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After half a day, Ling Nan had been distracted, time had completely erased all traces of the past, she could no longer clearly remember Zhong Yue's voice, and naturally was unable to compare to Han Shanglu's voice in terms of how similar it was. However, his short sentence seemed to have activated Ling Nan's heart.

It was as if he was standing right in front of her.

Even if he no longer needed to be as considerate, warm and dependable as before, as long as he could still smile sincerely like this, that was better than anything.

While Ling Nan was trying to comfort herself with the tranquility of the past few years, Yao Meng Yuan couldn't stay idle any longer. After continuously sending several WeChat messages to advise her on this, Ling Nan forced a smile and finally replied: "Don't mess around, I've already spoken to him myself."

On the other side, it was as if Yao Meng Yuan had exploded. The sound of his phone was constantly ringing. Ling Nan was flustered and wanted to reply, but Yao Meng Yuan had already called, "Hurry up and tell me. I'm really very curious, what's his reaction?"

"What kind of reaction can we get? We've only said one sentence." Ling Nan forced a smile, "Could it be that you really hope that he will come back from the dead?" These days, you don't even dare to act out your TV series like that anymore. "

"A word is fine. Maybe there is a secret hidden inside?" Yao Mengyuan was still unwilling to give up, "What exactly did he tell you?"

"... He told me to go to the meeting. "

"What an uninteresting man, he would probably suffocate to death when interacting with such a person." Yao Meng Yuan was silent for a moment before she asked, "What do you think?"

Ling Nan searched for words in her stomach with all her might, and only managed to form one word out of all the thousands of words she had said: "Handsome."

Yao Meng Yuan immediately reacted, "So cool, then you can still try to be friends."

Ling Nan was shocked by her, "I didn't expect you to be so double-standard."

"This world is very realistic. There are only two things that can make people lower their head. One is money, the other is face. " Yao Mengyuan said honestly, "Don't even mention face, looks like the beautiful world would be kind to you, not to mention he looks very much like your ex-boyfriend."

"This chicken soup of yours is pretty poisonous." Ling Nan also smiled bitterly, "But you're right, when he spoke to me, I was really happy."

Yao Meng Yuan chuckled, "Do you really want to develop with him?"

Ling Nan was suddenly shocked by this argument, and momentarily panicked: "Then I don't dare, status is the same, status is different, they are called pengci."

"So he's an upright youth!" Yao Meng Yuan clicked her tongue in admiration, "There aren't many good men these days. Let's hurry up and go when there's a chance. Don't wait for others to beat us to the punch before you regret it."

Ling Nan could not help but smile bitterly, "Pengci is a technical job, I want to die."

"Love is like a battlefield. You can't bear to see a child with a wolf on his back. Do you even need a bicycle?" Yao Meng Yuan said, "Don't bother with my orders. Listen to me and charge!"

Ling Nan was completely speechless. "I can disregard my life, but I want face."

"Forget it, forget it." Yao Mengyuan lamented and gave a concise summary of her speech, "Submit!"

Han Qian's gaze fell on the thick management tutorial in front of him, and the smile on his lips was full of ridicule. "Why did you deliberately leave me alone? I only spoke a few words with her …"

"You promised that you wouldn't make things difficult for her. Please keep your promise." Han Sanlu's usual gentle tone had changed, and his tone now had an additional formless deterrence.

"Why are we being so courteous, you have to remember that she was the one who provoked me first. I let her live until now purely because of you. " Han Qian laughed, his tone light and carefree, completely juvenile and straightforward, "Don't worry, I won't make empty promises. Since I've promised you, I naturally won't touch her … The condition is that she doesn't want to cause any more trouble. "

Han Shanglu frowned: "Our previous agreement wasn't like that."

"Don't bargain with me. You know for yourself that it was you who let her down, and also you who let down the entire dragon race. " Han Qian's face turned cold, "There will always be people who will pay the price for their mistakes, be it you or her."

Han Shanglu slightly turned his head and didn't respond to his gaze: "Do you know, your current appearance is exactly the same as the person you hate the most?"

"Don't mention him!" Han Qian raised his head, and the black luster in his eyes rapidly faded. Following the transformation of his fury into gold, the line of pupils in the center of his eyes became filled with rage that was about to erupt. The scales of his armor also quickly covered his face at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It was as if the office had suffered a small earthquake. All the objects in the office shook, and the books on the shelves fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The secretary outside noticed the noise and immediately pushed open the door and entered, "Chairman Han, what happened?"

Han Qian immediately lowered his head, gasping for breath as he refused to look at them.

The female secretary thought she had guessed something was amiss as she smiled and went to pack up the bookshelves. "Children at this age are all very rebellious. We have to be patient and teach them slowly."

"I know." Han Shanglu's expression had returned to its usual expression, refined and refined without any aggression. "We'll deal with this here, you go out first."

The female secretary nodded. Then, she stepped out of the room and gently closed the door, while swaying her slim waist under her high heels.

"How did you fall for such a woman?" Han Qian suddenly laughed, the abnormality in his eyes and face had already completely disappeared. "It's completely different from how you used to taste."

Han Shanglu did not reply to his taunts, but the smile on his face quickly disappeared: "Listen, do not touch Ling Nan, I will think of a way to get your dragon pearl back."

"Then you'd better hurry. My patience is never good." Han Qian whistled.

"You'd better not do this in front of others. Except for extremely special circumstances, our whistle is only used by ruffians here." Han Sanlu laughed, "To this world, you are an outsider who needs to adapt to everything, you need me. Don't always be so self-righteous as to threaten me. It's not good for you to have a falling out. "

Han Qian raised his face and looked at him for a while before finally putting his earphones back on. "An unlovable little brother."

Even though his tone was loose, Han Sanlu didn't feel relaxed until he opened the door and let out a sigh of relief.

Han Qian's temperament had always been temperamental, especially when he had just woken up after being frozen for a hundred years. He was wary of everyone, even the entire world.

In short, he didn't like anyone.

Han Sanlu loosened his tie and looked down at the conference room of the design department. They were still in the middle of the meeting, and all the curtains had been drawn. They were probably discussing the Emerald Dream designed by Ling Nan.

Ling Nan.

Han Sanlu smiled bitterly, unconsciously touching the ring finger of his left hand. There should have been a ring, that transparent cicada, that unique Wheel of Time.

He thought that he had cut off the past, yet he just happened to meet Ling Nan again.

The world … It was really too small.

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