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The storm had passed, but the sky was still overcast, but there was no rain.

Ling Nan opened the window to take a pinch of her own mimosas, but was surprised to find out that it was actually growing pretty good. Because it had tightened its leaves and made them flutter in the wind, it didn't even manage to pull off a few leaves.

After she finished tidying up the mimosa, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

There was no music coming from the next room, it was unusually quiet. Ever since Han Qian had moved in, he had started to cause a ruckus. She did not believe that Han Qian could be this enlightened and stop disturbing the people, unless something special happened.

Ling Nan followed and rolled her eyes at him. Wasn't it a good thing for Han Qian to stop?

Ling Nan still did not sleep well that night. It had not rained outside, but it had thundered all night long. Her heart was beating fast. She slept and woke up, and her chest felt like a stone had been pressed down on it.

Considering that it wasn't time yet for her to visit, even if she did visit, she shouldn't have reacted this way, right?

Fanny and Wang Aiyi handed in the revised draft. They had been busy the whole night, their eyes as black as panda's. They were both hanging on to their coffee, but still couldn't help but pour on the desk.

Ling Nan did not sleep well that night, but her energy was still insufficient. In the entire office, she was probably the most energetic.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with her. She leaned her chin on her hands as she listened to Sister He lecture. Her mind drifted away again.

She could not remember the dream she had the day before, but she could clearly remember all the dreams she had between sleep and waking. She repeated the process of knowing and loving each other when they met, and only when the person hugging her looked up did she realize that he wasn't the heavy one, Han Sanlu.

Yao Mengyuan's brainwashing bag was indeed formidable. In the span of a night, the male lead in her mind had been replaced.

Not only was he shy, he was also ashamed.

Even though she couldn't control the content of the dream, she still felt a sense of betrayal and self-loathing.

Was it because she had been single for so long that she was starting to lose all appetite? Or was it because Han Sanlu was similar to Zhong Yue, allowing her to break through the defensive line she had set up?

"Ling Nan! Ling Nan! "

"Sigh... What … "What is it?" When Ling Nan came back to her senses, everyone in the design department was watching her.

"The progress of the Eye of Venus cannot be delayed any longer." Sister He placed the design script in front of her. "Help Fanny and the others to finish this case as soon as possible."

While Ling Nan was still in a daze, she gave him a flirtatious look: "Then I'll have to trouble Ling Nan. There are more capable people."

Although her words were very neutral, but when paired with her devilish tone of voice, it became a mockery. Her charming eyes were not much better than her white eyes.

"That's right, we are not as talented as Sister Nan." Wang Ai laughed along with her. "Look at how forced we are, do you have the heart to stand idly by the side and watch?"

Ling Nan praised in her heart.

Asking others for help could create the illusion that others owed them money and was very particular about it.

"Han Qian! Han Qian, are you there? "Han …" Standing at the back, Ling Nan raised his head and looked at Han Qian, who had found an even more tricky position, "Amazing, sit a little longer. There should be someone calling the police that someone is about to jump off a building."

"What do you want?" Han Qian truly admired Ling Nan, as if the sixth sense she used to protect her life was especially slow. Han Shanglu used all his effort to keep her away from him, but she always foolishly ran into him on her own.

"Although we're not very close, and I don't have the nerve to trouble you, I was suddenly forced into a corner …"

Hearing her polite words, Han Qian finally lost his patience. "Get to the point."

Ling Nan shook the design script in her hand: "Can you come up with an idea for me? How should I change this design script?"

"This is a complete disaster." Han Qian turned his head, "There's no saving him, just throw him away."

Ling Nan hurriedly shook her head, "I can't throw it away, this isn't mine …"

"If it wasn't you, then why did you help?" Han Qian sneered, "It looks like you aren't very willing either, why do you have to go against yourself?"

"Probably... is to make your life a little more difficult. " Changing someone else's script is a thankless task. If you accept it, then the other party will laugh at your face, if you don't accept the other party's mockery, then you won't save him; if you change it, if the other party wants to mock you for stealing the limelight, if you don't change it, the other party will just watch as you make a fool of yourself … He wasn't human, anyway.

"You are not living for others, why do you care so much?" Han Qian shook his head, reached out his hand to grab the railing, and with a flip of his body, landed beside Ling Nan.

"You …" Ling Nan froze, and before she could say anything, Han Qian had already taken the design manuscript from her hands.

"What the hell is this?" Han Qian frowned, "You don't understand anything you want to express, are all your designs made in such a hasty manner?"

Ling Nan sighed, "Although I agree with part of your suggestion, but I'll have to trouble you not to shoot the map cannon."

"What does the map cannon mean?"

"... "I just don't want you to knock over a boat with just one pole." "… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"I see." Han Qian nodded, "But this design really doesn't seem like it was designed with brains."

Ling Nan blinked her eyes.

In just a few short days, Han Qian's habitual expression and manner of speaking had changed. Others had gradually matured as they aged, but he had quickly become more old-fashioned.

There was also another characteristic added to it — it was the venom in the mouth.

Han Qian pointed to the name in the corner of the design. "What's written here?"

"The Eye of Venus …." Ling Nan paused for a moment, "Wait, can't you read?"

"You guys use too many types of fonts, I'm still learning." Han Qian led the way casually, casually throwing the design back to Ling Nan, "You guys are really shallow, always treating your eyes like ornaments for your faces. The eyes do not just exist for the sake of growing on the face. "

"Otherwise?" Ling Nan spread her hands, "Is it going to grow to the back of the head?"

Han Qian slowly raised his hand and pointed at her chest.

Ling Nan was unable to react for a moment to what exactly this action of his meant, and only felt his heart suddenly burn with a fire as he hurriedly retreated while protecting his chest: "You … What are you trying to do? "

Han Qian coldly sent over a disdainful look. "Your eyes should be growing in your heart."

"I understand!" Ling Nan was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized and slapped his back.

Han Qian savored her expression. "Are your hands numb?"

Ling Nan gritted her teeth and rubbed her hands, "I didn't expect that you would have such strong muscles at such a young age …"

"Alright, you should hurry up and fix it." Han Qian turned his head and put on the headphones, "If you don't start, you won't even be able to fix the first draft at work in the afternoon."

Ling Nan lowered her head to look at the time displayed on her phone, "I didn't think that you would care so much about the F * ck's employee entrance exams."

"Of course." Han Qian also smiled, "Mad is also my business … "One of them."

Ling Nan could not help but roll her eyes. She really wanted to ridicule him for having such a big face, but after thinking about it carefully — there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it.

She clutched the design and was about to leave when she turned around. "Want some milk?"

Han Qian slanted his eyes and glanced at the milk in her hands, then sneered, "Is your gratitude so cheap?"

"You're thinking too much. I'm not going to give it to you." Ling Nan smiled with great pride, smirking as she put the straw into her mouth, "I just want to drink it for you to see."

Han Qian frowned, "Childish!"

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