Nan was amused by his ability to lie, "Drink milk, drink tea, but not drink milk tea?"

From the start, Han Qian had no intention of pestering her. Instead, he took the initiative to ask her, "Do you have something to request of me?"

"How can you be so useful? I'm a person who repays favors. Since you helped me, I'll treat you to milk tea. Is there anything wrong with that?" Ling Nan was thinking about the milk tea that she bought for herself, and felt a little bit guilty.

As usual, Han Qian did not argue with her. "I gave you this chance, you don't need to ask."

"Ask!" Ask away! " Ling Nan hurriedly said, "Your cousin …"

"Is it genetic recombination or a zombie?" Han Qian sneered, "Even you don't believe such a guess."

"How did you know …" Ling Nan was rendered speechless by his words, and could only brace herself to push the question back, "Then you tell me, the two of them aren't related by blood at all, why do they look so similar?"

Han Qian suddenly moved in front of her. Do you really want to know the reason? "

He was much taller than Ling Nan, and when he came closer, he was like a dark cloud covering the sun, blocking out even the sun. Height was something inherited from one's parents, one could not choose on their own. Being suppressed by others because of their height was usually painful and frustrating. Ling Nan raised her head and saw the sunlight shining on the top of his head and the back of his shoulders. It was as if all the light had gathered on her body, making her seem transparent and bright.

Ling Nan was dazed, this person was truly strange.

His appearance was obviously that of a youth, but his tone and manner of speaking were very strange. It didn't seem right to say that he was pretending to be deep, nor was it wrong to say that he was ill-educated. However, he exuded a sense of estrangement that was unfamiliar with the world, making him appear mysterious and unfathomable.

Han Qian drew closer. "Because he's not human."

Ling Nan was brought in by his mysterious tone, and desperately held her breath for his answer. She did not expect him to lie like this, and instantly her state of mind crumbled. "You're not human!"

When Han Qian saw her hair stand on end, he actually felt somewhat proud. "You're the one who's going to ask me."

"You … "You're crazy!" After walking a few steps, he suddenly turned around, "Maybe Zhong Yue was originally a rich family's son, Han Shanglu. For his own dream of living an ordinary life, he opened a pet hospital and fell in love with me. I didn't expect that before the marriage, he would be discovered, forcing him to go back and complete the marriage."

Han Qian clapped his hands, "Amazing, amazing."

Ling Nan was instantly encouraged, "You also agree with my deduction?"

"I agree..." Han Qian smiled, "The one who's sick is probably you."

Just as he finished speaking, Han Shanglu suddenly pushed open the door of the roof and entered: "Little Qian, Zhuo Fan has come here to privately teach you. Oh, you are Ling Nan. Your design department's meeting has been advanced. They seem to all be looking for you.

Ling Nan had never thought that he would take the initiative to speak to her, and her mind was buzzing like a fireworks display during the new year. She lowered her head and passed by him, but suddenly turned her head back, "Han Dong, do you know my name?"

Han Sanlu was stunned by her sudden question, but then he started to laugh: "Your design room's works are all very good. Zhuo Fan has praised it many times."

"Really? Hahaha..." Although Ling Nan was smiling, the fireworks in her heart were extinguished.

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