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Ultimate Pretending System/C11 Pretentious Supermarket
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C11 Pretentious Supermarket

According to the data, this "Cloudmist Villa" Special Unit No. 1 was where Meng Zilong lived.

"Cloud Fog Villa" was originally the wealthy district of Xifu. It was filled with all kinds of villas.

And this Special Number One was a villa that cost over 100 million to build. No one knew what the interior looked like, but they would have to take a good look when they arrived.

Qian Hsing couldn't help but sigh in his heart. He wanted to be the same as the original him. If he didn't rely on his parents, he would work hard 24 hours a day in his life. He wouldn't rest, eat, drink, or buy anything. Even if he died, he wouldn't be able to afford it.

Shaking his head, Qian Hsing no longer sighed. He turned his gaze back to the energy card that the system had sent out. The four energy cards had four different plans written on them.

"Plan 1: Spend 1,000 Posturing Value to exchange for a Tier 3 'Snow Lotus Pill'. It can..."

Before he finished reading, Qian Hsing directly rejected Plan 1. The reason was very simple. 1,000 Posturing Value, what kind of huge sum was that? Putting aside the fact that Qian Hsing did not have it, even if he did, Qian Hsing would not spend so much money.

"Second proposal: Spend 100 Posturing Value to exchange for a Second Grade Life Continuing Pill. It can unconditionally extend the lifespan of a dead person by one year. Each person has a maximum of one Posturing Value. Second proposal: Spend 100 Posturing Value to exchange for a Second Grade Life Continuing Pill."

Only then did Qian Hsing nod his head in satisfaction. He put Plan 2 aside and didn't directly pass. Instead, he slapped his seat and placed it in the waiting area, preparing to see the performance of the other contestants.

Clearly, Qian Hsing was treating this as a knockout round. The next round would be the finals.

"Master, another one?"

Ada looked at the rearview mirror and saw Qian Hsing rubbing his fingers again. He hurriedly handed Qian Hsing a cigarette, but it was not to flatter him, but to show respect to the strong.

"Ada, you are not bad!"

Qian Hsing took the cigarette and lit it. He took a deep breath and spat out clouds. He looked at Ada with satisfaction.

"Plan 3: Learn alchemy and become an alchemist. You can concoct pills on your own."

"Plan 4: Learning medicine and becoming a doctor. You can treat yourself."

Seeing the two short sentences of Plan 3 and Plan 4, Qian Hsing was puzzled and asked, "Eh, why is there no price?"

The system did not say anything. Qian Hsing could not help being a little angry. He said angrily in his heart, "F * ck the lollipops. They actually don't answer me. I'm so easy to bully. If they don't tell me, I'll look for them myself!"

After thinking for a moment, Qian Hsing's eyes gradually lit up. He thought, "This alchemy and medical skills are considered skills. It should be a shopping mall. That's right, it's a shopping mall. System, Old Tie, I guessed it. It's a shopping mall. Hurry up and show it. I'll see for myself. Hmph hmph."

The corner of Qian Hsing's mouth curled up. He was very pleased with himself, but in an instant, he was stunned.

Because the system did not have a mechanical voice, instead, it was a joyful music that came out of nowhere. The silvery bell-like voice of a young girl rang out gently.

"Respected leaders, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is autumn. The autumn wind is refreshing, and the scent of osmanthus floats. Today, the opening ceremony of the Pretentious Supermarket under the Perfect brand is being grandly held here... Sincere thanks to all the guests! A thousand miles of land, a thousand miles of land, and a thousand miles of land, a thousand miles of land, a thousand miles of land, and a thousand miles of land!"

As soon as he finished speaking, firecrackers rang out, but there was no applause or cheers. That was true. There was only Qian Hsing here. If Qian Hsing did not speak, how could there be any sound? The silence behind the firecrackers also caused the atmosphere to freeze. An awkward atmosphere could be seen with the naked eye.

"Cough cough..." Qian Hsing coughed dryly. He did not want to put the System in a cold situation. Recalling the congratulatory words he had said during the opening ceremony of the new shop, he said in his heart, "The parasol tree planted in front of the door has attracted the attention of the phoenixes. The quality of the opening of Wang's shop is above all else, and its reputation is above all else. May your smiling face be open often in front of the counter, and the transaction be successful. Make a fortune every day!"

"Ding! Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for coming to 'Pretentious Market' for the first time. He will enjoy a special discount of 50% for all goods. Limited period of one year."

"Ding! Receiving Host Qian Hsing's congratulatory speech, 100 points of excitement, 10 points deducted for plagiarism, 10 points deducted for every 10 seconds. Special reward is a Premium Limited Gift Bag from the show-off supermarket. "

"F * ck, f * ck, there's still a trap here." Qian Hsing did not expect the system to come so suddenly and was immediately unhappy. He asked in his heart, "My 80 points is a high-level Gift Bag. If there are no deductions, then... What kind of gift bag would a full score of 100 points be?"

"100 points is a Premium Limited Gift Bag. Correcting the host, a full score is 10,000 points."

Although the system said nothing, Qian Hsing felt that it was full of disdain and ridicule.

... "F * ck!" Qian Hsing's mouth twitched, but he didn't pay attention to the system and entered the 'flexing supermarket'.

After opening the skill category, just as Qian Hsing had expected, this was the place to exchange skills. On it were a list of skill manuals, "Beginner Cooking," "Beginner Driving," 'Beginner Records, "" Beginner Records... "After reading a few of them, Qian Hsing was no longer surprised. Instead, he frowned slightly.

After pondering for a moment, Qian Hsing asked the system," Why are they all elementary skills? There isn't even a single intermediate skill book? "

"All system cultivation methods and skills are beginner level. After the exchange of beginner level skills is successful, the corresponding intermediate level skills will automatically be displayed, and so on and so forth."

Hearing this, Qian Hsing no longer hesitated. He directly searched for "beginner medical skills" and "beginner alchemy skills." Originally, he thought that they would all be very expensive and needed him to do it himself. He carefully compared them. After thinking about it, he didn't expect that both skill books only needed 1 Posturing Value.

Seeing this, Qian Hsing did not hesitate to wave his hand and bought two skill books. At the same time, he gave a disdainful smile, "I thought that it would be awesome, but I didn't think that it would be worth these few pieces."

The system did not refute and just followed the procedure.

"Congratulations, Host Qian Hsing, for successfully exchanging for 'Elementary Medicine' and 'Elementary Alchemy, a total of 2 Posturing Value. 50% discount activated. Actual cost of 1 ___ to show off."

" Gentle Reminder: Host Qian Hsing spent 1 Posturing Value. You have 369 Posturing Value left. "

"Gentle Reminder: Does Host Qian Hsing want to learn Elementary Medicine and Elementary Alchemy?"

The system prompt sounded three times in a row. The first two sentences were not wrong, but the last sentence made Qian Hsing speechless.

Didn't he buy it to learn? Why did the system ask such a stupid question? Qian Hsing helplessly nodded and said, "Learn!"

After saying this, Qian Hsing had an excited look on his face as he waited for the skill to be completed. Qian Hsing, who had read many novels, naturally knew that as long as he confirmed that he had learned it, a divine light would flash, and a warm feeling would flow into his entire body. Furthermore, he could instantly learn skills.

Just as Qian Hsing's face was filled with anticipation, a system notification sounded.

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for learning 'Elementary Medicine' and becoming a Primary Physician. Unlocking Elementary Physician Achievement. Reward: 100 Posturing Value."

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for learning 'Beginner Level Alchemy', becoming a beginner alchemist, unlocking the achievement of beginner alchemist, reward of 100 Posturing Value."

If it was any other time, Qian Hsing would be very happy to hear that these 200 Posturing Values had somehow been credited to him. But now...

Qian Hsing only felt a sharp pain in his body, as if something had drilled into his body. His head was also stuffed with a lot of things, making him feel dizzy. His limbs were numb, and he felt a sharp pain all over his body, especially his hands. It was even more severe.

"F * ck you, an elephant clam. You must be a fake system. In my novels, there are all kinds of comfort, all kinds of reaching G points, why are you so..."

Before he could curse, Qian Hsing's head tilted and he fainted.

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