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C13 Pretentious

Meng Zilong shook his head when he saw Qian Hsing teasing Meng Xuanya. He thought to himself, "These two are really... Qian is really Xuanya's nemesis. The image of a lady that he usually teaches and Xuanya's mature personality. But in front of Qian, he couldn't even withstand a single blow."

Meng Zilong was even more certain that Qian Hsing was a Grandmaster, because if Qian Hsing really looked like a mischievous young man on the surface, how could he possibly know how to control people's hearts?

Moreover, not to mention other things, his granddaughter's appearance was enough to topple cities and cities. It was impossible for an ordinary young man to be so composed when he saw her.

"But will this girl develop feelings over such a long period of time? It's always like this in television dramas. No, I should let this girl understand the difference. " Meng Zilong thought to himself. He was afraid that there would be future troubles that would affect Meng Xuanya's entire life.

He coughed dryly and interrupted the two of them who were still arguing. Meng Zilong asked," Qian, your strength should have reached the Grandmaster Realm, right? "

Qian Hsing did not understand these cultivation levels. However, since the Ghost King Ring was able to communicate with a monster that had reached the Xiantian Realm, he should be considered as one of them. After all, only true combat strength could be considered as strength.

Thinking of this, Qian Hsing shook his head and said calmly, "You misunderstood me, Old Meng. I am not a grandmaster."

Hearing Qian Hsing's answer, Meng Zilong felt a little disappointed in his heart. As expected, this object must have used the secret technique of the Hunyuan Sect. He comforted him, "It's fine. Even if you are not a grandmaster, you are still an inner strength warrior. It is a height that I have never been able to reach in my life. "

Qian Hsing shook his head again.

While feeling down, Meng Zilong was also a little surprised. Could it be that the secret technique of the Primordius Sect could allow the user to surpass two major levels? He felt a little disappointed, but then he comforted, "It's fine. The realm of External Strength is also very good."

Qian Hsing still didn't say anything.

Meng Zilong was completely shocked this time. Could it be that this secret technique could allow the user to jump three levels? He asked in surprise, "Could it be that ordinary people can use this secret technique?"

Meng Zilong talked to himself, but he did not notice the corner of Qian Hsing's mouth twitch.

After Qian Hsing learned medicine, not only did he learn medicine, but he also learned psychology. He naturally knew that Meng Zilong was thinking blindly in his mind, although he did not know the specific content. However, he could also roughly guess that Meng Zilong was blindly guessing his own strength.

Qian Hsing couldn't help but lay his cards on the table and say, "Don't make wild guesses. I'm just a grandmaster."

When Meng Zilong was talking to himself, Qian Hsing had asked the system what level the Innate Realm was at at at the same time. Combined with Meng Zilong's information card, Qian Hsing determined the Innate realm ghost summoned by the Ghost King Ring. It was the strongest grandmaster realm in Meng Zilong's memory!

... ""

Qian Hsing had already expected that there would be a period of silence. After all, according to Meng Zilong's information card, this Great Grandmaster realm was the pinnacle of combat strength in the world he knew.

Qian Hsing was almost done with it. He used his finger to cover his ears and heard Meng Zilong exclaim, "Great Grandmaster realm!?"

"Congratulations to host for showing off an astonishing technique. You are rewarded with 100 Posturing Value."

Qian Hsing nodded as if it was a matter of course. This was the first time Qian Hsing had used his opponent's memory to act cool. It seemed like the effect was pretty good. Haha.

Meng Xuanya, who was beside him, was puzzled and asked, "Grandpa, what's wrong with you? Aren't you a martial grandmaster?"

Seeing this, Qian Hsing clearly understood that Meng Zilong did not tell Meng Xuanya about his cultivation level. He also pretended to be puzzled and said, "That's right. Old Meng, isn't he just a Martial Grandmaster? Is there a need to make such a big fuss? "

Upon hearing Qian Hsing's words, Meng Zilong almost choked on his sobs. After a long while, he finally looked at the two of them.

Of course, when Meng Zilong looked at the puzzled two of them, the changes in his heart were also different. He waved his hand and said, "Qian, you are from there. Perhaps you don't think that being a Martial Grandmaster is anything special, but this is also normal. As for Xuanya, I never told you about her cultivation realm. You might not understand what the Martial Grandmaster realm represents."

Meng Xuanya held her forehead and said helplessly, "That's also because of you, Grandfather. I asked you before, but you didn't tell me. Of course I didn't know."

Meng Zilong looked at Qian Hsing and took a deep breath. "Qian, I won't embarrass myself. Tell me."

Qian Hsing nodded and cleared his throat. He said according to Meng Zilong's information card, "Then I will tell you. Those who transcend mortals and transcend mortals and reach superhuman abilities are called warriors. Warriors are divided into external forces and internal forces. Grandmasters. Martial grandmasters. And each major class was further divided into the early, middle, and late stages. Peak. Four minor levels."

After pausing for a moment, Qian Hsing continued, "I am now only at the peak of the Martial Grandmaster realm."

" You? Martial Grandmaster? If you want to brag, then don't you mean that you are the most powerful person in the world! Grandpa, quickly tell me about him." Meng Xuanya obviously did not like Qian Hsing bragging, so she looked at Meng Zilong and said.

And what Meng Zilong returned to her was only a slight nod...

... ""

The scene fell into silence once again, even longer than before.

"How, how is this possible!!!"

Meng Xuanya was the first to break the silence, her beautiful eyes filled with shock.

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for successfully acting cool, obtaining 100 Posturing Value!"

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for successfully acting cool. Obtained 100 Posturing Value!"

Hearing the two system notifications, Qian Hsing was excited and somewhat speechless. This old fellow could actually reverse the flow and even give him some Posturing Value.

Meng Zilong coughed lightly and looked at Qian Hsing. He said, "Qian, I know what you said, but you also said it just now. He is only a peak Martial Grandmaster. There must be a higher realm. Although I have no hope in my life, I still want to know more about it. "

Qian Hsing rolled his eyes and said with a somewhat helpless expression," A few days ago, a Daoist said that my bones were amazing, so he forcefully accepted me as his disciple. Master told me about these few realms, and said that he would tell me after I finished cultivating. He was afraid that I would bite off more than I could chew, but in the end, I spent a few days to cultivate them all. But Master... "

Meng Xuanya became anxious when she heard that and hurriedly asked," What happened to your Master? "

Qian Hsing let out a sorrowful sigh. His eyes were also filled with golden Dou Dou. He cried out involuntarily," My master saw that I had reached the peak of the grandmaster realm. For some reason, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and left the world with a loud laugh... "

Seeing that Qian Hsing was sad, Meng Xuanya did not say anything.

Meng Zilong was panting heavily and his face was red. Clearly, he was about to pass. Meng Xuanya quickly took out a medicine bottle and fed it to Meng Zilong.

Although Qian Hsing's face was covered in tears, he was secretly delighted in his heart.

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for successfully acting cool. Reward: 100 Posturing Value!"

"Congratulations to Host Qian Hsing for unlocking the achievement of 'posturing to scare people to death'. Reward: 200 Posturing Value!"

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